Monday Meal Ideas: Good green stuff

Anyone else’s jeans seem to have shrunk in the dryer lately? Except you haven’t been using the dryer? ME TOO. This cold weather winter funk cannot go on…it’s time you guys. To put down the custard tart and prosecco and pick up some protein and water. Not likely!

Here’s some inspiration to get some more green on your plate this week. Baby steps friends! Sure there may be some pasta involved, but let’s start with some greens and go from there shall we? I certainly can do with a break after the birthday festivities so I will lead by example.

Pea & Fetta salad
Green Pig Pasta
Lamb Shoulder with Salsa Verde

Hope you all have a great week ahead my friends, I am looking forward to the  freezing winds dying down and the temperatures to rise somewhat…man what a cold weekend we had here. Soon enough we will have some warmer days…surely!

What have you got on this week?

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