Good Day sunshine

As you know, I like me some colour. I have pops of it almost everywhere throughout the house, in every room, giving little bursts of loveliness. I have long hankered for some yellow in our living room to bring down some of the serious colour we have down in the kids playroom section of our huge living area down into the lounge section. There are also some great yellows in paintings down in the “grown up” TV area so I just knew that if I found the right sofa table I could paint it yellow and make it work.

I have searched and searched, bid on tables on Ebay and lost out and still not found the one. Ideally I was hoping for a thin longish table to sit behind the sofa so you could place a drink on it when sitting and also just to visually break up the block on charcoal colour from the couch. So, being the bull at a gate that I am, I decided that the “almost” one would do and when I spotted one at my favourite antique market I decided that I had waited ling enough. And for $60 it would do just fine.

It was a little higher than I hoped for, and not as long, but as I said for that price I decided that it would do and if “the” the one came along, I could always find somewhere else for this little pretty to sit. It had a sweet little drawer thingy that folded down – perhaps it was a desk?

And when I was there picking up the table I spotted this little bentwood chair which was higher and narrower than others that I have seen before which made it very sweet and irresistible for me to not take it home. Also I had been inspired by my neighbour who had painted her great grandmothers chair the brightest, hottest, shiniest pink in the world which she uses as he daughter’s bedside table so I figured it could be used by one of the girl’s if it didn’t work in the main living room.

So I painted and painted, layer upon layer, day after day which I thought was very patient of me given that I am not a patient person. At all. Rob was out with the girls for the morning when I worked out just where they should go (with the help of my bro in law who must have thought I was mad ordering him around to “Put it there, no there.  How do you think it looks there? With that, no this, on it?” And we finally got it just so. Perfect you could say. And I love it. Just love it.

And the chair is just a lovely little pop of colour half way down the room and a perfect magazine rack for me too.

For $100 for the both of them and then a little more for the paint for 2 new bits of fabulous looking furniture in my beloved yellow, I think it’s a job well done.


  1. Awesome. Just freakin awesome.

  2. Love these! I’m in the middle of a whole heap of furniture makeovers at the moment. Can you tell me what the name of the colour was?

  3. LOVE them both! Really compliments the room.

    I want a dash of yellow in the new house but James is against it 🙁

    I want 3 of these at the kitchen bench but will probably end up buying the galvanized ones. Play it safe…

  4. Gorgeous, the yellow looks so good against the charcoal couch.

  5. Madeline, I should have put the name in the post (DER!) The name of the paint is Haynes Blazing Sun.

  6. Go Martha!! Looks amazing. How satisfying is painting? And love the use of the chair as a magazine rack. So House & Garden x

  7. Thanks!

  8. perfect! you will be earning yourself a spot in country style/real living/home beautiful/inside out anyday! retro daddy is thinking he will need a station wagon to haul home my finds when we move!!!!!


  9. Yahooo! A couple of bright rays of sunshine are always welcome. x

  10. stunning!… i have a question {as always!}, did you sand or prime first? or am I over-thinking {ie: procrastinating} too much on the stuff that I want to paint? x

  11. Love a girl that’s not scared of a bit of colour. The yellow looks great, really freshens up the whole room.

  12. This is wonderful, and cool, and funky, and now I must free my typewriter from its bag!

    How do you even KNOW how to do shiz like this?? Can I copy you? I want to do everything you do .. it will make me feel better.

  13. Loving your little splash of yellow lady. Nothing says happiness like that shade of yellow. Nice work with the paint job too… I can see it would take some patience ;o)

  14. I’m not reading your blog anymore because I always get so umber jealous. Isn’t yellow fantastic at the moment.

  15. We are yellow mad here at the moment too, I don’t know if you ever saw the yellow frames in Immy’s art space a little while ago?

    and just this week I posted about her cubby which also includes hints of yellow. Now, thanks to your inspiration, I think a piece of yellow furniture is in order!

  16. Oh wow these look amazing! And the same colour as my front door! (which still isn’t bloody finished… this weekend!). xxx

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