Harper turned 10!

Despite it being 10 years since Harper was born, I remember that day so clearly. Being in our little terrace house and standing up from bed with Rob and Daisy in there and having my waters break. The traumatic birth. The awful, awful minutes of silence when she was born when we thought we had lost her. The separation from each other when she was taken into the special care nursery. The awful epidural headache that had me in agony for days. We had a tough start, her and I, and I know at times throughout the past 10 years, my toughest moments as a Mum have been with her.

This kid is going to do amazing things. Her determination, enthusiasm, kindness, humour and smarts will take her on amazing adventures and I have no doubts she will literally change the world wherever she goes. She makes me shake my head in pride and wonder at all she achieves: she is smarter than I will ever be and I am amazed by her weekly. I still can’t believe that I am her Mum and a lot of the time I think I am doing it all wrong, her Dad seems far more equipped than me.

That’s the thing about motherhood isn’t it…it’s everything and nothing about you. This girl has taught me more about myself than I ever could. My limits and what I am capable. Endless patience and selflessness. I adore her for all she has given me, so much more than she will ever know or believe, despite me telling her for the past 10 years. She is so much to me, her dad, her sisters and anyone in the world who she comes into contact with.

Our Harper hoozles.

Sunday we woke up and she was ten…just like that. Double digits that are a big deal. I know how fats these next few years are going to go – I just have to look at her sister to be reminded of that. We had a simple day after having a party with her friends on Friday night. Lunch with the family with baos for the birthday girl. A cheesecake requested and decorated by Harper. A boardgame, some lego and lots of love from all of us.

We always say “onya Harps” out little do-er who gets on with it behind the scenes, with grit and determination. We hope that 10 is everything you have been waiting for. Go easy on yourself, be proud. Be as kind to yourself as you are to all those around you. You are loved sweet girl.

Thank you for 10 years of being your Mum x


  1. Love this post so much Beth. All the mumma feels right there.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful Harper, what a cutie she is! And cop a look at how tall Miss Daisy is these days!!!
    Those 3 girls of yours are lucky to have you as their mum, biggest cheerleader and chief hugger.

    Enjoy your family lovely lady.

  2. Few goosebumps there at the end. xx

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