Adventure to the Maldives: Trip to Finolhu Villas

I am here as a (very lucky) guest of Club Med Kani and was flown here by Scoot Airways. This trip was organised by Sam & David from the Good Funny Smart Collective.

Yesterday we got to take a 5 minute transfer across to the exclusive Finolhu Villas also part of the Club Med resort where we are staying. These eco-friendly villas are the next level in style and luxury. Each one coming with its own plunge pool (and butler service), you can get a beach villa or an over the water villa  in the small 52 to choose from on its own private island. You can get the best of both worlds by staying here for peace and then of course if you are after some more action, heading over to Kani for some more activity and people. As you can imagine, I started to sing Annie’s “I think I’m gonna like it here!” as soon as we arrived and were transferred from the boat to reception on a golf buggy.

Whilst the weather was a little wet, windy and grey it could not dampen the beauty of this place. I can only begin to imagine how gorgeous it would be if the sun was shining. The villas were large and gorgeous – oh to dream of a few days here with Rob!

The main restaurant was truly gorgeous – a huge over water bungalow complete with glass bottomed floors on the bar that served up a pretty special lunch.

The spa also with a glass bottom for watching while you relax into a massage…bliss!

And all around lush green gardens against that stunning ocean backdrop. I have never seen water like this anywhere else!

After lunch we got to laze about by the pool (or go snorkelling, can you guess which one I chose?) before heading back on the boat and back to a little more action here on Kani.

The whole Club Med experience has been a new one for me and one that I was always a little hesitant on. For me with travel, I like to get out and about and visit a place, see the culture and experience wherever we are and I always felt that staying somewhere like this keeps you in a little bubble of safety and comfort. But after a few days here and watching the people staying here, you can’t help but get swept up into the fun of it all. People are having a good time, people from all around the world. The staff are amazing. Kids and families are really having fun (and if my kids were here I think they would go CRAZY for this place with lots to see and do). The night time and group stuff is defo not for me (crazy signs anyone?) – but you could pick and choose what you wanted to get involved in. I have slept SO well here – all that fresh air and activity (perhaps the no waking for kids thing too) and the number one selling point for me would be the fact that you do not have to put your hand in your wallet one time. It’s done and paid for and inclusive. Having been to places like Fiji with the kids and thinking about every meal we ate and every cocktail we ordered and steeling myself for the check out bill this has been a game changer. As many and much drinks and food and cocktails as you like – how can that not be a great thing? Plus the amount you pay is per person so you pay on that, not on rooms – for bigger families that would also be a game changer.

You can see that there is definitely a Club Med culture (there’s a cool aid that people have drunk and they LOVE it) travelling around the world to various different resorts. While it might not be for everyone, and prob not something I would have considered for my family) I know that if we were here with all the kids and Rob you couldn’t help but get swept up into the fun of it all. The magic somehow wears off on you too and you can’t help but have a great time.

The landscape doesn’t hurt either.

You can find out more about Club med Kani here.
And about Club med Finolhu Villas here.
And about flying here with Scoot here.

If you are a Club Med family who love them I’d love you to share your stories with me too!


  1. As an art teacher I have to say your single point perspective in the first pic is excellent!! It all looks beautiful Beth, especially after a top of 10 degrees here today with a wind chill factor of minus lots! Enjoy x

  2. I was very sceptical of club med – not that I knew anything about it – but I just thought it all sounded too much. But then we needed a recovery holiday after my husband was seriously unwell and decided something a little easier might work. That time we went to Bintan and it proved to be just what we needed, and then last year we went to Kani. In the Maldives we chose that option because I knew there was lots of adults only accommodation and I wanted the kids to be welcome – not just tolerated. And again we had an excellent time. I love the all inclusive aspect because it encourages you to try stuff. So you’ll take a boat out, even if it’s not perfect, because it doesn’t cost anymore and if you love it you can always do it tomorrow too. I’ve found both times it’s been great for us doing things we don’t normally do (archery anyone?) as a family which has been great for consolidating our little family unit. I also love that the biggest decision I have to make in a day is when to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and the buffet meals also means there is always something for everyone without fuss (again not normally my thing but somehow it works). Its such a break from the bump and grind I’m happy to go club med anytime I need the kind of holiday where I need to completely switch off.

  3. Completely agree with the above. My husband grew up with the Club Med traditions, the archery, pétanque, GOs, medals and games, and his family indoctrinated me before we even had the kids. The kids clubs are the best – nothing cuter than seeing them singing in French – and we loved that we got actual time to ourselves for tennis lessons or reading by the pool. You really feel you are away.

    Club Med is also brilliant for intergenerational travel, as you can be really busy or really quiet or anything in between. We just love it.

    • Great to hear your stories about it – I can see how once people start, they can’t stop. Loved the cross section of ages and nationalities. Thanks for sharing Tandy.

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