Monday meal ideas: Seafood

Are we there yet?! Man, while the days and weeks (and year for that matter) are speeding by, we are all feeling it here in the Macdonald house. Colds, tiredness and a general sense of grump is high round these parts as we limp towards the end of the school year.

I have been trying to think about what I will be cooking on Christmas Day (we are hosting a little lunch here with my Dad & step mum and Rob’s Mum) so as the numbers are low I might be able to trot out something special…perhaps some showcase seafood?

Here’s some ideas for the big day which is fast approaching, or even just for regular dinner if you can muster up enough strength to peel prawns. I do believe that may be a bridge too far this week…

PicMonkey Collage

Mussels with home made chips (Moules Frites)
Smoked Salmon stacks
Whole salmon cooked in salt
Chilli prawns & rocket linguine

How’s the week looking for you? We’ve got the School assembly and concert Thursday afternoon, a couple of afternoon appointments to dentists and kinesiologists, a birthday party, a Christmas/fareweel party and I really want to try and get some shopping done (all of it if possible) so I can be relaxed once the girls are on holidays. Ha! Good in theory.

8 days of school left, let’s do this! Have a great week friends x


  1. Oh, I feel you. This week is all about ObGyn appointments, blood tests, rental inspections, cleaning, work Xmas party – and somehow fitting in full time work roster around all this.

    How does this happen EVERY year?

    Wonder if we could all just hire someone to peel those prawns for us…

  2. thanks beth!
    you had me at moules-frites!
    yes pleeese!
    hope everyone is feeling better!
    I’m with frank! lol m:)X

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