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How has week one been friends? Doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of things now does it? Back to routine, early morning wake ups and driving, so many pick ups. I am very keen for the coming weekend and a chance to catch all our breaths. Maggie seems particularly annoyed that she is back at school and there’s been lots of tears about not wanting to be back. She’ll get there.

Thought I better get some recent photos on here from the holidays. Some of the fun and the quiet, all the moments, slow and fast that have made up the past few weeks. I love school holidays so much for the simple chance for the girls to stop. To read and play (having a little sister is the BEST excuse to indulge in all that creative play they somehow ‘have’ to grow out of), hang out and be together, and of course fight over every single thing the other does for days and days on end.

A chance for me to have a bit of a faff about at home, a tidy and clean up. While it’s still freezing and very much winter there are some signs of spring starting to pop through. Bulbs, daffs, daphne, hellebores, the garden reminding me that time stops for no one.

I cannot get my head around the fact that it’s August next week. Honestly. That means that we are on the downhill to end of the year. Those ‘bar’ months will be here soon and I truly and sincerely do not understand where the time has gone. Lucky I have moments captured in time to remind me.

I hope that you are doing ok? This time of the year can be tricky with feelings of monotony and the cold and the dark, endless sickness with kids, stress with work and money as things tend to pick up…it’s tricky so be kind to yourself and try and carve a little time just for you. I have been trying to do something each day and it makes such a difference it really does.

Hope you have a good weekend ahead, with some sunshine on your back and a little rest, we need it.

Have a good one friends x


  1. Debs Sutton says

    Oh Beth it seems do strange to read your posts about freezing weather, Spring bulbs etc as here in The Uk we’ve just had the hottest July day on record!!!!
    Throughout Europe temps are record breaking…… All to do with the Jet Stream plus hot air from Africa.
    I’m tidying, washing and general faffing early in the morning or late evening.
    Goodness those girls of yours are growing fast, beautiful ladies!!!

    • Debs I have to say this climate change is SCARY isn’t it? Hope things have calmed down a bit up there! Winter well and truly still here despite bulbs popping up all over the place! x

  2. That photo of the hands on the rail, so much emotion in it.

    cheers kate

  3. Beautiful photos (as always!). xx

    … also cannot believe it’s nearly August!

  4. Wow your photos! Stunning!

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