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How’s your Isolation consumption of stuff (that’s not good) going? I’m talking books music, podcasts, movies and TV series? With no much else to do (ha! besides feeding our constantly hungry children and schooling them as well) have you had much of chance to take some time for yourself and watch some TV or read a book? I had high hopes for the holidays and managed to get a little in but now we are back into term 2 I think that it will take a back seat.

In any case I thought I would share with you what I have been up to in these 2 categories.


This has been really hard for me to get back into since Covid came out. I have had no attention span, have been more consumed by media and news and just didn’t seem to have the concentration for reading. But I have read two books since and am on another now too…trying to read before bed and any spare chance I get so I am not just scrolling endlessly on my phone. Be sure to check out my reading hashtag on Instagram for all my reviews and ratings on everything I have read over the past few years.

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

This was a great read and interesting outlook at race issues in the states. Easy reading but complex issues raised.

Fleishman is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner

I really enjoyed this one – had seen lots of hype about it but thought it was an interesting look at married life in your forties (maybe because that’s relevant to me). Fleishman is a bit of a dick and not a likeable character but it’s a good read.

Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales

Loved this book SO much. Given our current grief levels I was keen to read this and it did not disappoint. Whether you are in a sad place or not, it has some beautiful insights into what people need when bad things happen. I really enjoyed it.


I have been watching a fair bit of TV and series on Netflix in the holidays as it’s been some downtime for me…I got to bed early and watch and completely enjoy the peace and quiet just for me. Such an indulgence for me I always love it when I am hooked by a series.

Ozark Series 3 NETFLIX

Rob and I loved this one so much having seen the other series…we knocked it off very quickly and were swept away with the story. Can’t wait for the next season.

Tiger King NETFLIX

Bloody hell what a trip this one is. We binge watched this one day of a weekend early on in isolation and man was it good to see people strange than ourselves. This is CRAZY. We enjoyed it.

Ugly Delicious NETFLIX

Gosh this has been a surprising show I have really enjoyed. It’s so much more than a cooking show – I have learnt so much while watching this and it has made me VERY hungry. VERY.

Schitts Creek NETFLIX

I am very late to the party on this one In think I tried to watch it a few years ago and couldn’t get past the first few eps. Stick with it. The writing gets better and funnier the more you go on and it’s the very BEST escape. My god it’s funny.

Listening to

I have been back to walking so that means I have been listening to music as I go. I have my exercise playlists that I get pretty sick of listening to over and over again so have tried a few podcasts lately that has been good. Here are some that I have listened to:

Shrink Next Door 

This is the story ion a NY therapist who crosses the line with his patients and one in particular it’s a great story to listen to with great production.

Over my Dead Body (series 1)

I have only just started this one and am already hooked. Can’t wait to see this one unfold.

Playlists on Spotify

My brother who has great taste in music got me onto these two playlists that you might like too.

WFH with Cult, A playlist by cultmelbourne on Spotify
Made by Morgen, a playlist by madebymorgen on Spotify

But I’d love to know what you have been up to…sharing is caring! So tell me, what have you been…

Listening to?



  1. Thanks for this – perfect timing:

    Reading: Normal People – now a Netflix show – also Phosphorescence by Julia Baird – perfect for these times.

    Watching: Billions on Netflix and Younger on Stan (thanks Jack x) – great fun but smart and not too fluffy. Also The Affair on Stan – 3 series – and of course the Housewives are back – Praise Be!

    • Couldn’t agree more about Billions and Younger. Have been bingeing both. So good.

      Also had some other great recommendations from a friend including
      Lovesick (Netflix – loved it!)
      Giri Haji (Netflix)
      After Life (new season just dropped!)
      The Loudest Voice in the Room (Stan)

      Line ’em up!x

      • Thanks for the tips – sounds like we have similar taste! Loudest Voice is brilliant!

      • And now I remember that Afterlife is back…YAY!

        • Loved Such A Fun Age, another great Reese pick. I’m reading The Good Turn by Devla mctiernan which i can’t put down. I’m only on the second season of Ozark but i’m loving it. Have you watched The Stranger? Short series on netflix, so so good. Afterlife also v funny. Also can’t wait for Dead to me to come back next month!

    • Nic Wesley says

      Also Modern Love on Amazon Prime – you can do a one month free trial – based on the column in the New York Times.

      Judd Apatow’s Love on Netflix is also supposed to be good.

    • I didn’t realise normal people had been made into a show…onto it. Thanks so much! x

  2. Georgina Grauer says

    Thanks for sharing this list! I have done some screenshot-ing in place of having an actual memory. If you like a great podcast – I highly recommend S-Town – by same producers as Serial and such an engaging story, almost like a novel.

  3. Have just read Such as Fun Age and loved it!
    Re-read A Handmaid’s Tale, haven’t see the TV series but first read the book 20+ years ago. Will now tackle The Testaments and watch the series.

    We loved Ugly Delicious too.
    Just finished After Life 2, loved, loved, loved it! Best thing I’ve watched in ages, was even better than the first series.
    A bit late to the party but just watched Kominsky Method and loved that too. Great actors and a pleasure to watch.
    I’ve found Queer Eye to be the best COVID antidote, just fun and so positive, with a big dollop of kindness.
    About to start watching Normal People, I loved the book so the series looks interesting.

  4. Linda Jenkins says

    Thanks for your list Beth.
    I am having trouble concentrating on reading atm and still havn’t read my Christmas books ! Fleischman is in trouble sounds good ! I have started the Accidental Tour guide by Mary Moody.
    I started Ugly delicious on the weekend and will keep going with that one.
    Have you seen Better things ? Single Mum raising 3 girls. It’s funny and sad and entertaining. About to start Ozark S3. Just finished After Life S2. Made me cry.

  5. Reading: hardly anything but I did reread Looking for Alibrandi. Still good.

    Watching: lots more than usual. Binged all three seasons of Ozark in one week. Obsessed!!! Finally watched season three of The Crown. Found it pretty hit & miss. Been catching up the Kardashians. Still bonkers. Can not wait for Dead to Me to come back this month.

    Listening; lots of Spotify playlists, a mix of old & new. Keeping up with all my usual pods- MMOL, Judith Lucy’s one (a bloody cracker!), Home Cooking (this is delightful!) & it’s lovely to have the High Low back in my feed too.

    Take care Beth xx

  6. I was exactly the same with Schitt’s Creek, watched one episode ages ago and left it. Just watched the whole 5 seasons and absolutely LOVED IT! Eww, David 😂

  7. Thanks for the ideas of some new things to watch and read. I’ve just finished The Weekend by Charlotte Wood which I enjoyed. Loved watching both seasons of Shrill on SBS on Demand – 30 minute episodes meant I didn’t need to dedicate too much time at once, but could also binge watch a couple of episodes when up to it. Highly recommend!

    • I think that’s why I love Schitts creek the eps are like 20 mins long so you can just go for it without too much effort or dedicated time.

  8. I wish you would make your own Spotify playlist. What a hoot they would be!

  9. Motherland ABC iview. So good

  10. Michelle Fighera says

    I just love it when you write this post!!!

    You’ve most likely watched Unorthodox, such an interesting series. I’m so daggy when it comes to music so thank your brother for the playlists.

    As for books I just loved The Best Kind of Beautiful by Francis Whiting. I’m reading The Nowhere Child atm and have Daisy Jones & The Six and The Bookish Life of Nina Hill on my bedside table to get through.

  11. I have all 3 of those books. Haven’t finished Fleishman and Leigh Sales’ (the first becuase he was a dick and the second because it was too sad – will go back to it). I’m currently watching ep 2 of Mystery Road. Aaron Pederson has to be Australia’s best actor. I wish he was in everything. Finished Normal People yesterday and despite hating men in necklaces, Connell was BEAUTIFUL. I have The Last Five Years, Pachinko and The Coconut Children ready to get into. I’m with you, iso has done a number on my attention span.

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