The comforts of home

We’re home. 24 days later. I know! So many days away. And it’s just SO good to be home. And cold!

Of course I have been acting like a CRAZY woman since the moment we arrived, unpacking washing, cleaning practically wanting to set fire to the joint and start all over again – despite my sister having done the BEST job on my pots (she even replaced dead flowers in my window boxes!). And we even had fresh lawns. What a joy!

I think it’s called the post holiday/Christmas frenzy when you just want to clean ALL of the things and put away ALL of the things and get rid of ALL of the things. Especially when you have been living out of a suitcase with limited “stuff” and done just fine I came home to everything PLUS Christmas pressies to put away and there was so much dust everywhere…hence the frenzy.

Never said I was sane.

So it’s been NON stop washing, wiping (like I have wiped every surface we own and wondered how I could EVER have lived with the marks on that cupboard or those spider webs in that corner) I have done about 5 loads of washing, vacuumed, cleaned the windows (again: how could I have EVER lived looking out those before we left?!) put away all the things and have plans to start de-cluttering toys and kid stuff next week, watered the verandahs, put flowers in vases and mopped the floors.

See? Crackers.

Good news is that the fiddle leaf is back! Just thirsty. Phew.

And I am just about ready to get back into it all. The working year which is shaping up to be HUGE. Routine and order and earlier nights and exercise. Yes, that new year kick up the bum is here.

And it’s wiped clean!

Are you ready to tackle the year ahead?
Or still in holiday mode?
Anyone else go crazy when you get home from holidays cleaning ALL of the things?


  1. Our fridge was so empty after our holiday that I could see … like REALLY see how filthy it was. Attacked it randomly like a mad woman possessed. Must have been your influence!

  2. Oh Beth!!! Same here, all of it exactly like you mentioned above #nutter

  3. thevillagehomestead says

    Reading this makes me desperately want to race out of work and go home and clean EVERYTHING! 🙂

  4. How I wish I could tackle ALL of the things. But I’m still recovering from the accident. I have been making lots of lists on what I will do once I’m properly mobile again. Glad you had a wonderful holiday xx

  5. Must be the result of seeing the place with fresh eyes after a break. I can 100% relate – a few times I’ve looked around while cleaning and thought “faarrkkk can’t we hire a skip and just throw the entire place in there?”

    Burn it to the ground indeed!

  6. wow, you sure love cleaning, kinda therapeutic? 🙂

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