The online years

Last night I was delighted to see another online friend Jodi announce her pregnancy with her 4th child. Strange as it may be, but another child I will get to see grow and flourish, despite the fact that we’ve never actually met. It’s funny this online business, but it’s such a part of my social circle and life. These people that I don’t know, yet know, so well through our time together online.

It’s been 10 years since I’ve been here (over) sharing our lives. Since Daisy looked like this (heaven help us the SUNNIES):

To then this…

And somehow now, this:

So many stories, so many connections, advice, help, support, tears and laughter. What a joy it has been to have so many of you all there, helping me. Thank you.

And then Harper. From this!

To then this (when I ate ALL the pies)…

To then this!

And now this. HOW?!

And APPARENTLY, my baby who I swear was JUST like this…

And then this…

Will be TWO this year. You guys. TWO.

It reminded me that last year when I was visiting my friend Ruth that we were both talking about how our time and friendship online has stretched out about 8 years. That those little kids that we were sharing way back then, are now these BIG kids. High School, finishing high school and beyond. How can it be that we are there already?

Somehow, those Facebook memories are not a glitch in the matrix, we really are in 2017 now. Daisy is almost 10, Harper will be 8 and Mags will be 2 and there’s nothing that any of us can do about it. All the things we’ve been through together…it’s a real thing.

Thank you for being here for ME and my Motherhood journey. Dead set I would NOT have been able to do it without so many of you, your comments, stories, laughter and open hearted sharing has been a HUGE part of what being a Mum has been for me. From 2007 to 2017.

And thankfully there will be others who will continue to have babies for us that no longer can, or want to. We can be virtual Aunties, and Grandma’s. And for those ahead of me, so many of my friends that are navigating High school and beyond, I’ll keep looking to you for help and inspiration.

This online village business, really is a wonderful thing. Thanks for being a part of mine x


  1. What a lovely post. My third (and final!) baby is due in May and as a hormonal pregnant lady, your words and photos above may have made my eyes water a little. Love your work.

  2. I was so worried when I saw the title that you were announcing the end of your blog. If you ever decide to go that way, please give us a heads up a little early. I’ll need to start weaning myself off your blog.

  3. So true Beth. I’m going to live vicariously through Jodi’s baby in lieu of #4 of my own. Exciting! x

  4. And thank you for welcoming us and sharing your stories.

  5. I love this post Beth. Thank you so very much for sharing your journey with us. It’s been a mighty fantastic ride xx

  6. So very glad I found your blog. Can’t remember how many years ago it was but it was before Maggie. Thanks so much for sharing your family with us

  7. Aww this brought a little tear to my eye. So sweet. I love online families.

  8. Thank you for constantly oversharing!! Your blog is one of the highlights of my day, and we all learn so much from each other. I’m not a blogger but blogging is just the best from my perspective!!!

  9. Rowena/VintageNobility says

    Aaawww – Thank Yooooou Beth – for although Ruby is my #4 – I had forgotten so much of the pregnancy and early days with a baby: I was quite happy to live vicariously through your pregnancy – but then from outta left field – there appeared two pink lines…so I was catapulted into this wonderful, unexpected journey – 5 steps (months) behind you n Miss Maggie! Still, everyday, amongst the chaos of these toddler moments, we Love checking in to share,laugh,cry or roll our eyes and SNAP in the everyday moments you share – those moments between the milestones are equally important!
    My Gabby will be 24 this May, My Armand will be 21 in September and Miss Bella is a 12yr old tweenager starting high school!
    I’d be honoured and happy to hold your virtual hand as you navigate these impending ‘big years’!
    xxx Rowena xxx

  10. If the online world is a village, then YOU are most assuredly the CWA president young Beth!

  11. Love you too xx

  12. Just lovely. Your girls are just delightful and u live your family posts. Enjoy your little people. Thank you for writing. Hugs V xo

  13. good on you beth! you do it well!
    and those girls are gorgeous!
    you can tell I need female energy to restore my balance!
    thankyou for sharing your journey hun!
    much love m:)X

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