Maggie in the mornings

Oh that time of year when the day starts getting brighter earlier and earlier and with it, the rising of the smalls. For the past week or so its started. 5.30am. 5.15am. Even the odd in the 4’s which I have managed to convince her that is entirely not OK so we stay in bed together, her slapping my face and saying UP UP UP!

IMG_8840 IMG_8851

Around 5.30/5.45 we tip toe out making sure we don’t make any noises as we leave 3 slumbering family members behind although more often then not she will say everyones name as we walk by “Daissssse” “Har-per” (whispered tones every time). Blearly eyed I praise the powers that be that ABC Kids now is on before 6am, back in the day we had to WAIT for it. She has some milk, I scroll through my phone, stoke the fire. Slowly but surely they all meander in, Harps first, then Daisy and Rob the last.

Then it’s the rush of breakfast and school and getting dressed and hair and nappy changes and homework and at 9.00am out walk the bigs and me and my friend are left behind. If we don’t have anywhere to be you can guarantee that PJ’s will stay on, Playschool will feature with lots of playing in the morning sunshine, hopefully out soon more than in on the rug.

IMG_8866 IMG_8869

Yesterday I sat at the front door with her for the longest time. Just hugging her, kissing and cuddling, tickling her while Frank watched on. I felt the luckiest person in the world as I didn’t have to rush to work or daycare, we could just be. Her 15 months. Me 39 years old. Both very happy in each others company.

I know I missed this time with Daise, had it with Harps as she was this age when we lived here too. But this time there’s something different about it. I know this is it. I’m holding onto each moment with an acute awareness that this is it.

I love my mornings with Maggie. 15 months. How could you not?


Are your little ones starting to wake earlier and earlier?


  1. Yes. The 4’s are creeping in here too and Mr 18months knows it is not cool! Does not bother listening though. Morning snuggles are the best thing.

  2. Urgh, this morning it was 5.15. My kids have always stayed in bed until after 7, so this this 5 business with a 2yo is just awful! Fortunately he’s happy enough in there until 7, but he’s very noisy and I can’t sleep once he’s awake! I’m wondering if it’s time to cut out the day nap – say it isn’t so?!?!?

  3. how adorable beth!
    how could you not indeed!
    much love m:)X

  4. these are very cute photos.

    I try and clutch on to every moment with my little boy because he’s my only child, I always knew he’d be my only child and I knew that time was so fleeting.

    Children are such a precious gift.

    Is it not the best thing in the world to be a mum?

  5. How can you not have a smile on your face after seeing these gorgeous photos? Wish you could “bottle up” some of Maggie and ship her to anyone feeling a bit down. Instant tonic!

  6. We have block out blinds in everyone’s room. I can NOT function before 7am. I don’t care if everyone ends up in our bed from the 5am mark, everyone must lie back down and go back to sleep until we can function at 7am. I’m pretty lucky that they will go back to sleep. I don’t know if the arrival of number 3 will throw this out of whack?

    • Block out blinds make no bloody difference! Always up with the birds!

    • We have block out blinds behind our block out curtains. When Miss G was 2 and the baby boy came along she too thought that 5am was a grand time to wake. So, we got her an “Ok to Wake” clock, that we set for 7am, when it glowed green. She would walk into our room with the clock in her hands, arms extended, saying “The clock is glowing green, the clock is glowing green”! Even now, at 7 and 9, they both know that if they come in before 7am they get the short shrift.

  7. That smile melts my heart. I miss my kids being small. As much as i wanted them to grow up; I know wish it had been so much slower. Maggie is just gorgeous. Enjoy her.

  8. Oh Maggie?She’s so adorable!! Yes Beth you are one lucky Mumma. Blessings to you and your lovely family? Liz XO

  9. Rowena/VintageNobility says

    Yes! Rubes has been a bit all over the shop when it comes to sleep lately!
    I’d say we average it out to about 5.45am thereabouts- she does still have a big grizzly 4am feed – and so if she’s really warm n full n snug and not windy (not too farty) we might even get as far as 6.30!
    Totally hear you on this post! These precious play moments are sacred!
    It’s the eye contact that melts me Beth! Ruby is the first out of the four to have my blue eyes, so it’s like mini me staring straight back into me! Little Me looking at old me! Today it was as if we just stared into each other’s soul – oh if we could just hit the pause button in those moments!

    Sooooo Over Winter!
    My hip is aching this week!
    You n Maggie are still our first go-to EveryTime I swipe open my phone!
    So I’m over here crouching about nowadays waiting for those first steps with Ruby – it’s on the horizon for anytime soon: I’m by my windows bouncing and deflecting Love n Lightbeams from my phone to yours!
    xxx Row

  10. Gosh she makes me so clucky! Those sweet smiles!

  11. You and Maggie are definitely partly to blame if we have a third child! Ours (now 3 and 5) have always been early birds, usually between 5:45 and 6:15. But they go to bed at 7, out for the count by 7:15pm. We’ve grown to love early mornings, and panic sets in if they sleep till 7 – I need to get to work by 8!

  12. My second was my lark. She was relentless in the 4something wake ups. I tried everything to change it, including dropping any day sleep. Nothing but time changed her. She’s still pretty much always first up but has always been the most beautifully natured girl so now she mostly waits in her bed for a reasonable time before coming in for a snuggle, very gently stroking my arm to rouse me to make room. I remember well that feeling of savouring that quiet time with them when small. Every now and then I’m transported back and feel that swell of my heart. And maggie, such a gorgeous sleepy smile! I can hear her chuckle.

  13. Gorgeous, and she is too. I am aware my 14 month old is sneaking away from me so I’m making sure I soak in the lingering cuddles and simple moments. I often think time doesn’t apologise and I’m here dedicated to being a stay at home mum which is a really special time but it can all too easily slip away, so I’m making an effort to treasure it all. Glad you are too.

  14. I know I sound like a freak — but enjoy! You are creating such special bonds with Maggie.

    When my son was small, my husband always took the early mornings in compensation for me being up at night breastfeeding. He’d wrap Justin up in a blanket in his pram and they would make coffee and then sit outside for what they called ‘awareness’ — we lived in a game reserve so there were animals to look for. They have such a special bond and I’m sure that part of it was their early morning time together.

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