One thing: Adulting

Oh it’s been a week. I managed to collapse into a heap after the Easter long weekend and succumb to the nasty cold that Harps, Daisy, Mags and I think Rob started with a few weeks ago. Sigh. But this morning I am finally feeling more like me, albeit with a bit of a headache from too much wine last night with our visitors up from Sydney for the night.

My #onething list has been a little neglected of late, mostly because my main #onething has been to get well, and get all of us slightly better and all the other stuff has just fallen to there wayside.

For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.

But there was one thing that I managed to get done. And it was a cracker. One that just plain sucks, that always makes me feel nervy and anxious and when it’s done? THE most smug I can be. It’s very adult and the complete opposite of why you would ever want to grow up for. Can you guess what it was?


I did my tax! Well, when I say I “did” my tax I mean I collated all the information and sent it on to my accountant. She asked for it aaaaaaggggggggges ago giving me plenty of time so of course that meant that I promptly ignored it until the very last minute. Why do we do that? Oh I know, because there are a gazillion other things better to do than your tax. That’s right. Apologies to the accountants and book keepers out there.

I sent it off and the relief? The weight off the shoulders? The very best. I don’t know why but I always feel like a kid about to get into trouble when doing my tax. It must be a throw back to my school days, or Catholism or something.

But it’s done. Well, started at least. Sometimes you just have to start that thing, to realise that it’s no big deal at all.

What was your one thing this week?
Anyone else scared of doing tax like me?
What was the most adult thing you did this week?
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…

Enjoy your Sunday friends, it’s going to be a long one I think…


  1. I love your One Thing Posts.
    I am so scared of doing my tax and do it by myself and I feel relieved once I post it (old school- I don’t do it online).
    The most adult thing I did this week (and every week) is I turn up and work and provide legal advice like I know what I am doing (all the time I’m waiting for someone to scream Little Girl we know you are out of your depth! Does that feeling ever go?)
    Also, inspired by your car washing thing a few week back I am getting mine (and by mine I mean Mr FF’s because it has more petrol in it than mine and I have been driving it) cleaned while I am at the movies today, as opposed to coin it by myself and AND I am going to book in Ovenu tomorrow, because let’s face it all that roast pork takes its toll and the oven is filthy.
    I hope this is going to be a long Sunday because the weekends are too short.

  2. Nicole Roberts says

    Sadly Beth I love doing my taxes. My appt is made before the end of the financial year and I head along my accountant with everything written down into categories and totalled and all my receipts categorised. It’s the nerd in me. I even get excited for the 30 June and I love last minute work related shopping! And funnily enough I did general maths in my HSC and I work in community services, no financial connection anywhere to be seen! However, I did do a one thing thing week, I cleaned around the edges of my sink and stove top with a toothbrush to get all the grime out. Disgusting I know but it’s been bothering me for months!

  3. Oh. The tax. Still need to do mine…

    My one thing this week was chucking all the “garage pile” things into the back of the Pajero and heading off to the nearest Car Boot Sale. I reckon I made about $160, got rid of some stuff. Still heaps more to get rid though…

  4. Don’t do a tax return 🙂 Have not done one for many years, as like most kiwis, we just trust that the employer has taxed us correctly :). I did come out of the 1950s today and took myself off the credit card under my husband’s name and am now liable for any debt under my name. Thankfully don’t have any!

  5. Tania Simmons says

    Oh the taxes ?! Well done you ????. I am an expert procrastinator and the taxes are what I avoid most (well that & the dentist), the thought makes me feel physically ill. My hubby ran his own business (he was quite good at the adulting) but had an accident and can no longer work. That left me to be the grown up & sort it all out and almost 7 years later we have finally deregistered the company, 2014 taxes done last month (lodged on the very last day possible) and now have a pile of stuff to complete 2015. I don’t know why? It’s not that hard once you get down to it and it costs money the longer you leave it. But still avoiding it seems to be my preference. My goal this year is to complete 2016 taxes before the end of 2016! ?

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Good job Beth,I’ve been cleaning out cupboards do lots of one things this week!

  7. Finally went through (part) of the house and took unwanted stuff to trash and treasure. Made about $200 which is better than a kick in the head. However…

    Can we talk about the RUDE AND CHEAP ARSED MORONIC ARSEHOLES that frequent T&T? Holy shit. Before we had even unloaded the car at 6am, the vultures were picking through our stuff even before I had a chance to put it down. These are the people who have stalls, but come and pick through everyone else stuff, then jack it up 50% or higher. One guy bought our old digital camera, paid $20 for it, we saw a guy come past with it later, found out he paid $30. ARSEHOLES!

    Then there are the people who seem to think that just because its T&T, then everything should be less than $1. I had several good quality leather handbags, barely used, in brilliant condition that are over $200 new. Asking for $20 was outrageous according to some. Asking $5 for good quality shoes barely worn was completely outrageous. ARSEHOLES!

    Don’t forget the people who seem to think that even though you are no longer wanting your items, they deserved to be thrown, tossed, kicked as they peruse. One woman tried on a pair of shoes, then proceeded to kick them back where they were willy nilly and walked off. ARSEHOLE!

    People are just so friggin rude. and cheap. and ARSEHOLES!

    Thank you for letting me vent!!!


    • Deb I was thinking of selling my stuff after our move I have stashed in the garage, you have completely put me off, because of rude cheap arsed arseholes!

    • Oh Deb I hear you! MY Mum had a garage sale when she moved and told me all about these exact kinds of people.

  8. I don’t actually have that big of a list of ‘one things’ but I did unpack and sort out my attic room when I had friends coming to stay over Easter (everything was still in boxes from when we moved here 3 months ago) and they were sleeping up there. Not long before that I did the BIG sort of the kids toys, broken stuff gone and everything into organised containers. Of course that was a few weeks ago and now it is like it never happened!! Oh the joys of motherhood!!

  9. I hate tax with a passion! :/

  10. Ohhh this is my ‘one huge thing’ at the moment. I’m even dodging phone calls 🙁 This week! Argh!

  11. Oh my- TAX, the word that immediately sets my adrenal gland quivering. My husband (despite CONSTANT nagging) always leaves his tax to the last minute- as in he still hasn’t done his 2014/15 tax return- argh!!! I’m declaring it a victory that he has agreed to let me do it from now on.

    My one thing is to do my front and back gardens, which means shifting a loader bucket full of dirt around and planting some seeds…. still not done but I’ll defer it for a day or two I think.

    Yay you for doing your tax, I think you beat me in this adulting game 🙂

  12. You’ve inspired me! I have decided to do #onething for 1 hour each morning, from 8.30 til 9.30am until I have to shower then go to work.
    This morning I tackled my account files in readiness for tax time at the end of June. I had lots of bank statements to print off and I organised each file so I have 9 months of stuff, present and accounted for, up to date and totally in order. Just 1 hour! Done!
    Tomorrow morning the washing machine gets a birthday! Full inside clean – an empty hot load with vinegar then a thorough wipe out.
    Wednesday, I’m tackling the dreaded utensil drawer! One hour is all it takes!

    • I am loving the time set aside…HOUR OF POWER!

      • I’ve done a post this morning and linked to your blog so people can have a read of all your #onething posts. It really is an hour of power – this morning the washing machine got a thorough cleanse and it really did only take part of the hour. Now its sparkling and ready to go!

        Cheers – Joolz xx

  13. Lauren @fairview_farmhouse says

    You gave me the shove I needed today, tax sorted and off to the accountant. Thanks so much! One thing off the list!


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