Things I like {the 1st June 2015 edition}

While it might be the start of winter here today, it’s still pretty warm inside. With a new baby to warm your heart, it’s very cosy indeed. I always knew that this winter was going to be about staying inside, keeping warm and hibernating until the spring when Maggie and I would appear from our newborn fog ready to take on normal life. We’re still very much adjusting to life as a family of 5 with the days in 4 hourly slots rather than day and night.

We’re at day 17 and there’s lots to like.

: Sleeping babies. They are always welcome.

IMG_6942 IMG_6943

: Baby knits washed in drawers ready to go. Shame we haven’t been outside nor out of onesies.


: Finally made the switch the flanno sheets on all our beds. This weather calls for it and I can’t believe we lasted as long as we did.

IMG_6950 IMG_6952

: Harper’s reading pile next to her bed. I keep finding new books on it.


: These magnificent roses that I bought myself yesterday morning from Coles of all places! $20 too. Just gorgeous and making me smile every time I walk past the hall table.

IMG_6955 IMG_6958

: Catching some sunshine in all the sunny spots in the house. If I sit here for longer than 4 minutes I usually fall asleep.


: Husbands that go to the Post Office for you and come back with parcels AND custard tarts AND pineapples from the servo. THAT is love.

IMG_6960 IMG_6962

: More cheap flowers from the fruit shop. These are called Celosia – had never seen them before and they are just gorgeous!


: Pressies from my brother who just got back from Japan. A new dishcloth (remember this one) AND 3 sizes of cling wrap. Beside myself!


: Looking at the hockey draw and seeing that there are some breaks coming up. A long weekend ahead of us PLUS school holidays on the horizon. I cannot wait for some slow mornings.


: The fire that is keeping us warm and has been on for almost 2 weeks straight. Churning through the wood but easy to keep alight with all these middle of the night feeds.


: So many cups of tea. 4 or 5 or maybe more in any day. Not all get drunk, but they get made. And those first 3 sips? Heaven!


: More presents every day. People sending the most beautiful things for Maggie, without even really “knowing us” it’s been amazing to get so many precious things. We feel very lucky indeed.


: Baby cards that need to be sent out. Just need to find some time to sit down and write them.


: Not to mention sort through the dumping ground of pressies and cards that are on the side table. Time to get organised!


How are you guys going?
What’s been happening? Tell me EVERYTHING.
What are you liking on the first day of Winter?


  1. Sitting in a freezing train platform right now, huddled into my scarf and jacket and thinking about the eggplant parmigiana I’ll be cooking when I get home. Liking warm socks and op shop books and Outlander and milo.

  2. Liking all the wonderful photos of your beautiful new daughter (and your two older ones as well). Can’t get enough of them. I have two grown boys (now men) myself so often crave anything to do with baby girls. My youngest officially moved out of home yesterday so feeling very empty today. Thought I would enjoy the quiet but it now appears I miss it dearly.

  3. Hello there Beth! I haven’t commented for a while but it has been so lovely to read all about your beautiful new adventures. What lovely times you are experiencing and precious memories you are creating, it warms my heart to see your gorgeous pics here and on Instagram.

    I’m in a bit of a brain fog at the moment but I’ll come good, I’m sure of it (we usually do right?!?) but thanks for asking!

    We’ve just returned from my brother’s wedding in Thailand which was wonderful and special and loving and perfect and WARM and SUNNY!!!

    I have LOVED getting my washing and dishes sorted and a roast in the oven on this chilly first day of Winter πŸ™‚

  4. Me? I loving the baby photos, our local show, lighting our fire because it’s cold tonight, and watching my girls snuggle under a doona. xx

  5. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Beautiful photos Beth, winter has surely arrived this morning… 3 degrees here in the Dandenong Ranges. Our fire has been on for the past couple of weeks as well. My third baby was born in May, 11 years ago and I remember snuggling in the early mornings with our fire on..stay warm and cuddle your precious Maggie.

  6. What I am liking most today is that my husband went out & bought a new heater to replace the one that broke at the end of last winter. What I am not liking is a hormonal 12 year olds behaviour & the grumpy husband that is also not happy with the change in our girl’s behaviour. How I would love to be sitting near a warm fire snuggling a tiny sprout again instead of listening to a big one shout.

  7. The cool air is coming tonight after a balmy weekend. We are on the COUNT DOWN until we head to Europe. So exciting. So much to do but can’t believe it’s finally coming around. x

  8. Hi Beth. I have loved reading your stories on Maggie. She is just devine. Makes me wish for the babies years all over again, though I am definitely done. Loving the new snow that has fallen on the alps for the first day of winter, making me look forward even more to our annual family ski holiday.

  9. Josephine says

    Yo Beth! I’m liking all the Maggie updates – I appreciate the stories you’re sharing!

    I’m liking that winter is actually feeling like winter this year (so far). I live in Sydney, and it’s been a long time since we had a real winter! I happen to love this season, as most of my happy childhood memories are winter-based for some reason! (I remember a time fireworks were still legal for Queen’s birthday weekend, and my grandmother would make toffee apples for the occasion.)

    We just submitted enrolment forms for our eldest to start school next year. I’m excited for, and terrified of all that lies ahead! It’s been amazing watching my freshly minted 5 year old really come out of his shell over the last couple of months.

    We have a farm stay in fitzroy falls coming up next week while my husband is on a four week break between jobs, so there’s a lot to like right now. All that, and a g+t in hand.

    Cheers to a healthy, happy winter for the Macdonalds

    • Enjoy your time in Fitzroy Falls…just down the road from us! We actually have cracker night on this weekend here – it’s still a thing here on the June long weekend with a display on Sunday night at the back of the pub…it’s the best!

  10. Today I’m loving the chicken and vegetable soup that’s been simmering away in the slow cooker all day, the dog who is freshly washed and sound asleep at my side and that I made myself walk for 90mins this morning inspite of the wind. I am loving seeing the gorgeous photos of baby Maggie, reminds me of my daughter 14 years ago, only she was born in January and it was so bloody hot !!!!

  11. We woke up to snow this morning which was very pretty!

    The new addition to our menagerie, Shanks the two week old orphaned lamb, followed me around all day which halved the amount of things I would normally get through. Oh well, he’s so cute!

    I did manage to light the fire, ensure all of the poultry had food and water, collect eggs and make a bread to go with Tomato, Zucchini and Basil soup.

    Lovely photos Beth. Maggie is gorgeous! Mrs D x

  12. Penny roots says

    bless uou Beth, what a warm fuzzy post… All just so perfect..a scroll back to the top to baby gaze again before clicking off

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love what you’re loving Beth nothing nicer than a wee sleeping baby and beautiful flowers and cards and presents and nice husbands.its so cold already I fear I’m going to freeze to death this winter it’s going to be a ❄️❄️❄️one I fear ,keep warm and have some naps Beth Xx

  14. Mardi Haworth says

    Oh. My. Heart. She really is quite wonderful (althought custard tarts are running a slow second). Thank you for sharing her and your gorgeous home with me/us. Keep that fire going and enjoy all those delicious baby moments that fly by. Much Winter Love. xx

  15. Loz (IG LOZ585) says

    Lovely things to like!! Today is our second wedding anniversary, we’ve spent the day doing not much at all, enjoying family time and snuggling our new puppy, Sukie Spaniel hubby got for us last week!! He’s also just put the two kids to bed and I’m cooking chocolate souffle for dinner, its so rich we’ve decided to skip mains altogether!! So far…mighty fine start to the week!

  16. All such lovely things. I have a thing for flowers about the house. They’re my little pick me up and I definitely get a bonus boost if I get them on sale! I also remember how lovely it was to receive little tiny gifts in the post for a new baby. So much sweetness!

  17. Oh Beth – Maggie is just divine hun – enjoy the hibernating… you have a perfect partner in her to enjoy it with xx

  18. oh beth! sleeping maggie! how adorable!
    a miracle!
    everything else is lovely too! … but!
    enjoy every precious moment! love m:)X

  19. Maggie is so beautiful. I loooved watching my babies sleep (which wasn’t often, so I tried to enjoy it when it happened!). Mine were both born in September – early autumn where I live – and it was wonderful to have new babies to snuggle as it got colder outside.

  20. The temperature has plummeted here this week and the nights are f-f-freezing. Thank goodness for our lovely gas fireplace. I love getting home from work and being able to switch it on with the push of a button. I went to Kmart on Sunday and stocked up on flannos. Just need to give them a wash and those bad boys will be on the bed ready for me to curl up and get cosy in. x

  21. Mrs Woog says

    I like the fact that I will be snuggling Maggie in a few days x

  22. It’s gotten cold here in Perth. I am dreaming of installing a wood fire & really need to get some flannelette sheets. Can you believe I don’t own any? It’s not right is it?

    Miss Maggie is just gorgeous. If I wasn’t already neck deep in kids I’d be clucky but alas it seems four is my limit…..

  23. What a beautiful post and beautiful photos and oh my what a beautiful (sleeping!!!) baby.

    Put the flanno sheets on the bed along with the rest of the country, ran around town looking for juniper berries (better be good Jamie Oliver!) for most of the morning, wiped green snot off noses, took No.1 to dance class and now in uggs staring down the barrel of pasta. Can’t wait for my cup of Earl Grey and some dark chocolate in a few hourse after the bath bottle bed routine.

    Enjoy- what a wonderful way to spend the winter curled up with a newborn, custard tarts and roses!

  24. I could just stare at her for hours.

  25. Carly-jay says

    I love winter specially with little bubba bundles. My Millie is 2 weeks old today. We’re chasing the sunshine around the house. Wrapped in the softest of blankies beautiful gifts that smell of purity baby or lux flakes. Parcels in the mail box, visitors with meals, and piles of lactation cookies to munch with my tea. X

  26. Hi. I have a 4 week old baby boy; my first. So I’m loving reading your similar journey & the photos are gorgeous! Where did you get that I love you to the moon and back pillow? It’s sweet.
    My fave things: baby snuggles, Netflix, online shopping πŸ™‚

  27. Trish symons says

    She is so lovely – thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience. You are a special Mum.

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