Miscellaneous #69



Not just found in my late Grandmothers late rock garden in Frenchs Forest, now much loved by me thanks to my friend Mrs Munro who has given me a love of them. She gave me these clippings in an empty take away cup a year ago and now look at them! I decided to bring the pot from the front door to the coffee table as I had no flowers and LOOK AT THEM. Instant happiness.


Speaking of happiness and my friend Mrs Munro, she now has an Etsy shop where you can get your mitts on some of their amazing work…at last! Like this pendant light…

Also making me happy in and around the inter webs were these couple of things:


One of my all time favourite female characters Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones walked for Vivienne Westwood at Paris(?!) fashion week. My goodness there has been a lot of Fashion week stuff all over the place hasn’t there? Kim K has broken the internet again with her platinum locks. I go from loving them sick to thinking they look terrible and pretty much not caring one way or another.

One thing I DO care about is potatoes. Because: CHIPS.


And one of my favourite bloggers Emma from She Sows Seeds wrote all about a local potato festival that they have got up and running again in her country town. We are in potato country here too so I loved this a little bit more. You can read all about it here.

I also loved having a read of this article in the Washington Post about what Stephen Hawking thinks is the downfall of human civilisation: human aggression. He says “The human failing I would most like to correct is aggression,” said Hawking, according to CNET. “It may have had survival advantage in caveman days, to get more food, territory or partner with whom to reproduce, but now it threatens to destroy us all.” From the aggression and OUTRAGE that everyone seems to have over the smallest things (read any comment thread on any article online to get the picture) I have to agree.

You know what won’t make you angry?


A bunch of roses thrown into a Turquoise jug. Guaranteed not to! EVER! These were my flowers from the surprise baby shower I had on Monday that is STILL making me smile…all these days later.

Speaking of turquoise, I moved my chair from one end of our living room to the other. Which may be of no interest whatsoever to anyone but me, but let’s take a look anyway shall we?


It will become my feeding chair, which I will be doing quite a bit of in the first few weeks of the new Macdonald’s life so I decided to get it down by the fire so both our toes can be warm. Nothing like a little nesting to get you moving stuff around in your home.


Saw this at Mum’s place the other day too which I thought was fab. Little lettuce planter bowls filled to the brim with lettuce for salads and the like. I think she even got it at Bunnings for a lobster or something equally ridiculous. Look how gorgeous it looks! Perfect for a small apartment garden…she has some herb ones as well that look very happy indeed in that autumnal sunshine.

Not making me happy is this:


Impending doom of FLATPACKS. A good reminder though that a baby is coming though. I am thinking the best course of action for these is Rob and an Allen key. I do NOT need to get involved.

But there was one thing yesterday that I was very happy to unpack! A delivery from Anthropologie nonetheless! My replacement mug for the one that I broke arrived in the mail and it has a friend! An R for Roberto because nothing says wedded bliss like matching mugs of coffee in the morning. And my GOODNESS are we going to be needing the wedded bliss AND coffee in the next few months!


Which reminds me that I have to plant a succulent into the original broken mug I got in New York…that’s what I call full circle in a blog post!

What are you up to this Wednesday? Whatever it is, do it well!
Had any good packages arrive in the mail?
Got any boxes that you are leaving alone like me?
Love succulents too?


  1. I had succulents from my parents garden (that they got from my Grandma’s garden) in my wedding boquet that I then grew and have moved with me whenever I do. I also planted some on my Grandma’s grave. That circle of life makes me smile 🙂 And potatoes of course!!

  2. I love all of this. Thanks for the smiles! Today I am celebrating having internet again after a week of nonsense from some people in a far away call centre. So happy to be catching up on everybody’s blogs – yours being a highlight of course 🙂

  3. This post just sings with happiness and it makes me happy to read it! It’s a beautiful day here in Rads, I’m wearing a rather lovely midi skirt and I’m about to tuck into a haloumi and broccoli fritter for lunch. Oh! And tonight? I’m booked in for a massage. I cannot remember the last time I had a proper, hour-long, full body massage. Cannot. Wait! x

    • You looked gorgeous today! Loved that outfit and meant to comment as such. Hope that massage was amazing…I really must book one in for myself!

  4. Get out! I grew up in Frenchs Forest, mum still lives there, and we used to have those succulents growing at our place! The tall looking ones, they used to grow in a yellow cement plantar box on the rock at the front of the house! Seeing them and the mention of FF whisked me back to my childhood, cool!

  5. Don’t know about you, but my feeding chair is stained with squirts of breast milk all over it! I now cover it demurely with a quilt my mum made. My youngest is about to turn 10!! Can you believe how these little creatures grow? Anyway…cover your chair is the moral of the story.

  6. I love your random posts Beth, how do you do that – turn just normal happenings into interesting chatter and can you give lessons – just slip it in before the baby arrives, ha ha ha. Love succulents and I can actually keep them alive (I think, if I had some I could anyway, ha ha ha). I figure I have kept 3 kids alive surely I can become a gardener now. Love the look of that pram near the dreaded flat packs. Guess what – I did my walk in wardrobe today, holy shit, you should see it, I even ironed some stuff and folded it like they do in Country Road (or k-mart…..) you motivated me, it has just taken me a couple of weeks to get around to it. Feels so good. As for packages, I have been ordering up a storm online so there have been many good packages arriving and to arrive…Boden, Strawberry Net, more Boden, Trenery, PMS medication….just the usual suspects, ha ha ha. God listen to me go on, as if you have time to read this shit.

  7. Wow, we’re thinking the same way. Just went to the garden centre yesterday and picked up some succulents, they are making me most happy today. The girls were so taken with them they wanted some for their room, we now have a deal that they have to keep their room spotless and make their beds until Easter and if they can manage that we’ll go pick some out for them.

    Clint is not allowed to touch flat packs in our house – he’s no good and them and there is far too much swearing. I take pride in doing them, even though I hate it. My favourite flatpack story was when Linda and I were styling a nursery for a shoot (I think the one and only time I help style a shoot) we had ordered some things from IKEA that arrived as flat packs, we looked and them, looked at each other and quickly decided that they wouldn’t work in our shot! xx

  8. Love it Beth, you have a knack for putting smiles on faces.
    I love succulents and white roses but mine (the roses) are all but finished now. I have the last few inside.
    Good luck with the flat packs x

  9. I have approx 60 teacups and old teapots full of succulents in my garden. And 6 old colanders with drippy, dangling succulents in the trees. Love a succulent or 100! I come home ALL THE TIME with bits of succulent stolen from friends gardens. Easiest thing in the world to grow and so so pretty!

  10. I love my succulents. It gets HOT in Fresno (California) in the summertime…like 40C…and they are the only things that will survive in my pots on the patio. I had a hard time convincing my partner that they DIDN’t need to be watered daily. But, they have grown tremendously from all the watering.

  11. Good morning Beth,

    Your blog makes me happy.

    And… I think I might get myself a succulent!

    And your chair looks so ready for the newest McDonald, there by the fire. Double order the next load of wood methinks.

    Happy Thursday to you.

    Annette x

  12. A fantastic update! There really is nothing like Robertson potatoes, or fresh food in general! For small space food production, my go-to solution is to go up! You can grow alot more (important for lettuce as you need so much to make a salad for a family) and they look fantastic in small spaces! http://bit.ly/1tSqa56

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Agree on succulents and humidity be gone and I’m loving your chair by the fire.

  14. My whole front garden is succulents (and weeds). They are the only thing I can’t kill…although I have killed a few. Speaking of killing, I took the perhaps drastic step of cutting back my fiddle leaf fig in hopes of it bushing out a bit more…fingers crossed it survives and thrives.

  15. Love the hot yellow pot that the succulents are in! Where is the pot from?

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