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Is it just me who feels EXHAUSTED this Friday night? I looked at Daisy over dinner tonight, say the black bags under her eyes and knew that this FULL on feeling isn’t just me.

The adrenalin of a new year is wearing off, good intentions can be slipping as reality and back into routine that we were all so keen for a few weeks ago, here to stay for another year. And it’s not just the tiredness, it’s BUSY. And I mean BUSY again. And I know that there will be no end in sight until the end of the year again and I am trying my best to muster enthusiasm for all the good things that will come in the year but it’s just making me feel a little overwhelmed and tired already.

There’s been early morning alarms, getting up before everyone else to try and get some work done, full on days with work and toddlers, so much writing to be done and then school stuff, after school stuff, we have started down the road of orthodontics for Daise, it’s all very grown up as I try to eat well, lose some weight, keep the toddler awake so I can work at night, sit on her floor at night when she has had a sleep so I can work at night, tax to pay, more work to hustle….blah, blah blah….and it’s what? The 9th February?

But in between all that, there’s been lots of good stuff (as there always is when you open your eyes to it).

Maggie still loves to wear swimmers and she still has a 2pm curfew to put them on. Clock her walking into School like a boss with her banana earlier this week. She cries every day that she can’t get dressed and go to School with her sisters.

We’ve been to Mum’s a bit as she has been SUPER helpful with toddler wrangling while I juggle work. She has home made sauso rolls on offer…

And Grandpa’s tomatoes are tasting good. As was this pea and fetta salad.

She takes Maggie on walks so I can work. What would I do without her? Thank you Ma.

Hydrangeas are still blooming despite the return of the heat…

Maggie took a great photo of me on Tuesday.

And still sits in sun puddles most afternoons (in her swimmers of course because it’s post 2pm).

Everywhere you look, kids are growing and time is passing. And we can’t hop off.

But for now, it’s Friday night. Hopefully the kids will be asleep soon, I’ll get 20 minutes to myself before falling asleep on the couch and then tomorrow we have a full weekend ahead of us. Now THAT’S something to look forward to.

How are you feeling on the 9th February?
Pumped about the year ahead on track with good intentions and goals?
Or a little exhausted already?



  1. Don’t thank your Mum for taking Maggie off your hands so you can work … well DO thank your Mum of course … but just know that she is enjoying every moment and feeling absolutely blessed that she gets this special time with her granddaughter while helping her daughter at the same time. I bet your mum sees it as a joy and a privilege. Well I do anyway when I get to kidnap the babies for a bit. πŸ™‚

    Don’t stress – February blahs are everywhere.


    • Thanks for the reminder Cheryl! x

    • YesπŸ’œ as a “Gramma”,” Nana”, now,well for the last years, first with the birth of grandaughters, now, 11 years and 4 years old, to my grandson, now 3 1\2,: I journey from Hillsboro,Oregon to Summerlin, Nevada …..I am journey traveling, more often, (monthly) to care for them, as the Moms’ can get a release to carry on daily living…I so enjoy, the travel, the chance to be a part of the little/bigger ones, and my life is so full of joy…….Nothing better….πŸ’ž

  2. My children are grown and have their own homes so its just the two old empty nester’s here. I work 1 day a week out of the home and have an office day at home as we are self employed. I do the house, garden etc etc and I’m exhausted. Haha!! Had an operation 3 months ago and recently put my back out cleaning up the patio. Wondering when I’m going to get some energy. This heat doesn’t help down here in Adelaide either. Maybe everyone is tired. 😊😊

  3. Baby no. 1 started tertiary education this week and I think (hope) he has finally landed on his feet. Baby no. 2 starts University next week (don’t ask how they are both starting together) and after a huge week of chasing government departments for name changes, add in a migraine and a dog with a cancerous growth, I REALLY appreciated my wine (after losing 3.9kg since Boxing Day) and is it any surprise I type this as hubby already is putting out big zzz’s? I feel ya!

  4. Yeah, remember it well. Equal mix of exhaustion and exhilaration until they’re in high school, phew… You are so awesome putting all the feelings into words. Love your pics as well xx (and your house is soooo sparkly!! 😁😁) xx

  5. Today is my first baby’s birthday… He turned 20, so I’m sitting here reminiscing and smiling to myself on what I great job we have done because I am so very proud of the young man he’s become…. That’s what I’m doing today!

  6. I was asleep before my 9 year old last night. Massive fri night exhaustion.
    Could have put myself to bed at 7pm. Managed 7.45, massive lightweight.

  7. yeh! know how you feel hun!
    all food and stuff of yours looks fab!
    maggie is super toddler/woman get her on every job and she will fly through life!
    much love mx

  8. Such beautiful children! Love the photo of your Mum and her little grand-lady they are too cute together. Big hug Liz XX

  9. I regularly go to bed before my children, but then I get up before them too. Oh to be 18 and 20, when you worked and partied and complained about how tired you were.

  10. Shhh – stop saying the date! I’d had a little plan in my mind that I would be back at work by Feb – but in reality that plan was unrealistic, with most people not back at work until Feb. My new goal is March. I NEED our family to all be in the same state! I am bone tired at doing it all myself. We are back at swimming lessons and preschool and routines – but it is hard doing it solo 6 day a week. I’ll keep on hustling until I can make it work… BETTER (because some how I have to make it work the way it is, little people are relying on me).

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