Leisure wear

You know what I’ve been excited about this week? Well, it would appear that Autumn has FINALLY arrived in all her glory! And besides meaning that the fire can get a good run now, it also means a couple of things: flanno sheets won’t be far behind AND we can just about tap into some new winter pj’s. YESSSSSS.


There’s nothing better than a new pair of fresh flanno jim jams is there not? I had been excited that I could head into Country Target and get myself and Rob a new pair for the season ahead.

Got me thinking about my leisure wear. Which is pretty much my full time clothing now that I come to think of it. I do love in the winter months getting out of my “proper” clothes that sure, may just be a pair of jeans, and getting into those pj’s as early as when we all get in the door of an afternoon and we know that we don’t have anywhere else to go. Sometimes I will wait until the dinner/bath routine is done and then when the girls get into their jammies, I can too. Other times I will don those slippers quicker than you can say GET THAT BRA OFF.

Let’s take a look at my current leisure wear attire shall we? Could I be any more excited to pop on that couch and watch some E network? The answer is no. The kids being asleep is in my grasp and I am EXCITED. This actually might be my very favourite time of day. Plus, let’s not forget that I pretty much bought myself a double bed that is disguised as an oversized armchair in my lounge room (Grandma Bucket reporting for duty!)


In case you can’t see it in all its glory, let’s drill down.


Sussan PJ pants from about two years ago. Cotton, and too thin for the change in weather that has hit us. Flanno definitely required in the next week (hence to-do: go to Country Target). T shirt is an old number from, oh, maybe 5 or so years ago with those holes in the front that just seem to appear in EVERY BLOODY T SHIRT and funnily enough I realised when I was looking at old photos this week that I wore this t shirt when giving birth to Maggie (interesting perhaps only to me) and a Target hoodie. Fleecy lined. As dodgy, cheap and big as I can get it (think this is a size 18 for extra comfort). Socks and slippers. Bra off. Toilet in background for extra effect.

But what about YOU? Do you don a soft pant and take that bra off as soon as you are in the door, whack the pj’s on? Or is a tracksuit more your thing? Do you like to get the pj’s on before you collapse onto the couch for the night so if you fall asleep (AHEM like I do pretty much every night around 9pm) you can just walk into bed and collapse. How sad it is when it’s winter and cold and you have to find your pjs?! Does your winter leisure wear differ much from your summer…are they both actually just jammies?

Tell me your leisure wear ways friends!
And tell me where I should be getting my ultimate winter pj’s from!
And just how early can it be before that bra is OFF?


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I get my pj pants on and my slippers lovely new short uggs I got for Mother’s Day,first chance I can when its getting dark and cold I love this attire,I don’t think we will be getting much Autumn here Beth I think it will go straight to winter the nights and mornings are freezing,get yourself some lovely pjs from Peter Alexander Xx

  2. Sam Leader says

    A woman after my own heart, Beth! Leisure wear FTW. And yes, kids in bed is my fave time too. Can you tell me more about the slippers? I clicked a link in them once and they followed me around online for a bit but in the end I went for the biannual Ugg boot purchase. The ones where you sigh when you have to leave the house and take them off. Yeah those.

  3. Well I recently bought some fabulous comfy roll top super soft pj pants from Sussan and then grabbed a couple of Ruby and Lilli t shirts on sale – those plus my uggies are my go to clothes when I walk in the door. I may have worn these on the school run in the morning too – drop off only πŸ™‚

  4. There are some things in life, small moments, that make life worth living! The bra coming off as soon as I get in from work, much to the kids embarrassment as I look like an African Tribeswoman once it’s off, and putting those pj’s on! Target have some awesome pj’s in their Belle Curve range. I’m in hospital waiting for gall bladder surgery atm and I’ve been giving my new Belle Curve pj’s a right workout, so comfy and so soft. And I agree with the holes in t shirts!!! Where do they come from??? Bring on the cold and the comfort dressing that comes with it. Hugs xxx

  5. Yes! Getting my jammies on is top priority as soon as I get in the door and have nowhere else to go. All. Year. Round. Rocking the PJ’s, babymac! And Sussan ones are the best, aren’t they – I love that they often have pockets, which is high on the PJ requirement list here.

  6. Love my trackies. Have a very comfy pair from Kmart with stars on them. They look like pj pants much to my kids horror when I venture outside the house in them. I even bought a secong pair so I can rotate them!! And, yes, bra off as soon as I am home from work if there is nowhere to go ? Love comfort clothes!

  7. I have been so tired recently when I get home that I stay in my work clothes until the kids have had their bath because if i put on my relax clothes I may just sit down and then not move leaving my starving family to fend for itself.

    I actually grabbed an awesome pair of winter pyjamas from K-mart – they have a top that feels like a super soft fluffy dressing gown. My daughter begged for a pair too.

  8. I bought some stretchy cotton pj bottoms from Big W on the weekend, had to go back on Tuesday and buy more. $7.00 on spesh and so comfy. Unfortunately I can only wear them around the house as I get too hot in bed – damn menopause. Re holes in tee shirts … I bought 3 from Bonds online and two of them CAME with the holes!

  9. comfort first around here too beth!
    I love the colours and pattern on those pants!
    i’m a no bra girl around the house and still trying to find the perfect bra
    to go out! I must have 100 pairs!
    as soon as we come in the door we do home clothes!
    it’s pretty daggy! … sometimes vamp it up! … lol m:)X

  10. I love flannelette sheets on the bed but husband hates them. Cry. However I have just discovered non-bogan flannelette shirts from uniqlo. For DAY wear! They are my new favourite thing to wear because comfy and warm and all the reasons flsnnelette is good. Also on sale at the moment, in case you are wondering x

  11. Living in far North Qld heat and humidity mean less is more. I kick off the shoes and don an apron over my work skirt and blouse. The only outfits I own that is close to leisure wear is active wear. I have no problem going to the supermarket dressed head to toe in active wear. In Townsville everyone does it, fitting in exercise when possible. There is a quote that has stuck in my head that you should always dress like you are going to run into your worst enemy. I try to wear my best clothes every day. If I don’t love it and feel fantastic in it i don’t wear it. I never strip my bra off when I get home, thats my comfort level and I don’t judge others for there comfort level. If I lived in a cold climate I might change my mind. During winter I love to bring out my scarf collection and it’s the only time of year I can wear jeans and boots, only for about a month. I am tall like you so I love to see your outfit posts. πŸ™‚

  12. Michelle Collins says

    As the kids get older it seems to get later and later that I get to peel off my day clothes and slip into something a little more comfortable. That said, I love pjs that double as leisure wear, something that you can throw a hoodie over and run out the door to drop someone somewhere. Bra optional of course!

    • Michelle Collins says

      And btw, i don’t get why no one likes your Roast Pumpkin Soup! Have made it twice in the last 2 weeks and I LOVE it. They don’t know what they’re missing!

  13. I am addicted to flannelette. We all wear flannelette pjs and have flannelette sheets and I even found a flannelette doona cover last season which I am also addicted too. Nothing like having a 5 minute time out on your bed whilst lying on flannelette! I only pop pj’s on after I have showered – I’m a little OCD. But I will pop on trackies and slippers for bumming around the house in winter. Not sure if all our winter gear will get a run when we move up to Sydney from Canberra.

    • The coldest winter I have ever experienced was when we moved from Canberra to Sydney…the houses are better insulated and we had central heating in Canberra but in Sydney we moved into an old, double brick house and relied on space heaters! So cold that I had an indoor fleece! We installed a proper heater the second year.

  14. Current uniform is husband’s trackie pants, random shirt covered in baby dribble and no bra. Is there any point when breastfeeding? Putting on a bra to leave the house feels like SUCH an inconvenience!

  15. Firstly, I loooove Target Country and was over the moon when they finally deemed Katoomba worthy of a Target Country store…<3
    My go-to is a very old holy tee shirt of the hubby's which I pretty much wear year round over PJ pants, very similar to your look…

    I hope you'll share your latest PJ purchases with us πŸ˜‰

  16. I’m definitely into chucking on the pj’s as soon as I get home each night – bra off, slippers on! I especially love a weekend when I can stay in my pj’s all day then shower just before dinner. Bliss!

  17. Stay at home mum here and I’ve been known to shower and put the pjs on about 3pm during winter. Seems much easier than doing it during the kids’ crazy dinner/bath/stories/bed routine.

  18. I leisure away at home in old t shirts and many a pair of Big W and Target PJ pants. Chuck on an old cardi and she’s apples. My hubby still doesn’t get it, but he doesn’t feed, clean and look after kids all day long. The outfit is so durable it can even withstand gardening and bringing the bins in. Socks and my old Birks are a real trendsetter here when I need to head outside. I took the kids to the hairdressers this morning and upon return -12.15pm to be precise I was back in my leisure outfit and am now considering losing the bra and wondering why I havent already. Hooray for leisure wear. You absolutely nail it!!

  19. I run a bath for my son but get into it myself first for ten minutes, feels cheeky and I love it, meaning I’m in my pjs before him around 6.30pm. Also agree, surely one of the best feelings in the world is taking the bra off…ahhhhhhhh bliss

  20. You need what I am trying to find. We both need a fleecy set of drop crutch track suit pants AND…. a matching past the waist, circular collar fleecy black top. This would work really well right now. Straight out of bed into this and dropping kids at school. No one would bat an eyelid….

  21. Amanda G. says

    I can’t get into pjs until I’ve had a shower, just can’t bear it. So when I get home and know I don’t have to go anywhere for rest of day, its a change to soft pants, any kind will do. Target, Big W and sussan are favs. Bra is off, comfy T, cardi and slippers go on. I got a lovely pair of Emu boots for Mothers Day, they are borderline outside wear boots, but I haven’t quite been able to cross that bridge yet so for now they are my slippers. Then before bed, I love a hot shower and pjs. Nothing beats getting into bed all warm and cosy from shower with comfy pjs on. Sends me right off to dreamland.

  22. I have been known to remove the bra whilst still in the car. Slippers are also kept in the car for the drive home from meetings πŸ˜‰ NEVER too early

  23. Such sweet relief to whip that bra off while walking up the hallway to my bedroom where my pj’s are waiting for me. It’s never to early for comfort xx

  24. I don’t wear pj’s so that’s out. So it’s trackies, slippers, socks if I’m really cold, and my favourite jumper, probably about 14-15 yrs old and getting a bit thin. But I haven’t found a good replacement yet! Bra stays on til I go to bed, I just can’t cope with the “long boobs” (as named by my dd when she was about 5!) swinging free. Sorry girls!

    My sister on the other hand whips that sucker off as soon as she’s in the door! It’s the signal that she’s in for the night. “Wanna come for dinner?” “Can’t sorry, bra’s off!”

    Her partner saw her getting dressed the other day and asked, “Are you going out? You’re putting a bra on!”

  25. Pjs& uggs straight away. But I leave my bra on until bed time… They need some help -post breastfeeding the twins. Comfy knee length nighties (actually dresses from bonds) are my latest fave. My husband gave me a pair of polar fleece pj pants a couple of weeks ago. I was border-line offended, has it come to that?! But then it got cold down here in Tassie and I am living in them! They are so warm you seem to lose the sensation of having legs- odd but addictive! My Maggie for some reason has banned me from wearing a jumper inside. Wtf? If I sneak it on she demands I take it off! I have a favourite polar fleece jumper from Myers about 16 years ago. Perfectly comfortable, but apparently offensive to 3 year olds.

  26. I have been known to de-bra in the car on the way home from work if it’s been an extra trying day!!

    I trackie/pj up immediately upon arrival home. Goodbye outside world clothes, hello cosy/cool comfy couch girl.

    I have lots of target/big w/bought for myself on spesh in the Mother’s Day sales at slightly fancier plus size establishments pj pants, tees and long sleeved tops. I also have a few VERY fetching WINDCHEATERS if you don’t mind. Wearing one right now in fact. It is a pleasingly ick shade of some kind of pink.

    I love being comfy at home. I love slippers and the heater being on and not having to go anywhere.

    How’s the serenity????

  27. Gibbergunyah says

    My “home clothes” in winter are Kathmandu trackie/yoga type pants, long sleeved merino wool tee, fleece jacket, woolen socks and crocs, and a butchers type apron with pocket (my third hand and also a great place to hide snacks or the remote). Oh, the glamour.

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