Things I like {4th March 2015 edition}

What I’d really like, is some more time. It seems to be disappearing before my eyes with the week being at Wednesday already, the month being March, already. In the meantime, I luckily have some things that I do like.

: Like wild apples from the tree in the backyard. All spotted and speckly but bobbing up and down in some vinegar and water in the sink as they got washed. What a gorgeous sight to be seen! And they scrubbed up alright…so many more on the tree time to let me know your best apple recipes friends.

IMG_0293 IMG_0295

: A $10 bunch of dahlia’s (yes I know I should have them growing in the garden) but look at their papery blooms…so beautiful!

IMG_5904 IMG_5905 IMG_5908

: My precious chair has come back from the upholsterer and it’s looking a picture! I’ve got my new favourite place in the house back with a cup of tea. She’s all plump and re-stuffed and controversially I am thinking about moving her down by the fire for the winter of hibernation so I can sit and feed in it. It can then get moved back for summer. Hmmm…I’m sure the nesting furniture re-shuffle will win over.


: As the flower picking up options are getting limited outside I still like to pick greenery from the garden and whack it into vases for an instant pop of greenery. I love having plants inside (wrote a post about it last year) but you can also just use the greenery from trees or shrubs too. These hydrangea leaves look great I think! Frank usually pulls down anything on that table as it’s at his level…sigh.


: I did get these pretties from the garden though…so sweet a yellow rose…and the scent is divine.


: Had a hankering for carbonara since, well, I got knocked up I think so I managed to pull together a quick hybrid version with leftover pasta from the girls picnic plate dinners on Monday night (picnic plate dinners are like I can’t be arsed to do anything else so here is some boiled plain pasta, some cut up tomatoes and cucumbers, some cheese and olives and salami/proscuitto. Works a treat every time).

1. I cut up 1 rasher of bacon, 2 shallots and 2 mushrooms finely.
2. I mixed in a bowl one egg from the chooks and a good dollop of cream, added in salt and pepper.
3. I fried the bacon and shallots in a little butter then added in the pasta to toss around and reheat and then I took it off the heat
4. Poured over the egg/cream mixture and stirred it through. The residual heat from the pasta and meat mix cooked the eggs perfectly.

PicMonkey Collage

I am also liking that today Archie and my little sister are coming down for the night to visit. This gives me a legitimate excuse to make apple crumble with CUSTARD. And custard makes me very happy indeed.

What are you liking this Wednesday?
Got any apple recipes for me?


  1. Here’s a topping that can go on any fruit, especially yummy with Rhubarb – my son’s favourite!

    Caramel Crumble Topping

    Mix together 3/4 c Flour, 1t Baking Powder, 1/2c Rolled Oats, 3/4 c Sugar. Add 100g melted Butter. Sprinkle over fruit in a greased pie dish.
    Combine 3/4c Brown Sugar and 1T Cornflour and spoon over the crust mixture. Carefully pour 1/4c Boiling Water over the top. Bake @ 180 for 30mins. Crispy caramelly goodness. Custard is probably mandatory.

  2. Oh Beth, I love that your “can’t be arsed” meal for the girls is actually my 8 year olds staple diet, only not as fancy – plain pasta with butter melted through it – he also adds some sauce of course. Funny you should mention custard, yesterday with PMS at an all time high that was the only thing half naughty that I could get my paws on. Went down a treat – UHT custard. God help me. I love a good carbonara, might trot one out tonight.

  3. Fashionista says

    Custard is Food of the Gods. Although the Custard Snob in me cannot bear shop bought so it has to be properly made on the stove with eggs. I have been known to serve custard at a fancy dinner party and passed it off as creme anglaise because I was fed up with the food wanker guest being, well, a wanker really. He complimented me on “the glorious creaminess” of my creme anglaise and I almost choked on my wine……..

  4. Funny you mention custard. I’ve been trying to find custard powder at the supermarket. It’s not in the flour, sugar etc section. Help me out oh wise baking ladies. Where’s it stashed?

    Sorry for the inane question Beth!

  5. Jane Allan says

    My favourite Apple recipe came from my Mum.
    Ye Olde Apple Cakey
    6 med apples, peeled and diced roughly.
    1cup sugar
    2 eggs lightly beaten
    Few drops vanilla essence
    1/2 cup oil
    200gm walnuts(I used macadamias and some ginger instead and was delicious)
    2 cups SR. flour
    Pinch salt
    1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.
    Preheat oven to 180. Grease and line two small pans or one large. In a bowl mix all ingredients bar flour, salt and cinnamon.
    Sift in flour salt and cinnamon to make a smooth batter.
    Pour into tin and bake for around 45 mins.
    This is a really moist cake and is lovely served warm with some cream as a desert.

  6. if we are talking custard, lets talk full blown trifle! Sponge jam fingers on the bottom, drizzle with sherry or Tia Maria or Kaluha, next set a green jelly on that. Now a layer of good custard with tinned peaches set into it. Next a raspberry jelly. Another layer of custard with banana slices in it. Top with sweetened whipped cream. Sprinkle with toasted almond flakes. You are welcome!

    • Funnily enough, I cannot do trifle! I don’t like the soggy cake and jelly combo. I hope you are not disappointed in me…

  7. Lisa mckenzie says

    Picnic dinners are the best Beth my kids loved them! Apple and beetroot salad is lovely if the apples aren’t too tart,love flowers inside and yes you should move that chair by the fire for winter,though I’m you will have to kick out Frank.enjoy your sis and Archie Xx

  8. nice nesting beth!
    chair’s looking good, pretty, stuffed and comfy! … all good!;0
    we are on holidays at the mo! having a Victorian change!
    used to live in Melbourne for a while! good aesthetics here!
    love m:)X

  9. Michelle's says

    This cake is the best of both worlds…custard and apples together courtesy of the good old AWW!

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