Silver Linings

How’s the School holidays treating you? Are you at the beach or on ‘proper’ holidays enjoying sunshine and relaxing times, scallops and sand? Or at you, like me, at home. Pretty much trying to work and do all the things you normally would except with a couple of kids around? There’s been LOTS of PJ days, more Netflix than I care to mention and the occasional trip to the supermarket and Vinnies for something to do in between Maggie’s sleeps.

The last few days I have also been a little, shall we say, tired?

Poor Harps has been sick pretty much all week with one of her cough/colds. It started as a simple cough, which then turned into croup and is now (thankfully) on the tail end of. Dead set, coughing and me are not friends at the best of time, but throw in some sleepless nights for us all and I am even more agitated by it.

Mags has the cold too and is a little, shall we say, OVER, yes that’s it, that she doesn’t know how to walk or crawl yet. She is SO frustrated and spends every bit of her time wanting to stand up, leaning on me or someone, just so she can do it. And sleeping? Well about half way through the night, she remembers all of the things that she was doing in the day, and then wants to do those, instead of sleeping.

I’m also on day 3 of my period. NEVER a good time for me. I really think that periods and sick kids and babies and breastfeeding should not be friends.

You getting a sense of how things have been round here this week? Best just to stay out of my way really. In fact, you know that times are tough when you look at the diary and see you have root canal therapy booked in, and you think “excellent! Some alone time.” All that quiet. Except for, you know, the drilling.


So it was yesterday afternoon that I excitedly got into the car and found myself at a 2pm dentist appointment with a little spring in my step! Me! Who was terrified of going to the dentist a few months ago. I happily laid back in that chair, got that injection in my gum, and laid there for an hour with my shades on singing along to some easy listening, happy to not have anyone ask me for anything, except if I was feeling OK.

Basically a spa treatment.


OK, not really. And ESPECIALLY not so good when I had to pay the bill at the end. If I’d been at a spa at least someone would have wrapped me in hot towels and given me a cup of herbal tea. A listerine mouthwash really just didn’t cut it.

Desperate times friends, desperate times indeed.

You really know you are a tired Mum when alone time is a trip to the supermarket, or worse still, the dentist.

How are the holidays treating you?
Are you at the beach eating scallops? Tell me everything!
And really, root canal is not that bad. AT ALL! Maybe not a relaxing spa treatment, but pretty good.


  1. Ha ha ha ha, Oh Beth… you really have hit rock bottom.. sick kids, period, coughing… shit – you need an intervention!!! I am hearing you about the alone time. A few years ago I headed to Brisbane for a child free trip away to have my tubes tied – I was beyond excited… the Nurse in the hospital couldn’t believe how excited I was to be lying there in a daze as my anaesthetic wore off… it was bliss. Next time I need some alone time I think I might go the Hysterectomy, what do you think? You need to hide yourself away for a couple of days Beth… if only it were that simple. xx

  2. I donate blood just for quiet time and of course you know to save lives and wot-not!! ?

  3. Oh gosh! I hear you on the period thing! I had a meltdown at my neighbour over the other neighbour’s lost dog, long story, dog found and all is good, but shit, you know when things are a bit much when that happens! We actually did a proper holiday this year, it was amazing, went to Melbourne from Adelaide, driving, on the 30th dec, for our 20th wedding anniversary on new years eve! Took the kids, stayed in Melbourne being tourists for the week, and then drove the great ocean road home over the next few days. Was only a week and a half, but actually felt like a lot longer, so I am thankful for that, but I was so happy to get home and have some bloody space!
    Hubby is back to work tomorrow, so has just taken the kids out, and I have silence…… It’s wonderful!
    But apart from the break, the rest has been the same as yours, trying to get work and housework and cooking etc done with 2 kids and a bloody husband in tow!
    I love the break in routine that comes with holidays, but I love it when they go back to school and I can get shit done!

  4. I understand your excitement!! A few years ago, my twin boys in kindergarten, I was booked in for my first endoscopy/colonoscopy. Eww the beginnings (the home clean-out) but the post anesthetic bliss of waking up in a bed BY MYSELF! I made the most of the quiet & went back to sleep. The nurse was very apologetic when waking me to go home.

  5. I’m hearing you Day 2 of the period happening in these parts and to make matters worse the 12 year olds cycle has aligned with mine so we have 2 crazy witches roaming the hallways here. Add into the mix a teenager who thinks he’s a vampire (I’ve JUST dragged his last ass out if bed 11.47am) an 11 year old who has just had her iPad removed due to the fear of her turning into a zombie (not fair mum all my friends are on holiday what am I supposed to do?????) and I’m supposed to be working from home – mothers should be given school holidays from work. I’m about to Wifi the crap out of my laptop and go sit at a skatepark and work, hopefully that will keep everyone happy.

  6. awww beth! … i’m hearing you all hun!
    visitor’s last day today, all going well!
    finished the wafers now can detox!
    one more large meal then it’s fend for yourself guys!
    the reluctant hostess with the mostess!
    I can act though! just not used to all of those toys and muck everywhere!
    i’ll need a proper retreat!
    lol m:)X

  7. Oh Beth, I am home too. Sweltering in the heat, wrangling children and generally trying to hold it all together. Certainly not on the beach eating scallops, although that is a bloody good idea x

  8. Day 3 of 38+ heat, 42 today and I’m sick of being inside. Too much mess from the kids for my liking. We just got home from 2 weeks down the surf coast and I should be happy as a pig in shit but all I’ve done is unpacking, washing and picking up dinosaur figurines off the floor. Man they hurt when you stand on them. We have pretty much been stuck inside out of this scorching heat since. We all suffered a good dose of Gastro whilst on holidays so that was a fun last 3 days. Kids; Cant live with them, can’t live without them. Im dreaming of walking to the shops to buy a box of magnums…ALL BY MYSELF!! ha ha. You are a brave woman in that dentists chair.

  9. Oh Beth! Times must be tough if you’re excited about a root canal treatment!

    Maybe you could take an … extended trip to the supermarket, stopping off for a coffee and baked goods on the way and get your hair or nails done too (or a massage). Noone needs to know your intentions! ?

  10. Beth I too am at home working with kids around. Seven of them! Oh hang on, the kids ARE my work! Ohhh to be eating scallops and brushing off sand that came from the beach rather than my sand pit, the former being FAR more tolerable all over my toilet floor. It is really REALLY hot where I am (like 40+ today). I just hope with all the illness and sleeplessness that the weather where you are is a little bit more kind to you and yours. Take care of you 🙂

  11. This is the first time I’ve ever commented but I felt I just had to! Love reading your blog Beth, makes me feel a little less insane. Last week I went to my dentist as I had chipped my front tooth on Christmas Eve. She fixed it right up and it was such a lovely rest! I felt like I had been to a day spa! I even got a hot towel and herbal tea at the end! Ha! Can you tell I’m a mother of 3 under 2 years ?

  12. As you know, on our first holiday since 2009! First time two of my kids have been into a different state. Apart from a meltdown on Day 3 it’s been fabulous!

  13. Wow! I’m feeling a little guilty for enjoying a quiet afternoon at home with the cat. Dinner in the oven and friends arriving at 7. All you mums have my respect!

  14. Day 16 of dental hell and the holidays. I’m a working mum with 3 girls and Xmas morning the tooth I had root canal on a year ago snapped in half while mindlessly snacking on a Malteser (I blame the bicycle assembly til 3am for my desire for chocolate for breakfast but I digress). So 3 days later in moderate pain I get to see a dentist and the tooth has to be removed. Days 1 and 2 aren’t great as my gum is sore but I’m ok and then I get dry socket. Of course this occurs on NY eve so no dentist for me! I’ve had 3 kids but would trade labour in a heartbeat for the pain of this tooth thing! Even the OxyContin I had didn’t touch the pain. Once seeing the dentist I have had to syringe the area every 5 hours and pack it with oil of cloves. It took 10 days to get a GP back from holidays to get antibiotics and this week I returned to work. So last night I fell asleep forgeting antibiotics and Nurofen. Cue waking 3am in agony!!! And now today I have some cold thing coming on, 3 bored kids and zero energy. Death seems a preferable option right now.

  15. Beth I am adding the hot towels all over your body as a new Ultimate Patient Experience to my Dental Blogs. I do know a lot that give you a hot towel to wipe your mouth and face but alas the herbal tea is not so great when it is scalding the front of your newly numb mouth!

  16. I’m so proud of you for doing root canal. I think I need it done too FUUUUUUCK I cannot lose another tooth. Terrified.

    I hope Harper is ok, I used to get croup all the time, as did my guys. Not fun.


  17. Rowena / Vintagenobility says

    So once I got over the initial shock (tears) of just how bijoux this very Very V-E-R-Y rustic, lean to cottage (see my Instagram photos!) really is; and just how deceptive a wide angle photo can be – we have settled in at The Nook quite nicely!
    The views are to die for – which for the Grace of God I hope will not happen: as this cottage is on such a lean and it’s all downhill from where it sits on the edge of the hill here!
    I feel like a pioneer woman here; and have since arriving made friends with the kitchen – the bathroom/laundry and the outside loo!
    It’s time to relax, enjoy the location, catch up with lots of family as we prepare to gather and celebrate our Nephews wedding!
    Fun days ahead and memories being made here at The Nook!
    xoxo Rowena

  18. You just reminded me that hubby got me a spa voucher atChristmas!
    Ahhhh alone time. Yes please!!
    I hope Maggie figures out the moving thing soon for your own sanity! X

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