Things I Like {The 25th June 2015 edition}

The mists have just rolled in blanketing the village in a dark, cool light. All these years on from living here, I still never fail to get excited when they weave their way into our yard. So magical! The fire is on low, Kardashians on the telly and a cup of tea going cold next to me on one side, cranky Maggie fighting sleep next to me on the other side.

IMG_7059 IMG_7053

Here’s some other stuff I’m liking this dark old afternoon…

: I went to the Reject shop earlier this morning to get some bits and pieces and managed to get some more drawer dividers like the ones I used in this post. I tackled an unruly drawer that has been bugging me since we moved in, oh, almost 5 years ago now. It’s not perfect, but it’s better.


: My succulent wreath is looking a dream after a week outside in the rain last week. For those interested I made it here last year.

IMG_7065 IMG_7063

: I even tackled my desk this morning getting rid of lots of bills sitting there, sending off emails and generally getting a little organised…the newborn fog is lifting!


: Strangely, our snow pears are starting to bud up and even flower! This usually happens at the end of August and around Fathers Day so I have NO idea what’s going on.

IMG_7056 IMG_7057

: The Daphne is also budding up ready to flower…early as well. I don’t mind if it does that…that smell! My favourite.


: Also around the grounds, the cumquats are fruiting up and looking good.


: Wood basket filled (and emptied) and then filled and emptied again. I still love organising that each day…makes me feel like a pioneer woman.


: Inside there’s freshly made beds with new flanno sheets (with polar beds on them nonetheless). Yes Rob, I am 37 years old, but you are never too old for printed flannos!

IMG_7038 IMG_7037

: There’s sweet smelling jonquils by the front door.


: A sleeping hound.


: A newly arranged bedroom for Harper that seems to be doing the trick for keeping her in there all night (watch this space though)…


: And sweet little Maggie things dotted around.

IMG_7033 IMG_7036

What are you liking this Thursday afternoon?


  1. SmittenKitten says

    How lovely! I am drinking so much tea that the other girls in the office thought I had a UTI, lovely sharing girls!

    Also, I’ve been inspired by your blog, I have moved from mass emails to family members to a blog so that I can fill it with stuff that wasn’t really worth emailing but I still wanted to share it!

  2. all looking pretty orderly and cosy at your place beth!
    what is with the buds forming on things so early? it hasn’t exactly been warm!
    not here though! we are still loosing leaves from the chinese elms! it’s like a blanket on the driveway! … love it!
    loving your succulent wreath, it’s doing beautifully!
    I planted some in a shallow concrete pot of my mother’s she would have loved it!
    gorgeous sheets too beth!
    enjoy your home comforts! love m:)X

    • Thanks Merliyn…I think it’s because it’s been a cold winter that the trees think we are further into winter then we actually are? Who knows!

  3. Beth
    Your photos always make me feel a little dreamy.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Your succulent wreath looks awesome!

  4. I love your photos. We all have flannelette sheets on the bed bu they are plain coloured not patterned. You and Nikki got me into the linen train. X

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your pictures are always stunning Beth ,I love daphne I can’t seem to grow it and jonquils beautiful as is the baby things ,Frank and the newborn fog lifting Xx

  6. Lauren Russo (LOZ585) says

    Beautiful things! That succulent wreath is amazing! Today I am happy for many things, my littlest started daycare today and enjoyed his whole day, I managed to clean the whole house and bake that delish lasagna Mrs Woog posted on the weekend, AND my husband arrived home after another week away. Lots of lovely things to be happy about today. Thank god, coz I totally lost my shit yesterday and needed a good day to pull myself back together!!

  7. Totally coveting your polar bear sheets and your hound. Can I be so bold as to ask, where’s the Maggie Spam? As much as I love seeing the seasons in the Southern Highlands and having a little nose around the house, I miss Maggie! x

  8. You have set some sort of world record for newborn fog lifting. Sorting drawers? Emails and desk tidying. You are on FIRE! I’m so impressed. I reckon my fog lifted about 6 months in.

    My daphne is also started to flower, my lilac and jonquils have a few little blooms. But mainly I love it when my husband sets the fire at 10am so when I need to light it at 5pm I can just throw a match. Makes me smile every time.

  9. Friendships that have only formed in recent years are filling me with so much love, inspiration and happiness. I can’t help but smile! x

  10. My Daphne is almost flowering too! No idea what is going on, but I am LOVING that smell!

  11. Beautiful! Our move to the Southern Highlands is 18 months away. We have just sold, found a rental until we come down and I am getting my head around packing. Your gorgeous home is inspiring as our new project takes a life of it’s own.

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