Monday Meal Ideas: MINCE

If there’s one thing that makes it into my trolley every week, it’s a humble packet of mince. Chicken, pork, beef or lamb it gets a run because it’s cheap, can feed the family and can be turned into so many different things. Here are some of my favourite recipes for the old stalwart.

Beef Lasagne
Pork & Chive Dumplings
Asian Minced chicken (aka Beth’s chicken)
Moroccan lamb mince wraps

Hope you all had a good weekend? We had a lovely one (full debrief on the blog later today) but I did say to Daisy when I was doing her hair this morning that they go WAY too fast. Of course no one slept in on either Saturday or Sunday and then this morning? I had to get Maggie up at 8.20am! TYPICAL.

Hope that your week ahead is filled with good things and a little mince too perhaps? x


  1. Beth, your Asian minced chicken is a favourite around here. I usually do it with a mix of chook and pork and then we wrap it in lettuce cups with bean sprouts and spiralled carrot because I’m a food wally like that. Hot tip, it’s awesome with grated tofu as well. My sister in law is a vegan (not bovvered but expects the world to bend over backwards to accomodate dietary needs) and I make this with a 500g block of grated firm tofu and serve with noodles etc. #sahversatile

  2. The Monday morning sleep in phenomenon occurs in our house too… it’s the only day of the week the kidlets sleep til we’ll after 6. Usually it’s well before that 😫

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