Weekends filled with work & play

In an unheard of turn of events the diary on the weekend showed NOTHING. Not one plan. Not one dinner or lunch, nowhere to go and nowhere to be (actually a little like last weekend too). It was SO good. But unlike last weekend when I was so exhausted that I literally could not get out of bed to the couch, this weekend we had a big list of things to get through and pretty much ALL of them included the garden.

It’s a crazy time of year in the garden, everything is growing, and fast. Especially as we have had some rain recently I swear you look out the window and can see everything growing before our eyes. The lawn needed taming, weeds needed taming and all the verandahs needed a decent spring clean: de cob web, dead pots removed, sweeping and watering.

We eased our way in with some Friday drinks at my sisters place in the spring sunshine while the kids played. Her roses are OFF THE CHARTS. Honestly, the whole place looks and smells like a fairy tale.

Then on Saturday morning I cooked breakfast and then hit the nursery and hardware store for some new potted colour, pots and I hit all the flower beds to weed, throw out dead plants, water and clean all the entrances. The place looks a picture at every door…

Another few weeks and all the star jasmine Christmas trees will be in full flower – my favourite time of the year on that side verandah.

Rob hit the lawn and edges with a vengeance – there is NOTHING like fresh lawns is there when it has been out of control! He also bought a new weeder that is unlike anything I have ever used before…you HAVE to add one of these to your christmas wish list if you like to garden.

Found the girls sitting out under the tree that has grown a lot…

Kind of like them I guess…

Sunday was lazy breakfasts…I surprised the girls with some ricotta hotcakes with nutella and strawberries. To make this I just used my regular pikelet recipe with 2 tablespoons of ricotta as well. AND I totally didn’t eat one!

What I totally DID eat was half of this jam donut because: I AM HUMAN.

And it was really good. Back to it this week: need to get the greens back into all of us and those running shoes back on.

How was your weekend?
What did you get up to?
Ever seen a better looking donut than that?!


  1. Love this post – the link to the new weeder only seems to go to your Facebook page- no weeder?

  2. noice beth! … teansie bit jealous of flowers!
    must get me some potted colours too!
    I have those terra square pots too! hove some grasses in there at the mo but time for a change up!
    great minds!!!
    love mxx

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