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It’s been a little like this round here. My favourite!


It calls for this and this only.



IMG_6392 IMG_3593

Misty moors! I swear I can hear Cathy out there calling out. We even had the fire on last night!


It’s always like it this time of year – there are a few warm days and then a change comes in along with some mist and the drizzle sets in for a few days. The garden is going gangbusters with all the wet and warmth…impossible to keep up with it all, especially the lawn.

Speaking of keeping up with it, last night after an EPIC tantrum from Harper before bed, and I mean EPIC (my eye is still twitching) I caught up on telly. 2 hours of uninterrupted mindless, old school, no phone interrupted (OK minimum phone interruption) telly. I started with the Great Australian Bake off (GIMME PIE) and ended with this!


Sweet 90’s memories! And that soundtrack! And those 90’s fashions. As an angsty teenager I just wanted to BE Winona. So good to dabble in a bit of retro.


Now, you know what else is retro? Printing photos! I am HOPELESS at it. And I mean hopeless. Besides magnets for the fridge and the annual books that I do each year, I never print photos. I got an email when we got back from OS  from Yuki in Melbourne who has developed a photo printing app with her husband Scott. I downloaded it (you can do it for iPhones here and Androids here) and then printed off some shots from Italy. It was simple to use and they have since arrived!


Great quality and cute little polaroid format. I even got some in decals to stick on bedroom walls for little people.


People are clever aren’t they? Make sure you check out their website here. Thanks for these Yuki – all the best with the app and business. Could be a good Christmas pressie?

Speaking of Christmas pressies…here are TWO that you need to get on board with. Are you listening? Good.

Now if you are either of my sisters or sister in laws, stop reading now cause this is what you are getting for Christmas.

I discovered on Instagram Project Ten Australia and when I had a good look on their website I discovered what appears to be a kind of fancy plastic ikea tote. You know those big blue bags that gets used for everything? Or is that just me that does that? Well here is a FANCY version. But for a lobster. I immediately ordered 4 and I haven’t got them out of the packet yet, but I THINK that’s what they will be like. Perfect for the beach or any kind of family shite that seems to come with kids.


And then these ones. Sent to me kindly by Natalie from Nightie Night Lane after #whitecottonnightiegate for the girls. Because really, HOW GOOD IS A COTTON NIGHTIE? They arrived and I have to say they are gorgeous! Beautiful thin organic cotton with an old school feel both the girls were loving themselves sick in them.

IMG_3584 IMG_3586 IMG_3592 IMG_3591

And Natalie kindly has a reader discount for you guys! Just enter the code BABYMAC when you checkout for 15% off. Really a gorgeous Christmas pressie for little ones that is supporting a couple of Mums and their business. Hop to it! Check out there website here.

Speaking of hopping to it, I can assure you I most definitely hopped to this tasty cheese platter from Saturday evening at Mrs Munros.


And take a moment to soak in her garden.It’s looking fabulous this time of year.


As was Sydney last week.


Goodness me time is flying by quickly. Just in case you hadn’t realised as yet it’s NOVEMBER. I am both alert and alarmed. Hope you can get your Christmas shopping started with these ideas at least!

Rainy and wet where you are too?
Got any good businesses or Christmas pressie ideas to share with us all?
Tackle a cheese platter with gusto too? It’s my speciality!


  1. I have the project ten bag – I’ll vouch for them, they are the biz. Holds enough shit for a family of five. The large zipper bag is great too, throw all the wet swimmers in it and toss it in the back of the car. Works a treat.

  2. Hot and humid with the need of air conditioning here already : ( I just get lost in your photos of the mist rolling in. Beautiful.
    Will be checking out those cotton nighties, they look fabulous. Also the photo print app. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day x

  3. Hot and sticky in Northern Rivers already today. It’s supposed to be raining here all week nothing yet. Beautiful photos.

  4. love your miscellaneous whatevs! thanks beth
    love that mist in the garden! only place to be is home, when it rolls in!
    love the bag idea! and always like a cheese platter with figs!
    we have storms here with warmth thought!
    wanted to garden today! … better not! might get zapped!
    lol m:)X

  5. Love a retro 90’s movie 🙂 faves are Before Sunrise and You’ve got Mail, always make me feel good.
    Liz x

  6. Michelle Collins says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for Project Ten! Have been racking my brain on what to buy girlfiriends for Christmas and now I’m done and dusted!

  7. I love the look of those nighties, just like what I used to have as a small girl. I think Moo would love this, so dainty! We’re being smashed with hot weather right now, a taste of summer early, 21C overnight!

  8. I’m coming to live with you. All that fog and most just means one thing to me – NO WIND! I swear the western plains of Victoria are one of the windiest places on earth. Plus all of the pretty things in your house. I could play with them for hours. And eat all of your food & watch your not-free-to-air TV. I’ll just go outside for a while when the tantrums are happening, we have enough of those going on here already. Ok? Ok. I’ll be on your doorstep shortly.

  9. Reality Bites … still one of my all-time faves. I think I’ve still got the CD soundtrack somewhere! And fireplace?!! JEALOUS x

  10. Those tote bags are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! My husband will be taking both our boys (3yo and 18mo) to swimming lessons solo in the new year (hello Saturday mornings to myself!) and I’ve told him he’ll need a big bag to toss everything into and drag everything out of, whilst managing 2 tired, wet, post swimming lesson boys – who will both need showering, drying, dressing and snacks…whilst he shivers in wet swimmers until they are both sorted!! One of the oversize ones will be perfect…with the added bonus that it comes in ‘man friendly’ colours and patterns. Plus, I can get him a little zip up pouch to stash his wallet/phone/keys in too! Winner, as always, thanks Beth!!

  11. Winona, that hair, that dress and that BMW, still the height if fashion in my eyes *insert love heart eyes here*

    Loving this weather 🙂

  12. I have my ugg boots on, fire going and a baby asleep on the boob. Life is grand 🙂

  13. I use my project 10 bag everyday!! It is full of ‘stuff’ my 3 kids need for any outing. Hats, jumpers, spare clothes etc….. They hold so much. Mine is a cool black and white chevron pattern. I also just recently printed some polaroid format photos for my boys to have in their room of their family and friends. They love to look at them.

  14. Georgie Ross says

    LOVE my Project Ten bags, have one in all sizes (actually more than one in some!), perfect for the beach, swimming lessons, shopping and weekends away!

  15. Love the photo of the cows grazing in the mist. I have always dreamed of having a property with cows which is odd because I am a terrible gardener and would be an awful farmer. But love the idea of the rural life.

  16. When the Colette Dinigan stuff was in Aldi a few weeks ago, I said to my 13 year old daughter: “what do you like?” She really didn’t care (read: hates shopping), so I said, at a minimum you are getting pyjamas. My local store was not busy, so she ended up with two nighties, one set of pjs and some clothes. The nighties have been the most worn so far.

  17. I saw the ad for reality bites and thought I hadn’t heard that name for such a long time I forgot it exists. I didn’t get time to watch it on tv but I think I’ll revisit it.
    I’ve got one of those bags. Perfect for the beach, it fits our whole family of five towels etc in it and it’s chevron, I adore chevron. 🙂

  18. Please keep the christmas ideas coming! I immediately jumped online and bought a bunch of those Phase 10 bags. Reality Bites is one of my all time favourites – I had a crush on Ethan Hawke for years after watching that movie!

  19. Wow Beth, a fire at this time of year – I just can’t fathom it because it has been over 40 degrees most days up here… so disgustingly hot it isn’t even funny. Love those photos of the drizzle and cows in that green paddock…. oh who am I kidding… I love every single photo in this post and every post you do. I can’t believe it is November… seriously…. shit!!!!


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