Easter 2021

While this seems like ages ago now, I had to share some of our Easter pictures (mostly for myself) as a record of a lovely family Easter spent with my family by the sea. The weather was perfect (the beach was closed thanks to recent floods) and LOTS of debris but we had such a lovely time. We were able to have my sister and her kids come up and visit and make up for Christmas that they missed out on thanks to closed borders and we were all just so grateful to be together for a few days.

The kids (both big and small) all had the best time together. There is NOTHING that makes me happier than seeing my siblings kids and my kids having fun together. It’s the best. We were also lucky to have my Dad and step mum for Easter Sunday lunch too. These times are so precious and I was glad we could make it happen.

We had a few days with Rob’s step mum who visited from the farm and 2 days by ourselves to catch our breaths. I got some holiday trashy reading in as well as two meals out in a row which meant no cooking for me! Always a treat!

Hope you guys had a lovely Easter, what did you get up to?


  1. Gotta love a kid who sets out on an Easter Egg hunt with a sieve.

  2. Family time is just the best! X

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