Make this for breakfast {or lunch or DINNER}

We’ve just had visitors for the weekend…my little sis and her husband, Archie and Kevin the dog. Look! Babies!

IMG_3484 IMG_3482

It’s just like we used to play with our My Childs when we were little, except now they are real life my childs! The actual best. I followed my advice (point number 3) from this post and delegated breakfast duties to the guests for both days (helps that my brother in law is an ex chef and can trot out a VERY good breakfast indeed). And while Archie wanted to pretty much do this to Maggie and eat her:


We managed to eat a very good breakfast indeed.

What we’re looking at here is Corn fritters (you could use this recipe), smashed avocado (lashings of lime and salt and pepper), some roasted sweet tomatoes, a shedload of bacon with some watercress on the side.

IMG_3459 IMG_3460

If this isn’t a delicious breakfast (or lunch or dinner) then I don’t know what is! Throw some tomato relish on the side and you are GOOD TO GO.


Cooooooooooooor blimey!


I actually think I just dribbled on my keyboard. And I actually think that breakfast for dinner is a very good idea indeed.

Did you have a My Child too?
Troubled by the news of bacon from the WHO last week?
What did you get up to on the weekend?


  1. Both Archie and Mags look like they’ve been grazing in good paddocks! So cute!!

  2. That is a perfect meal, does your brother-in-law make house calls to Melbourne??
    And those bubbas…… ??????????

  3. Maggie and Archie are gorgeous and that breakfast looks amazing!!

  4. all cuteness and yumminess in your house beth!
    love m:)X

  5. Nothing can keep my from my love of bacon. They’ll have to pry it from my dead cold hands haha.
    Oh Archie and Mags – SO CUTE TOGETHER.

  6. Adorable babies and delicious food! Hard to go wrong!!

  7. Gibbergunyah says

    What BEAUTIFUL little boys!!

  8. So glad you are bringing back bacon!

  9. I still have my My Child! Her name is Karen and she is a blondie in a sailor dress. She has been well looked after by me, kept in immaculate condition after 20 or so years! It makes me happy to hear you also owned and loved this doll! I tried to pass it on to my 6 year old but she is not having a bar of it.

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