Things I like {The 23rd February 2016 edition}

The sun is SHINING in the Highlands this week (maybe a little too much…come on Autumn I say!) but when there is full on sunshine it’s hard not to stop and soak it up and feel a little brighter about everything don’t you think? There’s LOTS to like around these parts, and I thought I better share some of them with you.

1. Bohemian Traders Denim range

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of the new range of Bohemian Traders denim and let me tell you, I couldn’t get the mail unwrapped and those bad boys on me quick enough. I was expecting them to be good (I adore Em’s range and designs) and these did not disappoint. They are high waisted so my guts are well and truly sucked in. They are skinny all the way through the leg and are a good length on me (I’m tall at 174cm) and my true test of jeans: can they be worn all day without your guts getting cut off? The answer is YES. A little stretch, not too much. All round winners. Loving the black too because I can dress it up or down.


There’s not many sizes left as they sold like hotcakes when they were launched last week, but I will definitely be adding some more to cart for the winter ahead. Because I need more jeans in my life. NOT. I am a size 14 (I get Country Road 12) and these are a size 32. They are a good fit. You can check out the full range here. I’m wearing these with a top I got from ELK ACCESSORIES that I absolutely flog and adore which you can check out here.


2. Chocolate Bubka (Kugelhopf) Cake from Aviv Cakes

We had visitors from Melbourne come and stay with us last week and they came with LOTS of treats for us all. Wine (for Rob) Books (for the girls ) AND this cake:


A Bubka or Kugelhopf from a famous shop in Melbourne, Aviv Cakes I had no idea what to expect when I cut into it – layers of moist chocolate swirls – HEAVEN HELP US. The girls and I pretty much demolished it. I’ve never met a cake I didn’t like.

3. T-shirts from Feather and Noise $39

You know what I’m sick of? Spending too much money on t-shirts that inevitably get those bloody holes in the front of them or lose their shape or just wash weirdly. SICK of it! I’m also always on the look out for a good t-shirt that does ALL of the things I want, and isn’t too expensive. Friends! I have found it. Not sent to me, sponsored or anything, just something found in my travels  that I ended up buying 3 of.

These Manhattan t-shirts from Feather and Noise do the trick. I have them in black, white and stripe and for $39 they are bloody good value. They are a cotton/poly blend so they hang well. They wash well and just fit perfectly. I have flogged them this summer and there are no holes and no signs of damage as yet. Just ordered a long sleeve for winter too. Excuse the bad photos…

IMG_0287 IMG_0302

And the white. Couldn’t even be bothered to get out of my black bra apologies…


They also have a sleeveless t-shirt that I was wearing in the FRANKiE4 shoot which I love (and I am not someone to love a sleeveless anything). This top with my drop crotch black pants from Bohemian Traders is my uniform of choice these days…hides ALL OF THE THINGS. You can check out the t-shirts online here.


4. Mirror from Bride & Wolfe

I got this hot little lip mirror from my sister for Christmas and I finally got my hands on it last week. It’s up on the wall and making me smile every time I walk past it. You can check out their full range of gorgeous mirrors here.


5. Shopping at Harris Farm Bowral

This photo should explain why:


As soon as you check out, there’s a prolific display of baked goods at the cafe next door to choose from. I don’t like much about that cafe but I DO like their donuts and pizza.

6. Preserve Champion Trophy I know own


It might be small, it might not have my name engraved on it, but it’s mine. And it’s the only trophy I have ever had in my whole life. Straight to the pool room friends.

7. Late summer pickings

There’s still plenty of colour in the garden and the odd bloom that says late summer. Hydrangeas and dahlia’s may not make it through the heat this week, but they have been a joy this summer as have the bags of fruit I have been receiving from friend’s gardens.

IMG_5513 IMG_9870 IMG_9796

8. Maggie’s smile

Even when she is feeling poorly, she will ALWAYS give me a smile.


9. Artwork from the girls

Every day, several times a day, new artwork is created. I am always in trouble for throwing away the wrong thing, but every time I do love them. Promise girls.


What are YOU liking this Tuesday?


  1. The damn t-shirt holes!!!!! I’m off to get me some feather and noise ones! My $75 Saba ones bought this season are already holier than a priest on Sunday ? What are the sizes like? I like a roomy t-shirt just how you’ve got yours!

    • It’s so frustrating isn’t it?! I am a size 14 and like them loose too and I got them in a large. Happy shopping!

      • Ta, Yay! The large is still in stock too! There are benefits to not being the skinniest Minnie on the block! I might just celebrate with a coffee and a muffin 🙂

  2. I’m loving the denim line too, I have a jacket and the fit is so good. Have been eyeing off a feather and noise dress and knit this last week too…. So good. Right this minute I’m loving golden syrup and butter on a crumpet. EXCELLENT.

  3. those bloody holes !!! seriously what is the deal !!!! bought Jag tshirts and got holes within a few wears ……….. killing me ! x

  4. Hot legs. I think you really are exploring your inner FASHUN blogger x

  5. Sarah Coughlan says

    I am about to order those T shirts they look fab ! so sick of those little holes yesterday I had done school drop off. Grabbed a coffee gone to hubby’s work, done the shopping , gone to a meeting, done pick up then realised my fav navy sparkle t has 4 of those holes in it !! Not happy at all !! Thankyou for the tip !

  6. Oh, yes. T-shirts – badly shaped ones drive me CRAZY!
    I need more jeans for the winter. I am in love with distressed denim. I don’t think I could go back to normal not ripped denim now!

  7. I have a love hate relationship with T-shirts. I’ll check these ones out : ) thanks Beth x

  8. I like your style hun!
    lots of great things here!
    you can have your trophy engraved!
    the girls drawings and mags smile!!! what a sweetie!
    love m:)X

  9. My other half always gets holes in the front of his t-shirts and I put it down to his preferred method of taking the twist top off a beer! What’s your excuse?

  10. Awww how sweet are your girls! All three! So adorable!

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