The toys of Christmas Past

I have to pretty much do all the girl’s Christmas shopping today. I know, I know. Despite best intentions to get organised, I have found myself YET AGAIN leaving things to the actual last minute. One day I will learn. I have vague recollections of my own Mum completely losing her shit this time of year too, ahhhh the circle of life.

Christmas 1983 I think.

And then 1984/85 I would say.

Man don’t you love looking at what our trees were like? A bit SHIT Mum. I remember when foil lantern decorations were all the go and my Grandparents Christmas tree looked a little like this:

And then say 1987/88.

The thing about that last photo that I love the BEST is obsessively looking at the presents in the background. The toys! Thought I would take a look down memory lane at some of the stuff we would have got. Oh how our kids miss out these days…

Mags might have got…

How about some games?

What about some craft?

There would always be a new calendar or diary…

And toys! Always a toy picked up from Uncle Pete’s Toys.

Some books…

And some fashion of course…

And don’t forget something academic!

Or something extra SPECIAL…

Great memories. Santa bears, boxes of chocolates, driving to 4-5 different functions on the one day. Overtired kids, hungover parents. Great memories indeed.

So wish me luck today. I’ll be trying to do most of my shopping locally, and there won’t be much of it. And there will definitely be books.

What are some of your best childhood Christmas memories?
Best toy?
I think mine was my Pound Puppy. I still have him!


  1. So many memories. Fashion plates I adored. My daughter even played with that one but during one of our moves, clear outs it’s gone. What about slime in the garbage can, slinkies?I totally forgot about pound puppies, loved mine. Thanks for the memories, good luck shopping

  2. Oh the memories. I remember so many of these. I loved my talking Cabbage patch doll and my cuddly Alf doll (remember Alf, how good was he) and I still have them both. Good luck with the Christmas shopping 😊

  3. So many fab memories thanks for sharing. I remember saving up birthday money to buy the love heart barbie from Argos. Oh the excitement of seeing it appear on the shelf and waiting patiently for your number to be called. Oh the bizarreness of Argos!!

  4. I just got Olive the fashion plates from big w!! I’ll be more excited to do them but whatever

  5. This is so good! I’ve forwarded on to my sister, brother and Mum to read as sums up our childhood! So many memories! Thank you xx

  6. I have the best Christmas memories from when I was a kid. Every year was magical. My Pa would somehow manage to slip away & reappear as Santa. He would have a sack of presents & I would be his helper handing them out. Dad even drove him down our street once standing on the back of a ute to the excitement of all the kids in our street. I was about 10 when I finally realised. The suit came back out briefly when my little sisters were born but by then he was getting too old to keep it going. I don’t have any of those screaming little one fighting to escape Santa photos. I have, my favourite photo ever, me sitting on Santa’s lap kissing him on the cheek, the Santa in my loungeroom

  7. Oh I loved my fashion plates. Probably my best present was my bike. Good luck with your shopping I’d be a no good anxious wreck if I left my shopping this late, secretly I’ve always admired people who can and do.
    Cheers Kate

  8. Oh My Goodness… it’s like you found my bedroom of the 1980’s (plus a few things I really wanted but never got).

  9. Those gifts are the best!!!! I will never forget when I got my cabbage patch doll, I loved her but was so disappointed with her name- Amelea Lea. Like seriously, what kid could say that easily! And in 88, when I was 9 I got my first boom box with a smash hits 88 tape & Michael Jackson Bad tape. I thought I was so cool!! It was actually a joint gift for me & my younger sister but as the older sister I was ALWAYS in control, such are the rules.

  10. Oh wow so many memories there. Your right, kids these days miss out xx

  11. Ah, the swingball! We bought a new one of those for the grandkids this year – they love it (we did Christmas last weekend).

  12. Oh wow! I think I had all of those things at different stages! I just bought my boy one of those swing ball things.

    My favourite Christmas memory would be Rainbow Brite (I got the horse as well) or perhaps Strawberry Shortcake whose stomach you squeezed and blew a strawberry scented kiss.

    Every year from when I was 5 until I was 10 I asked for a Baby Alive and I never got one, my biggest Christmas tradgedy.

  13. Such a great post Beth. I had that Barbie with the hearts and the red velvety top! My fave present was a pair of white leather roller skates with red glittery stoppers when I was about 8. I might dig out the photos when we get to mum’s on the weekend to show my kids! What a trip, thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you get a relax in there somewhere. Larissa Xx

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