Monday Meal Ideas: Lunchbox baking with fruit

Good morning Monday morning…our first full week back at school and time for things to get a bit more serious. I am already feeling a bit woozy about what lies ahead but also keen to get into it. So much driving. So many diaries to think about. It’s time to get organised…for my mental wellbeing at least.

Here are ideas for lunchbox baking (or if you have smaller ones at home baking for morning or afternoon tea) to help you get batch cooking and organised. If you have a few of these done you can whack them in the freezer (date loaf freezes beautifully) or have in containers on the bench ready for go for hungry people this week.

Yoghurt cake with tinned fruit
Date Loaf
Apple Crumble slice
Chewy sultana biscuits

Hope you all have a great week ahead friends…what do you have on? Anything exciting? We are just trying to make it through the week with three kids in one piece and not too many tears. It’s very basic and simple! Bring on Friday! Hope you have a good one x


  1. sounds like a good plan for these first couple of weeks, just get through the week and settle into a new rhythm.
    I’m doing something similar although 2 of mine have already gone back to uni, 1 is leaving today and my baby is going for her P’s test tomorrow. I have to say all these things are very exciting for them, it’s me who is trying to keep the tears in check. So many things happening in my life over which I have no control at all, it’s a challenging time for me, the control freak from way back.

    Hope your week is smooth sailing
    cheers Kate

  2. First day back today & only one kid in tears so I’m counting that as a win. But then I forgot to take the little two ENTIRE stationary & book packs so let’s call that a fail. Story of my life!
    I meant to bake over the weekend but never got to it so my kids went with tiny teddies. I will bake & im thinking I want to try your sultana bickies for the kids but I’m not a huge sultana fan so could I sub dates or other fried fruit?
    And I’m with you Beth, being organised is very good for my mental health. Hang in there xx

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