Great Australian Bake Off Series 3: Week 3 BISCUIT WEEK {recap}

We’ve lost 2 bakers with Alex leaving last week and German Jane Hall (aka Claudia) last week’s star baker, the 10 remaining bakers are ready to tackle a jaw breaking signature & jam technical and a puzzling Show stopper. There’s lots of talk about how many fingers people like, so we know we are … [Read more...]

Great Australian Bake off Series 3: Episode 2 BREAD WEEK {recap}

You can read my Week 1 recap here Oh Bread week, one of my favourites in the Bake off tent near or far and probably because of my DEEP love of all things carbs. Specificially bread. Mostly because with bread you get to add butter on top. At this late stage in January these virtual TV bakes should … [Read more...]

Great Australian Bake Off Series 3: Episode 1 CAKE WEEK {recap}

You guys! You know I am a Bake off TRAGIC (GBBO is like my favourite thing ever) and I have long been a fan of the Australian Bake off as well. Baking and TV...what's not to love? And not having the skills to ever pullout a rough puff on demand (even though I once dreamt that Maggie came to me and … [Read more...]