Full & Thorough Reporting: the holiday edition

I am completely, entirely, fully NOT ready for school to go back this week. As the girls have gotten older and school has gotten more full on (activities increased etc) the holidays are as much as a break for me to take the pressure off for a while and after a long and stressful term 1, well these holidays have been an absolute dream.

We have spent so much time with people that we love: lots of family and friends, we have done a little travel, the girls have been to some shows and we had a lovely Easter at home. There’s been lots of time outside soaking up the beauty of this time of year as well as late nights and slow mornings.

Let’s take a look at what we to up to.

It all started with a girl’s catch up before the end of term. Always dangerous because I drink way too much and get excited being around friends and completely downloading all our worries and joys and letting off steam. Helps when your friend hosts you runs a superior Air Bnb you can make yourself at home in. You can also check them out on Instagram.

And check out the painting on the wall by mutual friend Kate Vella who painted some flowers in my house! Inception moment for sure…love this! Make sure you follow Kate on Insta. Her paintings are fabulous.

We had a very special few days up at the farm with Rob’s Dad and step Mum. Such special place for our whole family and much loved by every one of us. The girls swam, we sat by the fire at night. There was fishing, big skies and walks. Absolute heaven. I wish it wasn’t so far away so we could visit more often.

I seem to have cleaned the house A LOT these holidays too, which is very boring. Visitors in and out will do that. At least the floors are clean.

There was a busy week in the shop too (2 weeks today until Mother’s Day) and we have had some stunning ceramics arrive in. You have to check them out (will get a full gift guide out this week too) but in the meantime LOOK. See? GORGE. Click on any of the images to shop direct.

In between work and the girls we also managed a paddock bonfire at the Munro’s place which is one of my all time favourite things to do. Sunset, cooking on the fire, cups of soup and jacket potatoes, some tunes playing and smoky and dirty kids. Absolute heaven and perfect holiday stuff.

Today I am going to hold onto those holiday feelings as long as I can as we get school bags and uniforms out, and try to deal with the odd tantrum that will come from being back. The two (big and little) are not that keen to get back into it. I do however, need to stop eating chocolate for breakfast, so will be happy to get back into the swing of something!

Hope you had a good holiday if you got one, what did you get up to?
And for those back last week, hope it wasn’t too bad?
Let’s do this!


  1. Hi Beth, I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I was listening to the Throne Rangers and you were talking about whether people still read blogs. Well I do and I appreciate it. I rarely comment but will start to more. Enjoy the first week back at school – I admit to being ready for routine to return Sarah

  2. looks like a perfectly lovely holiday time.
    I love paddock bonfires too, so much fun.
    Good luck with back to school, I’m still getting used to having no one at school, never realised just how much I relied on the school routine to know where we are up to in the year.
    cheers Kate

    PS trying to comment more, because I love and miss blogs.

  3. That egg light in the nest is sooooo great! Do you know if anything similar is available to buy anywhere? Perfect for bonfire season. We are just revving up for it here is Tassie too x

    • It’s so cool isn’t it? I have no idea where it came from I’m afraid…I do know that it was solar powered though. I’ll try and find out!

  4. Hi Beth
    I’ve never commented before, but wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I’ve been a fan for a couple of years now & get a lot of enjoyment & inspiration from your beautiful photos, delicious recipes (your chicken & veg soup is a favourite) & your lovely southern highlands lifestyle. We had a wonderful first week visiting family & friends, then a quiet Easter at home to re-charge the batteries. My 2 kids returned to school last week & we all miss the slower pace of the holidays too, but gee it’s good to get some routine back 🙂
    Have a great start to the Term!
    Cheers, Kylie

  5. I too am a regular reader but an inconsistent commenter. I love your blog and your insta. You are very much appreciated and admired!

    I too would be interested in the details of that fabulous solar light.

    Miss Maggie is looking alarmingly grown up and so very lovely 💐

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