Monday meal ideas: Cake! Because: Cake!

Given it’s birthday week ahead of us here in the BabyMac household, what better way to celebrate a birthday then to bake a cake! I have a long history of birthday cakes in this household, you can check our the full history of my Women’s Weekly repertoire for the girls over the years in this post here…and while the only cake likely to get a run in my oven this week is an Anne, there’s plenty more here for you to be inspired from. Birthday or none….baking a cake is always a good idea!

Sour lemon cake
Lemon syrup drizzle cake
Ginger Fluff
Lemon Meringue Pie

What’s in the plan for you this week? We’ve got a fun one ahead I’m sure. The next few days will be quiet and catching up on rest (we entirely did not get enough sleep on the weekend plus Maggie has decided that 5am is her new start time) then my birthday on Wednesday and we are heading away on Friday for 3 days down the coast with the family. Looks like the weather is going to be pretty good too – 18 and sunny here today! Let the washing begin…have a good one friends x


  1. Happy birthday for Wednesday!!! Birthday week here for two of my girls who turn 13 and 9 on Thursday! Family dinner on Thursday, a bonfire sleepover on Saturday night for Miss 13 and an ice cream sundae party on Sunday afternoon for Miss 9. Add working full time to that, then Miss 13 has junior netball finals, a late senior netball game and junior fire brigade training. Hubby and Mr 19 have their last hockey game this weekend in which the team will come back to share the bonfire. I can breath again come Sunday 5.30pm once it’s all finished and cleaned up!

  2. I’m baking cakes this week with an overflowing lemon tree! I love how using one little lemon justifys a whole cake of buttery love! Happy birthday to you! I love birthdays! I hope the celebrations keep flowing. X

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