Full Maggie Update: 3 years, 9 months

It’s been QUITE the month for Maggie Macdonald, what with starting school (Preschool AND Family daycare) for the first time in her 3 years and 8 months of life. Was she ready? Yes! Is she loving it? Kind of. Will it get better? Of course! Are there LOTS of tears? SO MANY TEARS YOU GUYS.

I am exhausted from the whole ordeal (as is she quite frankly) but I do know that it IS getting easier with each week and before too long I know she will be happy to be there each week. I hope so.

So it’s been a BIG month.

In between the school days there has been lots of this. It’s needed, for everyone involved. January and February are just SO FULL ON.

We’ve also started up gymnastics just for another strange, unfamiliar atmosphere to get nerfous about….but she is LOVING IT. Helped by the fact that she had a whole bag of leotards sent to her from cousins hand me downs. She actually beams as she runs around and says it’s much more interesting than ballet. We’ll see if she gets back into dance at some stage down the track. But until then it’s a lovely thing for the both of us to do on our days off. And best of all: it’s a TUCK IN SITUATION. She loves a good tuck in.

She is loving that Archie is at preschool with her two of her days: they are always happy so long as they come home together (shit goes DOWN if one of them gets picked up by their Mummy before the other).

And while swimmers were the flavour of the month this time last year, this year it is ALL About the singlet tucked into undies. Told you: Tuck in SITUATION.

She’s loving the weekends when she gets to say : NO SCHOOL TODAY MUM. And being with her sisters. It’s been lovely to see Harper and Maggie spend more time together as Daisy is off to school so early each morning and late coming home: they are finally getting into their own little groove.

There’s still lots of running around and a happy girl, but it’s definitely been one of the biggest months of change I can ever remember for this little lady. She’s growing up and there’s not much we can do about at all, except wipe the tears away, give lots of cuddles and remind her of all the fun things she gets to do rather than being stuck at home with boring Mum while she works.

Let’s hope our March update shows a great improvement on happiness levels. Somehow we are hurtling towards autumn and March when the year JUST begun. Hold onto your hats!


  1. great photo of Maggie and the dogs!

  2. Is there a Beth update? Its such a big change for you too. Make time for yourself as well as all the work stuff. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Mum Burnout is the last thing your or your family need. Congratulations on managing the logistics of all the changes. My third is about to go away to Uni (as the first 2 did) and with every major change in the family, there are SO MANY emotions! I was a bit tearful while hanging out washing at 10.30 last night for no obvious reason which tells me I now I need to look after myself as well as the 4 kids, the lovely husband and the house which is a tip because of building repair work following a leak! Time to mentally reset and reflect. Time to count blessings. Time to mentally let go of the current stage and learn to enjoy the next one.

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