I’ve said it before, but there’s nothing like a deadline to get shit DONE around a house is there?! Rob’s party was just the ticket to get all kinds of little (and bigger) things done including one of my annual #onething THE WINDOWS.

For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.

Last week when I was away I lined up a bloke to come and clean EVERY window in the house. Inside and out. De-cobweb. Remove dead flies. Spiders. Grime.

Honestly. I was BESIDE myself when I walked in the door and now get to look out of sparkling windows. This is my CRACK.


And now that the party is done and dusted? Well I have clean windows to enjoy! And a de-cobwebbed and gerni’d house to enjoy. It’s actually the best – all those jobs done that we can enjoy. Create a deadline for something this weekend and start working towards it. I’m telling you, it works!

What was your one thing this week?
You just cannot get enough joy from this I am telling you…start cleaning or get a man in my friends!
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…


  1. My Hubby starts his Long Service Leave next monty…his ONE THING list of things to do is endless!

  2. My Hubby starts his Long Service Leave next month…his ONE THING list of things to do around our house is endless!

  3. Amanda Ashford says

    Total wardrobe clean out done earlier with week with two children underfoot. Think 8 sizes too big maternity work attire from 5 years ago.. 2 garbage bags of rubbish and 3 massive bags to the salvos that afternoon. I’m basking in the glory!

  4. Just moved house and have decluttered like you wouldn’t believe! And such a good feeling to have all the boxes unpacked and everything in its new home (minus the crap). Now pass the gin…

  5. Corina Morgan says

    If it’s one thing I love it’s clean windows! Every 3 months and it’s worth every cent!

  6. you won’t have anything to do soon beth!
    your place is looking fabulous!
    clean windows needed around here! but they are moving earth nearby and can’t be bovered hun!
    did some altering of pants that’s ok!
    loving maggie on her horse! she is a hoot!
    lol m:)X

  7. Kit@lifethroughthehaze says

    My mum always had a window cleaner when she lived in Sydney. He just rang every 6mths on schedule and said hi it’s been 6mths. He did our windows for 20yrs so if we weren’t home we would just leave the money on the table and a key in the spot he knew to get it.

    Clean windows are just awesome!!!

    My crack would be children/teenagers picking up after themselves and opening a window to air out his room so it doesn’t stink out the entire house!!!

  8. Monthly man comes and cleans inside and out windows, possibly best £16 I spend every month. Love it, relish in the feeling that I have the cleanest house in the whole country, rejoice that I have nailed it…best feeling…..all for for about three hours before my husband starts drying his hands by flicking water from sink towards kitchen window, because obviously we don’t have have any towels to dry hands! Grrrrrr

  9. I got out on the deck this morning…re-potted the plants I’d been meaning to for ages and gave them a feed…which meant the bags of potting mix just lying around are now gone, swept the deck and picked up the silly rubbish that just gets left there…while I was there I planted two new roses into the rose bed and mulched the cottage bed…looks great and I’m feeling quite smug as I type this with a mug of tea on my clean deck 😉

  10. Also did windows and the screens. I’m ashamed to say that we have lived in this house for 3 years and it is the first time that some of these windows got a wash. *hangs head in shame*

    Tackled the pantry — took everything out, cleaned all the shelves and rearranged. Only 3 expired foods to toss which I thought was quite good, although one expired 18 months ago!!

    Can I claim husband’s contribution? He took everything out of the laundry — cleaned, scrubbed and de-cobwebbed.

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