First kiss


I may be feeling nostalgic because I haven’t seen my husband for a few days and I really actually do like the man, but aย bear with me friends as we take a little trip down memory lane.

Some music? Just hit play and let it do its sweet thing in the background.

It was a few weeks ago now when I was up in Sydney with Nikki & Mrs Woog when we stopped to cross the street at the exact spot where Rob and I had our first kiss. Here, to be precise. I’m fascinating over on Snapchat obvs.

You see Rob and I had met a number of weeks before said kiss, you can read about thatย here (strangely enough it features Bistro Felix where I was eating dinner with the girls too) but we finally met for a drink, ok several drinks, and on the walk from those drinks we stopped here and had our first kiss.

Sparks and all that! Oh they were flying. That poor man did not stand a chance. I was head over heels pretty much straight away and I do believe I even said to him on our second or third date “don’t worry, it’s OK, we are going to get married and have kids” because I KNEW. I just knew we would! Poor bastard. I said to him over breakfast the other day when I was scowling over something or the other that I warned him – he should have run then!

I told Nikki and Kayte in detail about that first kiss and the first few weeks of our romance and then over dinner I heard from Kayte and Nikki about their first kisses and the first hot and heavy weeks of our romances with our husbands.

And then we laughed and laughed, because look at us now.

There’s nothing like those first few weeks of a relationship is there? But maybe it’s the 14 years later than actually matter. We may spend more time texting each other about picking up milk rather than the declarations of love that there once were, but that’s OK.

When was the last time you really kissed your partner? Like a proper pash? You should totally do that. It’s good. And it’s nice to remember all amongst this mundane parenting, grown up life stuff. And it will totally gross your kids out which is a bonus.

I’d love to know about YOUR first kiss?
Where were you?
Were there sparks?

Tell us EVERYTHING. And totally pash them tonight ok? I will, mainly out of sheer relief that he is home and we can be outnumbered together.


  1. Nawww, listened to Van while reading this and it made me all emotional – DAMN PMS. But yes I shall pash husbo tonight – it’s been awhile! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    God yes sparks I remember so well, on the steps of the shops near my house,I knew I was going to marry him too and we’ve been married 31years!!

  3. Hotel in London the first time we met in person (we had been talking online and the phone for a few weeks beforehand).

    I remember looking at Guv and thinking ‘can I see myself spending the rest of my life with you?’, apparently the answer was yes – 17 years (16 of them married) and counting this year.

    As for the pashing (or snogging considering we’re an English household!) well that happens regularly! I feel a bit sorry for those who don’t still indulge in a regular make out session! I didn’t think it possible all those years ago when we first got together but I’m more in love with Guv than ever before, I’m beyond lucky in the partner stakes.

  4. We were quite drunk, actually he was drunker than I was and I accidentally sat a boob on top of his head while staggering up the stairs he was sitting on. After accidental boobage you really do need to go on a date. So we went on a date, two in two days actually, Christmas functions, which involved lots of alcohol. The first night I sent him home in a taxi, the next night I let him stay; in the guest bedroom, which he was banished to after a thoroughly good snogging. Both nights he thought he was getting lucky, he did eventually – married for 13 yrs now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. mrshanksy says

    I love hearing about how people met and their first kisses!! Unfortunately I was all ready to go the pash last night after him being so sick for a week but his heart went into A-Fib and we spent the night in the hospital instead whilst he had a cardioversion!!! Probs not going to happen tonight either but I’m hopeful soon, cos just like you I really bloody love the big fella and we’re 20 years together and that says something – cos boy, do I get bored of stuff quickly!! He can still make me laugh and still rocks my sox!!

  6. Whitney Sigler says

    December 1982, it was the second time we met 4 mos. later. I was friends with his brothers wife. He was in the Navy. They had been trying to get us together for over a year. He was unloading luggage from the car. In the garage he pretty much grabbed me a kissed me. It was the butterflies/fireworks/ earth move kiss. He was like you though, head over hells for “me” I didn’t think about marriage or babies. Lol then we wrote letters for 6mos and married December 1983. We celebrate 33 years this year. Shhhh don’t tell the children but, we still kiss “pash”. Lol they think we were done 24 years ago after last baby. ?

  7. 2nd January 1990 in the carpark of the local pub as we said goodnight. We met the day before & since then, apart from hospital stays we have never gone a whole day without seeing each other. We will have been married 25 years this November.

  8. Rachel N says

    May 1999 on a deserted beach at midnight. REALLY should have thought about my personal safety being somewhere with a relatively strange man in the middle of the night, in retrospect! But I had a major crush. I kissed him like that last night. 17 years has gone in the blink of an eye. When I think about the five kids we’ve had, the one we lost, the countries we’ve lived in, technically we shouldn’t have made it. We have and I’m so utterly grateful for it. x

  9. I was 16, he was 17 & had been dating my friend ( who turned out to be a lying, crazy mole) so we’d been hanging out HEAPS! I’d had a crush on him before he started dating my mate but when they finally parted ways I knew I’d have a chance. We’d been hanging at the town carnival & went for a walk across the road to the park & ended up kissing under the playground fort. We then stole ( we had the keys so not REALLY steaming) another mates car & went & parked by the beach where we proceeded to get all hot & heavy. Man, those were the days….but 20 years I love him more than ever.

  10. Debs Sutton says

    Met him at a Drs & Nurses party, I was a legit nurse he had gatecrashed the party, wasn’t a Dr & was very drunk. Turned up next evening at my tiny room in the nurses home, went out for dinner and he never really left after that!!! Last pash, last night ……..34yrs here.x

  11. In the back of a cab in Manhatten was where we first kissed! We met up in NYC after internet dating for a few weeks and spent 3 days together.

  12. Our first pash was not romantic or classy at all! We were in a nightclub (I was 18 – him 20) and I wasn’t even that into him – we were friends (that fact kills him haha). There had been some drinks. He leaned down while we were mucking about dancing and just went for it – there was a lot of face smushing which would normally be a massive turn off hahaha. I think I just went with it like I had nothing better to do haha. He tells the story differently, but whatevs! I was so over boys mucking me about. It took him a couple more weeks of really pursuing me and damn it I gave in after grilling him on his intentions haha.
    It wasn’t long after that (i.e. within weeks – how I went from ‘not that into him’ to full blown ‘this is fucking fate’ I do not know!) I realised he was The One and that life had tried to introduce me to him in a few ways leading up to then. We’ve had our ups and downs over the past 13 plus years (not going to pretend it was always a picnic) and while I laugh and get nostalgic thinking about those initial few weeks, I love how we are today a lot more.
    (I also love hearing other people’s ‘how we got together’ moments – so awesome) x

  13. Oh god yes, sparks flew. We were sitting in the car at a pier in a local village on the Loch (Luss Pier, Scotland). I knew he was the one I just couldn’t get my head around how we would manage it. He was on holidays from Australia and I was the country bumpkin from Loch Lomond. Here we are 20 years later, 3 kids and still pashing ????

  14. I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that our first pash was at the Deni ute muster (no, I’m not the type of girl to get around in a blue singlet or drive a ute…)! He was/is a very good friend of my brother; I had a crush on him for a long time. I got cold that night & he loaned me his denim jacket… And I can’t remember much else of that night! But man, I was SO excited to pash him & then go out with him! 14 years & 2 babies later I still love him to death ?

  15. Oh Beth, I love it. I first pashed Mr Chardy at Camooweal Campdraft… classy hey! He lived on the station next door which was 80km away so there were then just phone calls for the next 2 weeks until we saw each other at the next Campdraft… then a couple more weeks until we saw each other at a Beef Dinner…. we were basically married by then, ha ha ha ha. No just kidding but it was a bit “long distance-y”. I finally moved over to the Station where he worked and became the bookkeeper. We have been married for 12 years now (together for 15) But enough about me. Have a great day!

  16. I met my hubby at a mutual friend’s engagement party on 15th July 2006. A few champagnes later and we were pashing on the dance floor – not very classy when you’re in your mid 30s lol! We saw each other every night that week until the following Saturday when he left to go overseas for a 12 month travelling jaunt. He returned 3 weeks later(!), I picked him up from the airport and he moved straight in. Married 9 months later and next year will be 10 years married. Probably nowhere near enough pashing in our lives but he still makes my heart skip a beat ๐Ÿ™‚ Promise to go in for a big pash asap!!

  17. We had some courtship nights and Sunday sessions at the Conargo Pub (RIP to the place that holds so many awesome memories) and my god he made me laugh before we hooked up at a mutual friends’ 25th birthday party – mind blown! But then had to be all scurrilous and pass and dash on the down low for a bit because I just had the little matter of breaking up with my then boyfriend before we could go public ?? (It was all over bar the actual break up conversation)
    Good decision though – 16 years later, 11 married and 4 kids here we are!?!

  18. jac7star says

    Love hearing people’s meet up stories! ๐Ÿ™‚
    (mine is yet to be written, but there will be sparks, I’ve held out this long so I am counting on it!)

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