Things I like {The 30th June 2016 edition}

It’s been pretty bloody cold here the past week in particular but my goodness the sunshine! Glorious winter days with frosty mornings and deep blue sky days. The fire is going non stop, the children are sick and ratty with the end of term in sight but there’s still plenty to like round these parts. Always!

Look at the light on a frosty morning. It’s so soft and magical.

IMG_6986 IMG_6999 IMG_6991

And each morning I empty the water from the girl’s hot water bottles into the pots on the verandah (waste not and all that). Sometimes the water is still warm from their flannelette sheets and so when it hits the pansies there is steam. I tried to capture it this morning…doesn’t quite show it’s full glory.

IMG_7911 IMG_7915

There’s lots of wood to keep us warm (winter is so bloody expensive to heat our house).


And lots of soup to keep me warm (and not eating bread). Why does no one else in my family like soups? Weirdos. Read this link for pretty much all my soup recipes.

IMG_7118 IMG_4655

I am loving that this is in the diary tomorrow…bring on the holidays! I’m on canteen duty (our teeny school of just 30 kids only gets canteen once a fortnight when one of the parents takes turns to do it). I decided with it being the end of term I would give everyone a treat and make it free! Now I just have to make cupcakes and spaghetti bolognese for 30 tomorrow morning…


I was loving the fact that the helium balloon that was flouting about our place for the last week finally burst. Does that make me a bad person. No one panic though, Mr Smiley (as he was named by the girls) had a proper funeral.


There’s lots of pretty colours dotted around the place thanks to flowers in pots and vases.

IMG_7917 IMG_7925

And I had some happy mail arrive from Lark this week when a wire rack storage unit I got on sale arrived. I’m afraid they may be sold out now though…

IMG_7905 IMG_7908

I’ve got all the odds and ends that were on the bench now in here and I’ve got a place to put my cook books so I can see them and maybe even use them – I am hopeless at that. Time to bring back recipe roulette I think!

What are you liking this Thursday afternoon?
That it’s the end of the financial year?
That it’s either school holidays now/soon?


  1. Paw prints and pansies and branches, oh my! Love your photography Beth.

    I am having a quiet hanging at home in my pjs day, lunch was soup and toast.

    I love that I’ll be able to do my tax return soon. I’ll spend my return on paying heating bills I’m sure!

  2. Also having soup for lunch — chunky veg with barley. Yum!

    Haven’t the last two days been spectacular!! The kids go out and stomp the frost every morning. It delights them that the grass is crunchy.

    Don’t have to make sandwiches for two weeks. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

  3. Also having chicken soup for lunch. I love soup. Could live on soup and salad.

    I haven’t eaten wheat bread for 3 years. I have tried some gluten free but they are only good toasted. Read ‘Wheat Belly’ by William Davis MD who explains how wheat has been genetically modified and is causing a lot of health problems today. I just eat the Lurpak out of the tub now. (with a spoon)

  4. Cheekiechops says

    Bring back recipe roulette it’s a rut breaker.
    Soup here too, Neil Perry’s cauliflower soup last night and a minestrone tomorrow.
    My kid is on school holidays and working
    Hip Hip hooray

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful Beth I love the fruit too but from inside the warm house,enjoy the holidays with the girls xx

  6. Hi Beth every time I see your fire I think I must get my old unused chimney converted to a built in – but didn’t realise they were still so greedy on the wood. Could u tell me how much you go through a day? I have a split system but it only heats two rooms ?

  7. I love these post and your photography.

    This Friday night, I am loving that tomorrow my husband will be home {from working the week in Canberra – even though we moved to Sydney two weeks ago now}. Being a single parent is hard, being pregnant whilst doing so is even harder. I don’t know how single parents do it.

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