My name is Beth. I am addicted to purchasing vintage furniture.

I have always been a fan of scouring vintage/salvos/antique stores but ever since we have moved here, things have gone up a few notches. I am slightly addicted. OK. Totes addicted. I think it’s because I have found some amazing things and at great prices. And that’s the thing, once you find something, well you are convinced that the next thing is just around the corner. And so I find myself scouring my favourite haunts week in, week out. Because you just have to “keep your eyes” out. You know? AND because they turnaround of things is so high down here with all the weekenders there is always something new. And fabulous.

You can imagine my delight when I discovered a new vintage shop that opened 5 minutes away from here! I may or may not have had an accident when I spotted it for the first time driving through town. I may or not have been in there, weekly, since it opened and am now on first name basis with the lovely owner Ali. I may or may not be doing a full blog post on it soon enough as well. Just so you can soak up it’s loveliness. Every time I have been in I spied a 1950’s sideboard. Rob and I are suckers for this period and all of it’s fabulousness. Some people don’t get it, and that’s OK, I mean your grandparents probably had one of these bad boys, but we love it. I took some snaps (again) showed Rob on my phone, and then the next thing I know he is driving over there to grab it! Squeeeee!

We have placed it in a corner of the main room (down the playroom end) where we had a shitty butchers block from Ikea from our first home housing games and our stereo on top. We also had a dodgy old CD stand that we have moved and replaced it with this little pretty. Well, at 6 foot, she’s quite grand really.

I have to get a new lamp (LOVE a specific something I have to buy) to put on top, but we are thrilled with it. And for under $200 what’s not to love about it?


  1. I love it!! well done, Lady! You need a turquoise lamp base,… something a bit retro,.. or a cockatoo lamp!!!

  2. Good grief it’s positively MADE for that space. Parfait x

  3. I love the sideboard, I have been looking for one just like it for my place.

  4. I do exactly the same with my op shops. What a fantastic find

  5. Oh WOW. I love, love, love it. A great find.

  6. Perfectly understandable addiction – given your gorgeous home.
    The house maketh the piece.
    In your divine place the sideboard is classy, retro chic.
    In my 80s b/t face brick abode – the sideboard would just look like Nanna’s hand me down that needs a good doily on top.

  7. Love that bad boy. I keep picturing a model ketch on in…

  8. Anonymous says

    Bet, you need to speak to my neighbour, he is all over this type of gear. Let me know if you want his details, he has some seriously awesome stuff. CT

  9. Shut Up!
    I have the exact same sideboard. I love love it. x

  10. it looks tops!!

    do you happen to know the name of the white on your walls?

  11. I love vintage with modern decor.

  12. I am after a sideboard like this, I love yours. It’s hot. Let me know if you see anymore down south. The ones in Sydney are blergh so far. Haven’t found anything yet πŸ™

  13. It fits so well and is in such great condition, what a great find.

  14. Yum, yum, yum – don’t mind me. I’m just eating your good taste.


  15. We have one almost identical that I found on the side of the road. I love that era too. Chantelle xx

  16. Oh it does remind me of the type of furniture we first had back in the 1950s. The styles were so clean cut and I think we often referred to them as Swedish design but may be wrong as it WAS a long time back. It is indeed a beautiful piece of furniture and seems to have been made for that spot.

  17. omg i can’t believe it was under $200! very lovely.

  18. Uber cool lady. You are rockin the 1950’s all the way into the 2010’s!
    Love that last pic… the lighting, the shadows, the bottles, the wee jonquil (?) perched up there… half expect to see Don Draper lurking amongst it all. If. only. xo

  19. Very cool, loving the G-Plan!

  20. Looks fantastic … why cant I ever find anything that cool?

  21. Anonymous says

    Lovely – I pinned (pinterest) it, I love it so much. I have one waiting for me in my mothers garage.

    Sarah from Canberra.

  22. Arrjaydub says

    I also need this.

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