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Did you see Kimmy and Kanye and North have named their newest baby boy?


Congrats! I have an unhealthy love and passion for all things Kardashian (I won’t hear a bad word said about them shhhhhh) so I was most pleased with the development and may or may not have been checking in on Kimmy’s Insta for the announcement. I have some observations to make on the latest series if you’ll allow me one moment: Kris seems a little drunk most of the time, she’s obvs had some work done hence the sunnies and when they DO come off, there seems to be a strange pocket of something under her eye that troubles me. Kimmy has an extensive blazer selection that is purely for draping over her shoulders, Caitlyn seems a little bitchy (which is FABULOUS) and all in all, I’m enjoying it thoroughly. Kimmy I hope that you’re doing OK and the post birth recovery is swift – no doubts we will see you in a waist training corset soon! And am I the ONLY one (don’t answer that) to notice that there is no Kardashian family Christmas card this year?!

In a problem that Kimmy will likely never know, we lost a School hat yesterday morning, and luckily found it. I mean really, with just days to go?! Everyone is holding onto their sanity with little more than a Maggie pincer grip which I can tell you by the way she shoves food into her mouth, not great. Shoes have held up pretty well though, here they were this week getting a shine. Better still, no one outgrew them! I tell you what, strange as it may seem, I used to LOVE polishing my school shoes when I was younger, I would take such pride in doing it the old school way: polish from the tin on a ripped up rag, then the brush to buff afterwards and then a dry cloth to finish. I wonder if that’s a lost art form these days? Do we all just use the sponge thing or worse still….NOT DO THEM?! (clutches pearls)


Speaking of School, I have to get cracking on the teachers presents this weekend. I usually go for some home made goodness which is probably very daggy and not exciting but it’s made with love right? here’s 3 ideas you could make for the teachers in your life, or even just for anyone that you love. Get a batch on this weekend. I got some cute gift tags from Bed Bath & Table yesterday that have twine on them too – will look great tied to the lids. Click on the photos to take you to the post or use the links below…

jam-24 12246725_925162817558578_2247357377473454821_n P19-1024x682

How to make jam
How to make lemon curd
How to make pickled cucumbers


Speaking of presents, I have another idea to share with you. Becky and Tom from Hutwoods candles have a great range of home made candles including a cracking Christmas one all handmade in Sydney. AND they have a discount for BabyMac readers! Just enter the code BABYMAC15 for 15% off your order. You can check out their range online here. Discount code is valid until the 31st January 2016. Apparently that’s just next month, not 4 years away as it seems. Surely it’s still 2012?!

At the complete opposite of the budget scale is this!


Brand new to the UberKate collection it’s DIAMONDS! And SAPPHIRES! Oh my. Something you could ask Santa for if you have been REALLY good. Like, really good. That clever Kate is at it again! You can check out the full range of it here.

Speaking of REALLY GOOD I’m going to make a Community Service Announcement for you good people. I discovered these in the bread aisle of Woolies last week. You know where all the processed bread and raisin toast and those weird cakes that can stay fresh on a  shelf for 7 months are? There.


Instantly I knew that they were going to create the ultimate American style burger that I have been constantly craving ala KD Lang in 1992 since I went to America a few years ago. Remember this burger joint? Well I can confirm that THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE AMERICAN BUNS AND YOU IMMEDIATELY NEED TO GO AND BUY 4 PACKETS OF THEM. I do believe that Aldi are selling them too? In any case, get on board and get a superior cheesy B on your plate at home. American Style Mustard and ketchup essential.

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these hot dresses from Bohemian Traders new summer collection which features heavily in Blue & White. My Mother would be thrilled at the development.


I can report that it’s flowy, hides guts very well and has button down access for breastfeeding. Plus you know that I am pretty tall and the length felt pretty good to me. You can check them out online here. I’ve had  a few people ask about good breastfeeding clothes and I have been directing them to Jodi’s blog as she has been doing a series on BF friendly summer frocks. And looking slightly more fabulous than me!  You can check out her posts on it here and here.


Note to self: try harder Beth.

One thing I haven’t had to try harder with are my yellow roses. PROLIFIC this year I tell you!


And one last thing, to end on a happy note of course! Last week I thought that my beloved swiffer was broken. You know, my Dyson stick thing. I have written about it many a time before and if you lived nearby you would hear her dulcet humming tones coming from my windows a few times a day at our place. Well, the bottom of the catcher bucket thing snapped off! I KNOW! I was shocked and very sad about it too. So I did what any person would do, took a photo of it and posted it to Instagram. I was informed by all you clever people out there that it could be easily replaced and that Dyson service was VERY good. I called up, was informed that I was 27th in line, so promptly hung up, and went online instead. There I saw a brand new bucket catcher thingy, for the princely sum of $25! With free shipping! I ordered one, it arrived 3 days later and we all lived happily ever after. The end.


Don’t you love a good news story?

So friends, tell me all of things.
How are you holding up this time of the year?
Concerned about Kris’ pocket of fluid under her left eye too?
School shoes holding up alright?

Now off you go and get the ingredients for those home made Christmas gifts and while you are there, do yourself a favour and get some brioche burger buns. Later x


  1. Extremely excited about the brioche rolls – have been wishing for those forever – they will also be the bomb with some pulled pork and coleslaw! Thanks for the notice.

    I have made two batches of the cucumbers this week and am loving having a little stash of gifts I can grab at the last minute.

    Yesterday I bought one of those Dyson stick thingys. Now I get it. Where have I been???!!!!!

  2. Shoes are hanging on by a thread BUT luckily we only have 2 days left!!
    Have never watched a single episode of the Kardashians so can’t help you there…
    LOVE that dress on you. Tis definitely the season for frocks.
    Now eagerly awaiting supermarket opening time in ordered to purchase buns

  3. Love those brioche rolls. Add Jamie’s gourmet burger to it and you’ll be in heaven!

  4. Beth after teaching for almost 10 years I can happily say that home made goodies like beetroot relish, tomato relish and the like and your lemon curd and pickled cucumbers are by far the best teacher gift!!! You get swarmed by chocolate and knick knacks so homemade preserves that can be enjoyed later make a superior teacher gift!

  5. I have also discovered the ALDI broche buns – and add a tiny bit of mayo and some gherkin for a true American burger meets Whopper vibe.

    I thought Kris left the shades on inside because they were the $75,000 sunnies Kyle Richards was selling in her store on RHWBH from the first episode of this season. Pretty sure Kris can afford them… or could have been gifted by Ryan Seacrest…

  6. Last year Beastie (then 6yo) buried his sandals in the sandpit on the 2nd last day of school. Took half an hour on a blazing hot day after school to find them. Then on the last day he lost his hat. Luckily it miraculously reappeared in first term this year in the playground! Of course, I had already bought him a new one…

  7. Oh my god, I could talk Kardashians all day long! I’m banned from talking to my husband about them because he thinks they are the worst thing ever & that I’m contributing to the downfall of society by watching them. He’s a jerk.
    What do you think of the name Saint? I’m not sure I like it but I guess after North they couldn’t come out with Tom or Cooper could they?
    For all the craziness that is their life they are pretty rock solid family & I love that about them.

  8. I am literally limping towards the finish line of this year. Bring. On. My. Holiday!
    PS: you are deadset foxy in that BT frock. x

  9. There is so much in that post I don’t know where to start. Just got a brand spanky Dyson and I’m in love. My other had a long and busy life but sadly is off to greener pastures, or actually my sister’s apartment in Brisbane where it will spend the rest of its days being used once a week instead of 5 times a day! x

  10. Shoe polishing is still very much a thing in this household! My husband quite often gets his shoes professionally polished (hey, it’s Dubai!). The kids shoes are always polished, which has to be done often due to the horrid amount of sand.

    Think I might have to get into the kitchen this weekend to do some teacher gifts. Speaking of teacher gifts, often carrier bags with Prada, YSL and the like turn printed on the side up at our school (as I said it’s Dubai). One teacher last year got given a weekend away to Muscat! So whatever I give will be poor in comparison. It’s only half way through the school year too!

  11. I also used to love shining my school shoes – it was much cooler to have them scuffed but my dad wasn’t into that at all. I also thought you could make them shiny like patent leather by spitting on them when you polished. I did a lot of spitting but patent leather did not appear. Devo’d.
    Teacher presents were where I first learned to sew – I was a dab hand in the patchwork apron and oven mitt department as an 8-year-old. I’ve progressed since then but those teacher gifts are definitely what got the Elna and I acquainted.

  12. Gibbergunyah says

    I think I was 28th in the queue to Dyson on Friday, but 20 minutes later they had done extensive diagnostics and sent me a new part to replace the 5 year old one. Gold.

  13. Ohhhh of course that’s why Kris is wearing glasses! I couldn’t figure it out. Also Kim wears drapy stuff cos she ‘hates her pregnant arms’ doncha know. Love that someone else is as lame as me aka would find that latter point interesting.

  14. Corina Morgan says

    I love that you love the Kardashians! Me too!! It’s such a guilty pleasure of mine to binge watch them!! Happy Christmas 🙂

  15. Hey Beth, could you give the whole name (with numbers and all) of your vacuum cleaner, please? Looking to buy a new one. They have sooo many in shops. No idea how to pick the right one. Sick of bending my poor sore back all the time.

  16. No, the school shoes died a couple of weeks ago, but I tend to buy my little guy black skate shoes – what with all the running, sometime they hold up well, sometimes not so much. Finds like those brioche buns are why I will never completely convert to online grocery shopping! Sometimes browsing through Woolies is like a little mini break. Or is that just me…

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