A Fairy Godfather

You know what I discovered this week? That if a gal is to have a Godfather, then the very best kind of Godfather to have is a gay one. With fabulous taste. And money to spend on his Goddaughter when travelling to Florence with his partner.

Harper’s Godfather (to be…when we finally get around to getting her Christened that is) came for lunch on Saturday and was promptly forgiven for cancelling on us the day before when he presented Harper with this box which he had bought all the way home from a little boutique on the Ponte Vecchio.

When you opened it, it there was tissue and a wee card talking of handmade linens…

And inside? The most beautiful little blue smocked frock, bolero cardigan and headband a little girl could ever want. Ever.

And the best bit was the way they gushed over all the details just as I was – oohing and ahhing over the linen! The quality! The colour! The smocking!

I have gone and opened that box up many times this week, having my very own “Pretty Woman” moments as I unwrap the tissue to see the dress underneath. Honestly, what a treat! Thank you Frase & Alex!


  1. I need me a godfather like that! That is divine!

  2. Mum and Dad what were you thinking?
    THIS is the kind of Godfather you were meant to get me!
    THIS kind!!!!

  3. My Godfather is a taxi driver on the Gold Coast. And I NEVER got anything like that.

  4. Oh YES! And thank goodness you didn’t show me a photo of Harper in this – I would have exploded.

  5. Can he be my god father :p just gorge9ous.

  6. That is just stunning. I love the fact that they went to the trouble to choose something so gorgeous for a little girl.

  7. and to think I dated that gay godfather for well over a year,… where’s my smocked dress from Italy! ha!

  8. Wow. Wow.

    I have mentioned before in a post that i am a thirty something nana, and when I see that beauty, that fabric, the detail. Well, I am just happy to be a nana. Imagine if all our clothes were so fine. Think how beautiful the world would look.

  9. Absolutely. Stunning! The whole gift is so perfect. Can you ploise ploiiiise post a pic of Harper wearing the outfit. Thanks Lady xo

  10. That is so bloody cute!!!! LOVE! 🙂 I want a fairy godfather.

  11. Almost too pretty to be worn, maybe just keep it in the box and then you can relive the joy every time you open the box. They are truly gorgeous.

    Nothing better than a gay fairy godfather with taste!

  12. Divine! Xx

  13. That is so beautiful …almost too much so to actually wear!

  14. Well I think Harper may have just found her christening outfit! Gorgeous!

  15. stunning! my goodness that is beautiful. I made my sister a godparent and it was a bad choice in the present department. that is stunning! very envious


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