Monday meal ideas: Soup (vegetarian)

First sign of cooler weather and I am straight to the bottom of the veggie crisper to see what I can put together in the form of a soup. I love cooking soup for one (no one in my family is really a fan) so I usually make it in small batches: always starting with garlic and onion and then adding in whatever I can find with either some cream or tomato at the end. In under 30 mins you can have a hot, steaming bowl of soup filled with vegetable goodness. So restorative.

Here are some ideas for those of us lucky enough to be enjoying some cooler days and nights.

PicMonkey Collage

Mushroom, pea and spinach soup
Pumpkin & ginger soup
Cream of vegetable soup
Tomato risoni soup

I hope that for those of you with kids back to school the week is a good one. Enjoy the quiet, dig deep in the mornings. For us we are having a quiet old time (I never really plan anything for school holidays) so we spend lots of time in the garden, in our pi’s, drawing and just generally hanging out together. It’s not very exciting, but I LOVE it.

Hope you all have a good one x


  1. thanks beth! … looking good!
    that porridge on insta looks great too!
    enjoy! love m:)X

  2. I had the saddest soup experience this week. Just had wisdom teeth surgery, tired, out of it – read a lovely sign for spicy pumpkin soup and garlic bread and that’s exactly what I want. The soup comes out and it tastes like spicy water, not a speck of pumpkin to be seen, and a bit of boring old regular toast on the side. Had to buy a custard tart to cheer myself up.

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