The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal enthusiasts {ep 4}

Another busy fortnight for the Royal Family (alas at the time of recording we didn’t know about the new Royal Prince) but still…lots covered off in (the latest) Episode of 4 of The Throne Rangers Podcast.

Oh what a fortnight  it was in Royal Watcher Land! Happy 92nd Birthday Queen Liz! How about the fact she was out riding the next day?!

The Commonwealth Couple Haz and Meg get trotted out for EVERYTHING! Funny facials and tiaras at the CHOGM dinner! (tbh we’d be making those eyes at Justin Trudeau too, given the chance).

The sad news about the Queen’s last Corgi Willow who passed away…

THAT cape dress! Are we breaking royal fashion rules with handbags?! Shoes that fit!

What an utter delight.

Of course, this week has produced a royal heir, Baby Cambridge #3 – which happened after we recorded this episode, forgive us. Next ep will be a bumper baby episode as we cover off Kate’s epic effort, and say goodbye to me as I wing my way to Windsor to cover the Royal Wedding.

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Hope you enjoy this jam packed episode and look forward to bringing you next week!

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