I have SO much to do in the next few hours. Dinner to prep, house to clean, table to set all before I leave this afternoon for Preschool pickup and ballet. We have friends over for dinner tonight and then tomorrow the Gay Godfather(s) are coming to stay for the night. Best bit about their visit? The fact that we are going OUT to dinner tomorrow night and I get to be surrounded by not only my handsome husband but two OTHER pretties! So while I am running around like a crazed woman I will try and take some time to pause. And just enjoy. Because life is good.

: I am 2.2 kilos lighter than I was at the start of the week

: The sun is shining and the septic tank is fixed so I can finally wash and flush to my heart’s content

: The garden is looking so pretty so I plan on hopefully having a cup of tea and soaking that all up. Rob will also be mowing again this afternoon so it’s picture perfect for all our visitors

: There is no football on this weekend. I think? I hope!

: I have a seriously good giveaway on at the moment so be sure to enter it. How lucky I am that people are generous with their fabulous stuff and just get it when a random person emails them?

: I finally got my arse into gear for Harper’s 2nd birthday party we are holding in a few weeks time. I have been putting it off for some reason and finally I got myself into action. It’s going to be a cracker and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys

: It’s the weekend – just like that. Happy Weekend!


  1. Sorry baby – there is football this weekend. Two games in fact : Wales v Aus tonight for third place then the final on sunday… Do you still love me? It’s OK- there’s a few weeks off until the cricket starts…

  2. Are they salvias from your garden in the vase? They are just gorgeous! Enjoy your night out with 3 handsome men!

  3. holy moly guacamole woman, 2.2kg in a week is a good effort. Go you! Happy weekend! πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve only begun following you recently, and I gotta say you are fast becoming one of my fave blogs to read each day! Love how you ‘keep it real’ and the weight loss is amazing! Hope you have a fab weekend! Marita x

  5. 2.2 in a week is WAY good – I think I just did the reverse! Boo. Good for you and keep it up. How many walks did you do?

  6. I stopped reading at the 2.2kg – SPILL THE SECRET!! And please don’t say carb & alcohol free…..

  7. I stopped reading at the 2.2kg – SPILL THE SECRET!! And please don’t say carb & alcohol free…..

  8. Oh dear… Rob sounds exactly like my husband!! Rugby is on tonight, then there’s something else tomorrow and the stupid EPL live from the UK. I curse Foxtel sometimes.
    Super dooper proud of your weight loss! Bet you’re feeling fan-tab-ulous!!
    Make sure you enjoy many a champagne this weekend to celebrate.


    My weight loss journey has come to an end, seeing as I unintentionally half announced that I was pregnant at the pro blogger conference today by having to run out of a seminar & into the nearest toilet to bring up my morning sickness.

    Ahhhh … classy πŸ™‚

    So now, my focus will be all about trying not to take the eating for 2 thing too literally {like I did with first pregnancy}, & hopefully not blowing out to Michelin man proportions πŸ™‚

    Good luck Beth.

    Have a fabulous night! xx

  10. Enjoy it all.
    2.2 – that’s fantastic!

  11. OH what a great weekend you have ahead of you. I can’t mow our lawns due to carpal tunnel (the vibration ruins me for days) & with husband away at war, it just dawned on me we have a high schooler who i can attach to the mower, brilliant. Now i just have to mix the 2 stroke, joy, such ladylikeness over here. Love Posie

  12. Good on you loosing the kilos!! Off to enter your giveaway now!

  13. 2.2kg! way to go! would take me a month to lose that!


  14. A whole load of excellent reasons to be happy – hope your having a great weekend.


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