Yes, it needs caps. It’s something new to me, this day three business. I heard about it from my mate Kim who alerted me to the notion to being totally cray cray on day three of your period. I recalled it one evening after a particularly gruelling day when I stopped, counted, and realised, I am on day three. Maybe I’m a day three crazy too now?

I’ve tried to do some research on the matter, typed into google “day three hormones” “day three crazy period” “day three period craziness” and I can’t find ANYTHING on it. But I know it’s true. I know because Eden text me this morning asking specifically about Day three crazies, like I was some expert. Which I’m not. But it would be nice to know I’m not alone.

I found this chart. Which doesn’t mean much to the non expert like myself…but…it looks like there is a day three spike in testosterone. Which could explain the insuppressible anger that I have on that day. Like anger, cranky, mean, ANGER. There’s also anxiety, irritability and mood swings thrown in for good measure. But day three is not like PMS, it’s angrier. Meaner than that. It can’t be fixed by mock cream tarts (by GOD I’ve tried that method). And just as soon as it arrives, it’s gone and a sense of normality returns. Until the next round that is.

Have you ever heard of this phenomenon? Do you experience it? Am I crazy? Actually, don’t answer that.


  1. Dude. Day 2 is the cranks and sometimes an overwhelming urge to clean which is, for some of us, horrifying in and of itself.

    Day 3 is homicidal rage. Look at me the wrong way, use a particular tone of voice, do not do as I say AS SOON AS I ASKED YOU TO DO IT and well, the wrath of Kim shall rain down upon thee.

    We don’t need science, we need the world to stop pissing us off every.single.month.

    My detailed examination of this phenomenon is here:

  2. OH, and shoveling carbs into your being every other minute of Day 3 doesn’t help either. And I mean, WHEN does a situation exist that is not made better by carbs? WHEN?

    It’s cruel is what it is.

    • Never. Not EVER. Carbs make the world a better place.

    • OMG this explains so much. I thought I was imagining things. I think it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I can simply not explain why I’m more agitated, agro, teary, and hungry & psychotic. My beautiful teenage son who lives in a household of only women thought PMS was over the minute you got your period. Bahaha. Poor soul. He’s got the peri-menopausal and the teenage crazy hornones to contend with. He’s merely learning how to walk on egg shells now to save himself a lot of heart ache when he’s married.

  3. Sadly my girl and myself suffer with the crazy,teary and the angry during period time and oh help us all when we go through it at the same time.Its not a good club to belong to.Understanding hugs xx

  4. COMPLETELY agree, I suffer the mofo craziness of the dreaded day three also.. BF knows to keep the eff away from me on these days as I go into homicidal rages mainly over the most trivial of shit.. not fun at all.. I choose to stay in bed on these days and wait the beast out.. oh and as Kim said.. carbs or chocolate doesn’t even tame the beast which is just wrong.. so so wrong!!

    • Oh giggle. It’s hard not to laugh, but I so understand. I usually eat a months worth of chocolate in one day only to discover it does eff all but make me feel worse.

  5. I dont know about the science day 3, but its completely true for me. I NEVER EVER make any major decisions on that day. I will regret it the following week for sure.

  6. Geez I’ve been battling headachs that come every month on day 3 and last to day 14.( I stay cranky for the whole time because my head hurts so much ) My doc said it was hormones so I’m sure your right!

  7. I don’t get the day three crayzies. Day 3 is my ” break day”, I don’t bleed, the headache goes & I’m ok. I’m still stuffing my face with carbs & food laden with sugar but my psyco hose beast persona takes a break, she deserves it because she works over time in that week before my period…God help the person who crosses me in that week before my periods….

  8. IUD Baby.. no more periods!!

  9. That feeling of being an out-of-control psycho is horrible. I know it’s been a bad one if I have to apologize to husband and kids a bedtime!

  10. Augh! I had forgotten about all that nastiness. One of the good things about being pregnant and breastfeeding!

  11. My 5 year old has referred to this as, and I quote “Mumma your angry like your on fire” – completely normal nothing to worry about xo

  12. I have just had my monthlies return after 6 years of no period and well, I would have to agree with the day three phenomenon…AND that PERIODS SUCK!

  13. Once ages ago I saw some Olympic swimmer, can’t remember which one, talking on telly and she claimed that she always swam fastest on day three.

  14. Ive been monitoring my cycles over the past few months, now that everything is back to normal after 3 babies in 4 year’s. PMS has been a total bitch, but day 3 – Look the fuck out people! It’s friggen scary. I’m looking for ways to calm this day 3 (and the rest of PMS) down. If I find anything, I’ll let you know!

  15. I am capable of feeling insane and furious on any day of the year, not just day 3.

    Meanwhile it wasn’t blogger stuffing my blog up it was my old style $400 laptop. But those days are over, I have macbook pro-ed it up like No One’s business.

    I hope you’ve planted a quince tree.

  16. I am right now at 4.53pm, finishing off the large box of Guylians I bought yesterday.

    Sometimes chocolate makes it better, and sometimes only a murderous rampage will suffice. Like, a lottery!!!


  17. mine is 3 days before. I am ready to PUNCH EVERYONE IN THE HEAD REPEATEDLY. It slowly ebbs away at about day 2 of period.

    But the anger, yeah I get that. totes.

  18. I’m not sure. I’m angry a lot so maybe but for angry people, maybe it works the other way. Maybe I’m a still-life painting on day three. I’ll definitely take note next month though.

  19. Hum never noticed day three but oh man the day before I am psycho and all above. AWFUL. Recon I need to move out the day before and not return till day two of cycle. Actually recon I can get away with this for medical reasons. “Your honour it is for the safety and health emotional wellbeing of my family…”

  20. I’m pretty much a snappy mess anything up to a week before and for the first couple of days of the actual period… but towards the end and for the next 2 weeks I feel at ease again. Effin hormones.
    You’re not crazy lady xo

  21. I know I get the angry crazy in the lead up, and certainly the day before… I even get the intrusive thought thing going on where I imagine all kinds of horrible things happening to the kids and weird anxiety spikes…checking the stove and such like an old granny. I thought by day 3 I was regrouping. I’ll check it out this month for sure. Brings me to my question…perhaps you need to do a poll on this…when is day 3? Is each day 24 hours from when you start…or is it more like I started on Tues day afternoon, so that’s day 1… and now it’s Wednesday so that’s day 2….I can’t believe I’ve never done a girl survey on this…help me people!

  22. I’ve never thought about it much before. I have noticed that since the girl was born 3.5 years ago, I get this incredible seething anger during my period. I’m normally a fairly calm and optimistic person, but during my period, I think terrible, horrible, awful thoughts. I dare not voice them for fear of the damage they will do. I know the venomous bitch arrives near the start of my period and lasts for a few days(I have 8 day periods, cos I’m lucky like that), but I’m going to have to pay attention next time to see if it is a day 3 thing.

  23. I should seriously buy shares in neurofen period pain cos that bitch we call mother nature has just come a knocking.. brace yourselves for impact, day THREE is on its way… being a chick sucks balls sometimes.

  24. I am a 1-2 days before mess, cranky, snappy, all round mess, then it settles and I feel I can keep going.
    I will be paying more attention though when Day 3 rolls around next time.

  25. Day 3…..are you guys kidding me……try 7 days leading up to my period and then the entire 7 days of my period!! I mean what the fuck (I think you will all be okay with my language)!! And this only started after my second child…….no fair mother nature, no fair!

  26. Anonymous says

    Ladies, I downgraded the system that made me snappy and tired for a week before and then erupted into volcanic like pain for day 1 followed by day 3 crazies, manifesting as industry in cleaning and major chocolate consumption. I had an ablation, no more periods, system still firing but hormones got no where to go and no probs anymore. Can only do this as I finished reproducing ages ago.

  27. Hang on! There is a spike just before ovulation too. Maybe this can be explained by some people getting into kinky whips and stuff. I’m not sure but maybe those who invented leathers were really crazy day thirteeners?

  28. Noooo! I shall NEVER let this post anywhere near my husband to confirm his suspicions. As I was rampaging round the house last week he made a slight reference to the time of the month and I lost it. ‘Pre, pre, pre-MT is what it’s called. Pre-MT, not During-MT.” It was clearly him not me! Although now it seems that DMT might be a thing. Or even 3MT! x


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