Monday meal ideas: carby comfort food

It’s dreary here again today, and while I (and my washing pile) are DESPERATE to see some sunshine, I am quite pleased that this weather can let me indulge in some carb loading. Surely that’s needed for labour right? Here’s a selection of delicious carby comfort food, my very favourite kind.

PicMonkey Collage

Beef lasagne
Sweet potato, spinach & fetta rigatoni
Vegetable, tomato & pesto risoni
Oven baked chorizo risotto

What’s on the cards for you this week? I have a few last deadlines to get in before I am in black out mode for blog work (not normal everyday blogging, but paid work that was due) so once they are done I will be putting my feet up. I have a very busy maintenance Monday ahead of me getting the house in order after a very busy weekend, SO much washing to do when the sunshine decides to come out later in the week, baby clothes washing and getting a car seat and getting SERIOUSLY organised like hospital bag and that kind of thing. So a little resting, some work and some nesting and fluffing. Perhaps a movie in there somewhere. Whatever it is you are doing, I hope it’s a good one for you!


  1. merilyn says

    thought there would be photos of the r baby this morning!;)
    food’s good bev! but I got a bit distracted by the instagram shot right there!>
    easy on the eye! … thought it was rob! eyesight failing!
    then thought you were having those dreams again hun! … you can!
    good luck with getting stuff done! love m:)X

  2. It’s not even 10am and I am drooling over those carbtastic pics.

  3. Josephine says

    Yum. I’m definitely feeling hungrier now the weather is cooler.
    Since you’re so generous with the recipes, I thought I’d throw one back your way… The recipe on the other end of the following link is the curry I made when I was 39 weeks pregnant with each of my sons. In the case of my first pregnancy, I was done with being pregnant and my husband suggested we try a blazing hot curry to see if it kicked things along (as per old wives tales!). I made it for dinner on a Thursday night (which happened to be 13th May), and my waters broke at 2am the following morning! My son arrived 12 hours later! My husband and I were quite amused by this, so when I was 39 weeks preggo with number 2 son, my husband suggested we try the curry again. We had it for dinner on a friday night, my waters broke at 10pm, and little one was born 7am the next morning! Coincidence??? So, just in case you start to feel the need to help things along, I present you with this recipe, in the hope it serves you well! While I can make no promises, it’s delicious regardless! Also, the name cracks me up – who’s Brian?!
    Hope you manage to get some quality feet-up time before little one arrives! Sending healthy vibes your way!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love carb loaded dinners,I hope you get all your things done and then get to rest,it will be your last chance Xx

  5. I am so going to try your rigatoni tonight…don’t have quite the same ingredients in the fridge but will improvise! Just reading the recipe has made me hungry!! And Beth please tryto rest up are like bloody wonder woman 🙂 And didn’t Kate look fresh as a daisy after giving birth a few hours before?

  6. Made the sweet potato spinach rigatoni tonight. It was absolutely delish, easy as anything and gobbled up by all, including Mr1 and Miss4. What a winner!! Thanks love!

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