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What a whirlwind of a week it’s been here – two in fact! Apparently I travelled half way across the world and then back again? How?! And how good was it?! Somehow I was bobbing away in the Indian Ocean?

And apparently wearing a two piece whilst doing so? Who even am I? That spray tan did the trick, that or the margaritas because I was as relaxed as I have been in some time – really having the best time ever. Loved those swimmers though…they were from Sirens Swimwear in case anyone was wanting to know. Seriously good support if you have decent knockers like I do.

But it was great to be home too. Back to the girls and Rob (some wind sigh) and domestic life of stacking wood baskets and washing with a happy heart and feeling very lucky indeed.

Mags needs to work on her hide and seek skills.

But she loved her little present from Singapore…this gorge little frog in a romper that I couldn’t resist. She called her Fred, but calls her Freda. Adorbs.

I had a pretty quiet week getting back into the swing of things and dealing with sick kids too – all three have been doing a pass the cold for the past few weeks and at the end of last week it was Daisy to Maggie and then onto Harper…it’s so boring isn’t it?

The weekend came and was filled with some part of Saturday doing some filming with Rob, bringing to life one of my most popular and favourite recipes of the blog: date loaf. We decided to film a recipe which was exciting…I had been wanting to do this for some time. Quite the set up as you can see…

And a bloody fabulous result which you can see here:

Yesterday it was my sister’s husband’s birthday…3 years since we celebrated his 40th when we were all in Croatia…how can that be? I hosted a big birthday breakfast at home for everyone (my brother and his kids came down as well) filled with bacon, corn fritters, fruit, salmon, bacon and I even poached eggs for everyone! It was a gorgeous sunny day so we sat outside under the snow pear which has almost finished blooming. Hevs!

Before heading off to the pub in the afternoon with all our mates…it was a perfect afternoon filled with too much rose and kids that went a bit fezza.

Ok, maybe that was just my kid who is happiest when she is covered in dirt. She goes a little tribal with it on her face. It was such a lovely afternoon…the promise of longer, warmer days are ahead of us!

Today it was into full planning mode for my event on Saturday organising my Spring lamb and booze and menu planning…it’s going to be a great day I’m sure of it. I was then told that Luce and I had a meeting in Bowral so I headed in with her and was COMPLETELY surprised by yet another birthday lunch with some mates of mine from School who had come down for the day. I almost burst into tears I was that surprised. The festival is certainly going on…and on….and on.

I can’t believe how many surprises my sister has had to trick me yet. I am CERTAIN she is wondering when all this will end? Thank you Luce!

So that’s where I’m at. Exhausted and happy and a little fat. It’s been a very big month of celebrating and I am feeling very loved by it all.

So how are you guys?
What’s been happening?
Got some warmer weather your way?
Did you like the recipe video? Want to see some more?


  1. Love the video. Now to make the loaf. Wish I had an Alice!
    Love how easy you make celebrating sounds. Wish I had some of that skill too.

  2. Love it! Hubby could hear the music but not see the video and he thought it was stripper music!
    Could try a R rated version and get down and dirty with the batter, lol


  3. How can you make cutting butter seem so sensual?!

  4. I watch a lot of cooking videos and gotta say…that one really stood out for me…well done…grabs ypur attention and really wants you to make it…well done!

  5. Beth! This video!! Long time follower but I seldom comment. Please make more vids like this! Teach me how to poach an egg like a badass ?

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