Winter is no longer coming, it’s here

Just like that. It’s June! I know, I keep thinking it’s mid March some time. But apparently May has come and gone and I can prove that it did, indeed, happen.

There were some cute kids that turned 2. One slightly more feral than the other.

So many great royal moments in fact.

So many birthdays….gosh I love those May people.

I got the joy of a mid week Melbourne hotel bed without any husband or kids.

Got to meet and chat with so many great people.

Got to watch this one grow before my very eyes.

Discovered a local purveyor of Banh mi which has been a deeply pleasing turn of events.

Got to enjoy many days with this little girl who is growing up too quickly.

The days can be slow but the months and years so fast don’t you think? Another one done, heading into another winter. Did you read this article I posted on my Facebook page last week? If you can take the time (it’s long) it’s worth looking at.

I feel like this SO much so much of the time. Exhausted and worn out by completing those simple tasks like putting the washing away and coming up for air hours later. I’m busy and tired and it’s no wonder right? We are all busy and tired every month from the mundane and the not so mundane in between. I was thinking that sometimes all we want to hear is, good job. You did a good job today/this week/this month. And yet we so often never hear those words. Not because they are not thought, or appreciated or felt every single one of those days in the past month, they just never get said.

So I thought that I might do that for us now.

To my little sister who is finding her new normal in the first 6 weeks of life with a new baby and a fezza 2.5 year old and working in her own business. You did a bloody good job.

To the person who was unwell and struggling to get through. You did good.

To the parent that dealt with unending colds and flus and sicknesses from kids that went round and round. You did good.

To the person dealing with death and grief, real sickness, loss and sadness in their heart. You did a great job just to get through.

To the person with mental health issues and crippling anxiety. You did it. You got through another month, well done.

To everyone in between.

You did a great job. We all did.

Thanks for the memories May x

Want to tell someone they did a great job? Do it!
Any good/bad memories of May?
How can it be that it’s winter? Again?


  1. You do a bloody fantastic job here Beth. Thank you so much for sharing life with us all.

    Your words, your photos, your FOOD (oh god, the Lurpak was on sale this week, two blocks are giving me come hither eyes every time I open the fridge door *unsalted doc, promise*) and your general loveliness, your sense and sensibilities – they all make my days brighter and cosier.

    On ya Bev.

  2. I can’t begin to think about how it’s June already. I mean seriously did we skip a few months ? Love that photo of gorgeous Maggie next to the photo of the little princess. xx

  3. Thanks Beth. Great words. May has been shite. Grief, then sickness. You are right. I got through May.

  4. Good job on always having some words that I need to hear Beth.
    Good job to my friends who listen to me prattle on bullshit on the daily.
    Good job to my husband for laughing at me when I’m acting like a bitch. I needed that more than the argument I was pitching for.
    Good job to my big guys for fighting through the hormones & acting like humans instead of douche bags all week.

  5. I turned 40 on Wednesday – Aarrgghh! and have gone slightly overboard with 4 different celebrations. I live in Tassie but am in Melbourne tonight after a fab Thai foodie experience at Nora in Carlton and have 14 of my friends from across Australia flying in to celebrate with me. I have written them all individual letters to tell them why they are such amazing ladies and what a great job they do. Everyday. My 40th is to me, about them and giving them all an excuse for a weekend away from the mundane. How lucky I am 🙂
    Well done to everyone for doing what they do everyday. Great work Beth for saying it!

    • How gorgeous Amanda – such a wonderful thing to do. LOVE that and may just steal the idea for one of my “satellite” parties throughout the year x

  6. I love this post. And I love your writing. Even the swears. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. All good thanks beth!
    Just love your feral munchkin with soo much character!
    We’ve had a busy may but it surely is getting cold in these parts now too!
    Enjoy today!
    Much love m)x

  8. Beautiful post. I have had a pile of blank happy postcards sitting on my desk waiting to be sent to… I wasn’t sure who… until now. xx

  9. Great post Beth. You are bang on. I love that article that you linked to. Now my love language is words of affirmation so THANKS SO MUCH for saying thank you to me… I might be in the grief category perhaps…. but people are just going to keep on dying aren’t they and we just have to get on with things… one day at a time. Another think I have finally realised after 2 years – you can’t fix someone else’s grief you can only make YOU happy. Have a great day. xxx

    • You guys have had a really tough time, REALLY tough. And you can’t, you are dead right. Look after YOU and nurture YOU so you can continue t love and support others x

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