I’ve learnt a couple of new things over the past week. Isn’t it good when you learn something new? I always love finding new things out, or having someone teach you something new…I think we should always be pushing ourselves to learn new things – to be curious and open our minds. While these things may not be life changing, they are new to me.

1. I learnt how to make bread rolls

Maybe a year ago my online friend (but we would totally be friends if we were ever to meet) Reannon put a picture up on her Instagram of the fluffiest goddamn bread rolls you were ever to see. And she was all like “I made them!” And I was all like “as IF they are legit bakery fluffy and you couldn’t have could you?” and she was all like “Yuh HUH and you can too!” and proceeded to give me the recipe and I kept thinking for about 10 months, I really must make those rolls. And then a week or so I thought I AM GOING TO MAKE THOSE ROLLS. And so I googled a recipe for rolls and made them and they were shit.


They were kind of like scones, they had milk and an egg in them and while everyone in the family was polite, they were shit. Reannon told me on Instagram to make the goddamn rolls that she told me about and I was all like “OK but do I have to weigh water like it says in the recipe?” and she was like “FOLLOW THE RECIPE AND MAKE THE ROLLS ALREADY.” And so I completely didn’t and made some other rolls with a different recipe and they were less shit, but still shit. Like a hockey puck and zero taste. None. Like eating cardboard.


So then I went and bought the bread improver and I weighed the water and followed the recipe. I even bought kitchen scales because I don’t have a thermomix and the recipe is all in weights etc. Anyway, made the correct rolls and hum HELLO, result!

IMG_0813 IMG_0822 IMG_0755 IMG_0983

Legit, bakery fluffy rolls. Every time. Funny when you listen isn’t it? Thank you Reannon, for making me do it. I now cannot stop making rolls. The Instagram smugness is off the rictor and the kids are thrilled with the fresh rolls. While Rob keeps pointing out that he can pick up rolls from the bakery 278 times faster then it takes to make them, I will continue to make them. Follow the recipe here and make the rolls. I do it in my mixer with a dough hook (no thermo here) and yes, weigh the water.

2. I learnt how to do a fishtail braid

There are strict School hair routines around these parts and they usually involve tears and tantrums (from me mostly). The girls request a hair do “something different Mum, and fancy” and I attempt to do a hairstyle and then they request a photo on my phone from the back, and it’s either approved or discarded. They can do their own hair, but I have strict standards too so it seems that we will all slowly kill each other while Rob looks on from a distance in the corner rocking.

Last weekend Daisy had a sleepover at her friends house who is a very accomplished hair styler. Daise came home with a VERY fancy do and asked me if I could learn a fishtail braid. So I got onto Youtube and I watched about 3 or 4, practiced, got frustrated, swore a few times and then got it! Check out the photo approval shots from last week:

IMG_0870-2 IMG_0958

By George I think she’s got it! Only problem is that now Harper wants them and these bastards take a whole lot of time to do. Soon enough I’ll be doing wedding do’s for School, best I shut this down soon.

So what have you learnt lately that’s new?
Got something you’d like to share with us?
And once again, follow the recipe and make those bread rolls TODAY.


  1. Hi Beth. Those rolls sound amazing. So sad I am trying to go gluten free (waaa ?). What mixer do you use out of interest? My budget does not extend to a Thermomix so checking out the alternative.

    • I bet GF flour would work ok? I only have a Sunbeam bench top mixer that has a dough hook attachment – I use it on medium speed for 6 minutes and that’s it. A kitchen aid would work too – or you could knead by hand for about 10-12 minutes. Good luck!

    • Claire, I also have the sunbeam cafe series mixer & it is fab! But if you want to make these rolls now, and you should, I have friends who kneaded by hand ( 12 minutes) & they are still awesome 🙂

      • Thanks ladies, I might just have to give these babies a go, GF flour and all ?

        • Kate Reilly says

          I’m going to have to try the gf flour too-I’m useless with it and have no luck using it. Is there a better brand that’s idiot-proof?

  2. Well done on those rolls – they look awesome! Once I figured out how to make a decent pizza dough I lost my fear of all things yeast (I used to think it was an ingredient of extreme and ancient sorcery, like gelatine leaves, which I would doubtless never master). But it’s just basic science – add sugar to the yeast and flour, never salt, which halts the chemical reaction that is taking place and deadens the dough. Salt can be added later just prior to the kneeding process.

    PS Those braids are amazing – I have 3 girls and they can do their own hair for school now (thank goodness). My creativity starts and ends with french braiding (either down the middle or around the head like a crown), and ballet buns.

  3. Something might be wrong on my end, but neither recipe link brings up the recipe for me. The blog is there and the picture of the blogger, and some blogging about how good the rolls are (and great pictures), but I can’t figure out how to get the recipe. 🙁

  4. Debbie Pearce says

    Hi Beth…did you heat the water to 37 degrees? if so how?

    • Nah! I just used warm water from the tap (I usually make it like I would for a bath for a baby) too hot and it kills the yeast.

      • This was my exact question – how did you heat it to exactly 37 degrees?? (I don’t have a kitchen thermometer. I know. My bad) but your laisez faire attitude and baby bath temperature guideline make total sense.
        I think I might try these this week and get over my fear of yeast and breads.
        PS – I have been making Anne just about every week for a variety of birthday and other festivities. She never fails to please and I’ve been passing on the link to the recipe to all and sundry.

  5. Your fishtail braids are amazing I need to have a pony first and then do the braid I am so impressed you don’t need to have a top elastic!!! Just wait until they ask for a braid from one side to the other and into a fish tail braid!

  6. Ah these rolls, I remember the first time I tried them at a BBQ at Hayley’s house & it was like angels singing! Once I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about them so I text her for the recipe & the rest is history. Super good bread whenever I want! I often make them into cheese & bacon rolls, scrolls, twists & throw them in the freezer for lunch box handiness.

    I also fear that some day in the future I’ll be googling how to braid because I only know how to plait & im sure my daughter will get fed up with that eventually.

    Happy bread making to everyone!!

  7. So I totally jumped on the Chadd’s bread bandwagon & whipped some up this morning! Then promptly smashed two of them down, smothered in butter & jam… BUT what I needed to tell you is this – I bought Lauke crusty white bread mix (thinking it was just flour) and discovered that not only does it already have bread improver in it, (and a sachet of yeast included) but when I opened it up, it is portioned into packs of 510g! It’s almost ready-made Chadd’s bread 🙂 plus, Beth a handy hint for you – 1mL of water weighs 1g, so you don’t really need to weigh it, just measure out 310mL. Think I will now go and sniff my remaining rolls a little more x

  8. I saw a great braid on Instagram today – love heart with three strands from either side joining another braid – I’ll be waiting for yours on Instagram! ? or you could be mean like me – do it yourself or get a bob cut! Love the bread, maybe you could make braided loaves with dyed eggs in them for Easter and combine your talents.

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Great rolls Beth I might give them a go.
    I remember those days doing my daughters hair,she had very high standards and if not done right up have to do it again,many a brush was thrown and broken it was either that or I’d hit her over the head with it!
    I went to buy a Zanzibar Gem plant but Jo luck at Aldi so went to Bunnings and got the biggest one I thought stuff it I need it,thank you for sharing Xx

  10. I am making these rolls right now to have with dinner tonight. Just got a massive tub of Lurpak at Costco as well. Sorted.

  11. Well done Beth. I just made a batch of rolls (not your recipe) that while not quite in the scone category could have given your “less shit” rolls a run for their money. No taste whatsoever and way to crisp. Am going to give this a crack. Have never even heard of bread improver. Did you just get yours at the supermarket or is it only available in fancy pants cooking places? Any suggestions gratefully accepted as eating my less than stellar offerings is not filling me with any joy only calories! Even lashings of Lurpak has only improved them marginally.

    • Too not to sorry can’t even crack correct spelling today let alone a nice white soft roll!

    • Definitely give these a go – they are great. I never knew bread improver existed before last week either – it’s in the supermarket near the bread flours etc I got mine in Coles. I had to sprinkle a shit load of Maldon on the lurpak to make those rolls taste good – these will change your life!

  12. I just got a mix master with a dough hook and had been waiting to try and make bread and from the comments last week, I made my way to Chadds recipe and oh my! They were so soft and fluffy and yum! I even made some of it in to cheese and sweet chilli scrolls… Soooo good! Thank you!!!!

  13. Hi Beth – I had to laugh as I’ve been in a very similar place lately. Faux fuschia posted Rosemary rolls which I tried to make and well my girls ate them – told me they were the best scones I had ever made! Lol 🙂 hair dramas are a daily treat too – often my oldest demands a certain style and then rejects it as not good enough – she’s only six!

  14. I learned to make a perfect baked cheesecake! It took 5 attempts to get a cheesecake that tasted good and had no cracks. The reason I wanted it perfect was because I was making it for my mum who is an awesome baker. The ‘failed’ attempts were scoffed down by kids, husband and visiting friends who were very encouraging of my mission for perfection! ?

  15. Mary Love says

    When do you add other ingredients eg. Rosemary or bacon….. At the beginning… So going to make this today ?

  16. Veggie Mama says

    I make these rolls all the farking time, it’s the bread recipe I use errday (except the sandwich loaf, that’s a different one) and it’s because of Reannon’s post too! So we FINALLY AFTER TWO YEARS had good bread. I was stubborn on the bread improver, I didn’t want to have to use it and then one day i thought “fuck it I want good bread” and I’ve never looked back. Best evah.


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