40: the day, the loot and so much love!

Well here I am, the flip side of the birthday and what a great one it was. JAM packed with well wishes and love and kindness showered on me the whole day. What more could a gal ask for?

The house smells amazing from all my gorgeous flowers given. My pants are entirely tighter today after eating out for breakfast, lunch and then dinner! And my heart is filled to the brim with happiness. Thank you all so much for all your lovely messages – they were the best.

We had breakfast with the kids at the General Store, then I was picked up by my sis and Dottie for what I thought was a wander around and lunch in Bowral. First thing was a manicure booked in for me!

Then a table filled with my mates for lunch (I thought it was going to be just the two of us) complete with Mum and Aunty Tricia (who gave me a box of baked goods!)

And then home for kids dinner and baths etc before a costume change and lovely dinner with Rob before coming home and immediately putting on a soft pant. PIGGY!

I got so many gorgeous gifts from friends and family: books, a quilt, cookware, a harmonica, earrings and flowers and champagne…I feel very lucky indeed.

So thank you again for your well wishes, I think that this 40th birthday business goes alright. Tomorrow we head off for a long weekend with the family where I plan on sitting and eating and reading and hanging with all the people I love the most. What a celebration it has been!

Thank you x


  1. Glad you are feeling so spoiled & loved! You deserve it all & more. Enjoy this wknd!! X

  2. Happy birthday dear beth!
    Looks like … a perfect day … lou reed
    I wrote a message yesterday but seems it didn’t go through!
    All the best lovely one!
    Love mxx ❤

  3. Happy Birthday Beth. What a fabulous day indeed. Enjoy your long weekend. xx

  4. Happy birthday Beth!
    Where is your gorgeous gingham dress from please? It’s amazing!
    Monique xx

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    Looks like a fabulous day and night.

    Mine is next week (have to love August), but I’ve never really celebrated. Something about being the centre of attention and hating it. I don’t think my friends have any idea when my birthday is. Next year I might try something different, maybe even a dinner.
    Who knows, I might even have a cake – I think my last cake was at 17.

    Quick question – the black and white dress, where isot from?

  6. Happy Birthday Beth!! That t-shirt sums 40 up perfectly!!! Enjoy the ride – hope it treats you well Luv Liz XX

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