Monday Meal Ideas: Getting organised for the month ahead

Good morning friends! Here we are at Monday yet again….and boy am I feeling a little weary today after a BIG weekend of driving around the countryside. It’s so good to be home though, the sun is shining, the washing machine will be pumping and I will be throwing myself into Maintenance Monday with fervour.

What I am not so OK with is the fact that the end of year is speeding towards us. I AM NOT READY. Christmas is 5 weeks away and I wanted to be organised this year – and somehow it will be a week before and I will be in the same position as I am now. So! Here are some ways you can start to get organised this week if you have some time to get cooking and planning. Make a batch of quiches and get them in the freezer. Get that fruitcake made and soaking. That kind of thing. This will help….promise!


Hope that you all have a great week ahead – I am home and busy but home with no where else to be and that makes me happy! Hope you have a wonderful one my friends! And don’t forget to catch up on what we got up to on the weekend on our road trip. Or head to the shop and start some Christmas shopping. Let’s get organised and do this!

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