Weekends filled with N O T H I N G

I spent all Friday from the minute I walked in the door doing stuff. Unpacking. Bringing washing in. Packing things away. Mopping the floors. Playing with Maggie. Hanging with the big girls when they got back from school. All the guilt from spending MORE time away from the girls I tried to make disappear by doing ALL OF THE THINGS. On top of about 3 hours sleep and a busy week away, well it’s safe to say that I pretty much hit a wall.

So on Saturday morning after I had cooked breakfast for everyone and tidied up (that guilt was lingering) I took myself back to bed. I left the bed unmade until 3pm (this is a BIG deal for me) and I didn’t get dressed or put a bra on until after 3pm. I slept. I snuggled each kid in bed when they came and found me. I drank endless cups of tea and coffee. I read! I ate all of the things. And after I got dressed to get some supplies, I hopped back into my pj’s and did the same thing again.

Yesterday was the same too. More of the same of everything…bed, not getting dressed, more reading. I did get Maggie’s room cleaned up and a little faffing about moving things around and generally nesting like I do whenever I have been away. The weather was cold and dreary which called for the fire. It was absolute heaven.

Sometimes you just have to listen to your body when the head never seems to. And stop. If only  could do this more often.

How was your weekend?
What did you get up to?
Have a lazy or busy one?

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