Monday Meal Ideas: Sensational spring food

It’s feeling a little more like summer than spring these past few days isn’t it? Windows open at night, fans on again and long sunny days. It’s re-set my eating habits and I am ready to embrace the lighter, delicious food that comes in the warmer months with lots of salads and greens.

Here’s some ideas for some great meals for mid week or weekend entertaining packed with flavour but a little lighter than some of the winter meals we have been so used to these past few months:

Roast chicken with dates & capers
Almond hasselback butternut pumpkin
Pea & fetta salad

How’s your week ahead looking? I am going to be  busy (what’s new?) getting ever busy the next few weeks as we head into Christmas with lots of work deadlines and then later in the week Rob is away for a few days with his friends. Hope you all have a great one friends!

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