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Recipe Roulette: Sesame Hoisin Chicken

Somehow along the way (as you do) I got back into my old comfortable ways and stopped opening my cooking books (of which I have PLENTY) and relied on the old favourites to see us through week in, week out. So I decided it was time for another Recipe Roulette! The idea being to grab a book from your … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Prawn & Chilli Linguine

I will admit that this round of #babymacreciperoulette was a little on the random side. I grabbed the book that was sitting/laying on top of the other books on the shelf - you know how you whack ones sitting on top of the others that are standing up straight? My cupboards are a disgrace as I have … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Rigatoni with zucchini, lemon & mint

Round three of #babymacreciperoulette takes me to BOOK 5, PAGE 134. Which is this Women's Weekly book given to me that I can safely say I have NEVER even looked in before. Terrible right? These are the kinds of books that specialise in everyday weekday style meals - quick, easy and no fuss. And … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Frittered Greens baked with sauce

I got Rob to do the picking this round. He was in the kitchen grabbing a drink before heading back out to his studio when I said "choose a number…any number!" He gave me book 8. Page 126 then walked out the door. The idea of recipe roulette is to randomly choose a cook book from the shelf then a … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Sour lemon cake

How many of you got a cook book for Christmas? I actually didn't get one this year, which is a change, as my cupboards look like this: And on top of the cupboard looks like this: Other coffee tables and bookcases also look like this: And there they sit, occasionally flicked … [Read more...]

Zucchini recipes

It occurred to me yesterday when I posted about the zucchini chips that you guys might have quite a few zucchinis in your veggie patches at the moment. A summer glut that you need to get rid of. Thought I would share some of the recipes that I have on here for you because really, how good are … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: School holiday food

Good morning friends! First 'proper' day of our school holidays (started with a 6am sleep in for me rather than my normal 5am alarm so I'll take that) which means one thing: FOOD PREP. I will be making food all day for various children so I thought I would share some of my favourite recipes that … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: School holiday cooking

We have woken up on a dark and misty Monday morning with rain softly falling outside and the crackle of the fire keeping us warm inside. It's SCHOOL HOLIDAYS which means that we have no where to be, no where to go (lots of work for me to do) and boy does that make me happy. What will wear off in … [Read more...]

School holiday BAKE OFF

How's the holidays going friends? What's the story with NSW and the rest of the states being so out of tune with each other? Made 78 million platters of food? Me too! I am digging deep as we head into the last few days and you know what I am doing? Baking. Getting the girls to bake. Eating ALL OF … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Gimme Pasta & Noodles!

Is it just me or does this cooler weather practically sit you down and start feeding you carbs on the couch? I am turning to sourdough, pasta, you name it, just to add to that comfort. Pasta always makes our table at least once a week, but it doesn't have to just be spag bol. Here are some ideas to … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: School holiday baking

It's time to dig deep my friends, coming into week 5? or is it 6 of the holidays or unless you are in QLD and you have a little spring in your step as you watch your kids head back to school today or tomorrow. Right here it's hot (going to be 36 plus again today), the girls have been fighting … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Great School Holidays Bake off!

Hello first full day of School Holidays for NSW! You are a little fresh but the sun is shining, the washing is blowing in the breeze and so far you are looking OK! Of course there has been "BUT WHAT WILL WE DO MUUUUUUM?" and so to that I say bake! They get busy and you get baked goods. The summer … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: School holiday baking

Here we are at the first "proper" day of the school holidays. We've had a weekend of tantrums, meltdowns, banned devices and today's playdate cancelled, so we are well and truly on track! Now that we have all that over and done with we can get on with the holidays (it always takes a good few days to … [Read more...]

Things I like {The 30th June 2016 edition}

It's been pretty bloody cold here the past week in particular but my goodness the sunshine! Glorious winter days with frosty mornings and deep blue sky days. The fire is going non stop, the children are sick and ratty with the end of term in sight but there's still plenty to like round these parts. … [Read more...]

School holiday bake off

I know it's not Monday, but it certainly feels like it this morning doesn't it. Yesterday we had our first 'proper' day of school holidays where we stayed in our pj's all day, lazed around, put out fights between the girls, denied chocolate and generally dealt with end of term exhaustion and getting … [Read more...]

Easter ideas

It's now the Wednesday afternoon before a very busy Easter weekend and I have only just allowed myself to think about the food needed and shopping to be done for the weekend. I am unsure why just everyone shops like the apocalypse is coming, but I do know that my trip into Bowral tomorrow is not … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: dessert

I'm in the depths of a cold, with a 5 year old who has been MUCH sicker and on Redipred, and I am a gazillion months pregnant. That calls for one thing: SWEETS. Dessert. Cake. Whatever, give it to me. Here's a selection of easy desserts for you to whip up for afternoon tea or for dessert, if that's … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Easy mid week cooking

Given my current state: general exhaustion and crankiness at anything, dramatic, pregnant and did I mention cranky? I tend to have this reaction when I realise it's almost dinner time: BLOODY HELL WHY DO I HAVE TO COOK SOMETHING AGAIN DEAR LORD WHEN WILL THIS SENTENCE END?! I suspect that the next … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Seafood

I am terrible at incorporating seafood into our weekly meals. I get lazy, I forget to buy the stuff, I am a little afraid of cooking fish and sometimes it just hard and expensive to add it into the trolley. But I am going to make more of an effort - even if it's some simple tuned tuna tossed through … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week chicken

If there's one thing that's always in my trolley each week, it's chicken. It's cheap, versatile and can be added with so many different kinds of salads that it makes an appearance on our menu at least once, every week. Here are some quick ideas for chicken dishes that will work with different … [Read more...]