Weekends filled with Christmas catch ups & storms

(Cue singing): It’s the most social time of the year! Isn’t it just though? I do love the panic that we are never going to see anyone again and we HAVE to get it in before the end of the year and this weekend was exactly that. Lots of catching up with people, eating and drinking our way through it…you have to admit it’s a lot of fun though!

Before we start, let’s take a deep breath of some calming hydrangeas shall we? Check these colours out.

It’s been a bumper start to the season (albeit a little later than usual). If we were having Christmas at home the table would be filled with their blooms. I just love them. 

Friday night we were meant to have our staff Christmas party (and by staff I mean dinner with Luce and her husband and Rob) but poor Archie was sick so it was just Rob and I. We ate at the pop up Italian at Moonacres, Jimmy Nardello which was amazing. Great food, nice to be out with Rob to have actual conversations that can be finished and we were home by 8.15pm so we could finish The Bodyguard we started on Netflix last week.

Saturday I potted about home getting washing done before heading out in the afternoon for some Christmas drinks out at Mount Murray. It was such a gorgeous misty afternoon out there before a massive storm (complete with black out) rolled in. The mists of the Highlands will never get old to me….they are as magical today as they were to me when I was a little girl and such a gorgeous backdrop for a Christmas catch up. It was like a winter wonderland…but muggy!

The poor area copped it in that storm though…so many trees down all around the area – thankfully we didn’t lose any this time.

Sunday we had a very quiet home day – I think I stayed in my pj’s until 3pm before heading down to the pub for Archie’s 4th birthday. We had a lovely little celebration for him as we watched the storms roll around us. Friends, family and stormy skies…a great combination. 

We walked home through the village stopping to look at more hydrangeas (me) and cows (Mags) thinking how lucky we are. I am so grateful for all our lovely friends we have made down here, interesting, funny, warm and kind people who we have in our lives…what a blessing.

Today I have my sister and her kids arriving from Melbourne for the night, tomorrow it’s the last day of school for the girls and then Thursday night I am hosting our girls Christmas dinner before officially heading on holidays on Friday. There’s going to be a week of family madness…I can’t wait. First…I NEED TO START MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. Why do I do this every year?!

Hope you guys are keeping cool and staying sane in all this craziness. Stay hydrated x


  1. Thankfully all my Christmas shopping is done. I just need a quick pop into the shops Christmas eve morning for a few fresh bit & pieces for salads. My husband has just come home from hospital after hip replacement surgery so I had to be very organised before he went in, he is my driver because of my dodgy health but can’t drive again until January. One year I did leave it until the very last minute to do all the shoping. By the time I had managed to buy some things & extricate myself from the hideous crowds I was close to needing to ask Santa for bail money for Christmas 😁

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